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Sat up in your chair of everyday

Thumping along through moods of gray

A silent fortress entombs your soul

And like the rigging you’re getting old. 70 more words


Dissertation workshop

Started the day with another talk with Paul. I will admit, the talks are very helpful for my course, even though I can’t take everything (I do try though). 257 more words

Fine Art


swimming in the depths of emotions
contemplating your thoughts
your sadness and your stress
sometimes the pain engulfs you
become one with it

tirelessly gliding your body through the waters… 42 more words



I’ve been drowning in work. But I’ve been doing no work. I’m escaping. I’m at the phase where there’s so much work that I don’t even want to think about it. 272 more words


Fandoms and Fictional Characters

I’m crying. It’s not even 7am* and I’m crying. I mean, look:

Oh, right, some context would be good. This is a shot from Supernatural… 605 more words


Bedknobs and Broomsticks (1971 Disney)

Three children evacuated from London end up being reluctantly taken in by an odd woman who lives on her own with a raggedy black cat. They don’t even make it to the end of the first night before they observe that their new guardian Miss Price is not just odd, she is an actual witch, trying to perfect a spell to help with the war effort. 603 more words




The simple fact of being transported into a Virtual space where simply, life and it’s many advantages/disadvantages disappear, well, maybe not just yet but the inevitability of this software becoming more popular, developed and available to an everyday person, this means it will be a use of escapism that could do incredible things, for industries like mental health – Phobia’s to education, I imagined an Architecture course finding VR very beneficial, one day it could be just as powerful as going into the dream state like in the film ‘Inception’, where they use this to be able to create entire cities, countries, with no boundaries. 212 more words