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millennial Houdini goes to bed to cry and look at gentle memes

bleak show re-runs soothe me

queenly gems leave me escaped and mildly inspired and sequinned… 38 more words


When you're "in your feelings..."

It feels like the world is collapsing on you.

You’re up at a time that you shouldn’t be.

Thinking about shit that you shouldn’t be. 72 more words


Authors Answer 136 - Living in a Book

Ever want to give up your life and transport yourself into the book you’re reading? Just completely start a new life and become someone new, living in a new place. 996 more words


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There's a meme that says this: "Narnia fans: We want to go to Narnia. Harry Potter fans: We want to go to Hogwarts. Hunger Games fans: We're good."

Sunday Book-Thought 52

The adventures related in the literature of the Wild West were remote from my nature but, at least, they opened doors of escape. I liked better some American detective stories which were traversed from time to time by unkempt fierce and beautiful girls. 316 more words


What makes a good book?

“What do you think makes for a ‘good’ book?… Is it too subjective to define or are there specific and universal elements that make up a ‘good’ book?

707 more words

Kavalier and Clay

I am playing a game of catch up for the next few pages and to make life easier I am going to paste Kate and Adam’s comments on the book we read back in November 2016 – … 397 more words


Escapism Is Rearmament

You probably heard all of the knocks against escapism growing up. Stuff like: “Grown-ups don’t waste their time with that kind of stuff.”

Like what? Reading a book? 349 more words