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There is a trail somewhere, more goat track than road.

Sometimes it meanders by the river, cushioned by the fall

of an eternity of beech leaves fallen. 204 more words


This Is Not London/20

Author’s Note: I am reducing TINL’s frequency to once per week, updating every Saturday. I originally wrote a lot before I started posting here, and the three-times-per-week schedule was meant to get the story out faster while still giving me time to move it forward behind the scenes. 2,954 more words


Autism: Fantasy Versus Reality

For the majority of my 9 year old autistic son’s life, he’s lived in a fantasy world made up of fictional characters. He becomes those characters. 1,170 more words


Laurie Canciani - The Insomnia Museum

Believe the accolades for The Insomnia Museum. It is indeed an original piece of work, with a unique voice narrating it. In some places it surprises and in others it shocks. 274 more words

-dear diary

all I used to have were unfinished thoughts

dear diary…

fragmented parts of myself,

that stopped writing at the fear of being uncovered.

having your privacy violated, particularly when it is your innermost thoughts, 175 more words


Gaming - A Wasted Youth?

While watching The 400 Blows, I felt a deep and urgent anxiety about the way I spent my own youth. I did a lot of things that normal schoolboys did – I made friends, I copied somebody else’s homework, and I skipped school. 1,925 more words


I used to blackout when I drank.  Not always but quite often.  Blackout doesn’t mean you act any differently than your inebriated self would act.  It just means you won’t remember what you did, what you said, or where you went.  78 more words