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Romanticising escapism

The art of romanticising escapism.

This was probably the first thing I mastered in my 20 years here on this wonderful little planet.

Romanticising escapism means looking through rose-tinted glasses at all the endless number of places to travel to, the endless number of places to escape to. 169 more words

Freeing Freida

Escape in the Homeschool

Escape… from everyday life, from drudgery, from normal days of school, from people we spend too much time with, from our own minds… This sounds a little on the scandalous side, as if I might be talking about drugs or some other addictive habit. 373 more words

Quiet Life

I am a procrastinator

So if you’ve guessed from the tittle today I am going to be talking about my procrastination and the effects it’s had on my life. 410 more words

VIII of Cups/8 of Water

The Eight of Cups is the ultimate walking away.  It’s finally achieving everything – all the goals you’ve created for yourself have been accomplished, you’ve made it to where you thought you wanted to be, and recognize that this isn’t what you wanted after all.  360 more words



It is the nature of waves

That they keep coming,

And they will increase

Its the matter of their timing.

There are two types

In the process of balance and imbalance, 141 more words

Gaming Disorder? Here is why you shouldn't panic...

If you are just joining the conversation, World Health Organisation recently classified excessive gaming as a mental health disorder. In my previous open web publications, … 662 more words

GeoGame Studies

Spring is on its way!

The last week or so I’ve noticed a change in bird behaviours. I have heard lots of lovely bird song in the mornings and seen lots of birds thinking about pairing up. 328 more words