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I tried to run; run from everything

Ive done it since I was a kid

Escapism for when things get tough

Escapism when I simply wanted more… 26 more words




Been  watching  his  movies  nonstop  for  the  past  several  days,  starting with “S u r g a   Y a n g   T a k   D i r i n d u k an   2” at the bioskop 😉 257 more words

Sometimes I Don't Moyan


Getting sober is the best thing I did for my depression.

I feel myself dangling

Hung from my ankles

Unable to rise above

A rag doll with eyes… 72 more words


The Secret

I will not change

I always be the strange

I will endure my pain

And never explain

The truth of hell

The secret in escape… 11 more words


The Prince of Intergalactic Beats Has Returned

Sam Gellaitry has announced the final installment of the Escapism trilogy called Escapism III, due out April 7th via XL Recordings.
This is MASSIVE or should I say extra large! 16 more words


Space Breaks

Silver vines
loosely stretched
from post to post
broken spaces,
leaning braces
time has sent this place
to it’s sleepy present.
I stop to sample simple… 130 more words

Wandering Around Without Roots


Go away
They said today

And so I went away
I walked all night and day
Ended up far away
I saw it all
I heard it call… 6 more words