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UR Worth More — Mental Health Post #20

I dropped the ball, Friends, this post was meant for May 24th. 

Hello again Friends!

Not sure how to start this post, so I’m just going to dive right in. 552 more words

Mental Health

Post-Racial Identities in Non-live Action Media

You know, I self-taught myself and was taught that race did not exist from a biological perspective. That prepositional phrase is important. Otherwise, people would disagree with me. 960 more words


Wordsworthian Escapism

Striking a balance has never been my forte. I have been cursed (and blessed) with an all-or-nothing approach that is irreversibly embedded in my genes. I perpetually swing between the extremes of obsession and apathy. 605 more words


For him, it was just a matter of letting go of the trapeze and grabbing on to his partner, whom he trusted with his life even without the safety net that… 413 more words

Hedonic Slave II

Still in front of your screens,

Big screens, small screens,

Screens fit in your qualmy palms,

Screens ornating (heh!) your deafening room,

And be windows, devices for escapism, 10 more words


Slice-of-life's (Lack of a) Portrayal of Adults and Society

I wonder if anyone else has noticed that slice-of-life, a genre of anime which most mirrors our world, appears rarely to mention its economy at all. 726 more words