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Pain loves company? 

I wonder why I am attracted to despair and repulsed by happiness

The whole ‘love yourself’ positive psychology bullshit makes me want to throw up and the spuritualist psycho-babble on serenity and peace and meditation makes me want to puch something, or someone. 169 more words


End of season special

The ice is coming, like a slushy egg timer the nights are slipping into a murky chill that hasn’t been felt in many months. The tomatoes cling to their vines, trapped with horrid thoughts that soon they will explode, cracking with a crispy frozen pop! 148 more words


in the restaurant overlooking the sparkling waters...

I learn from work that I have to go to Portugal. There is a large pumping station project, associated with the Lake Alqueva Dam. Design and construction enquiries and specifications are to be issued soon; my visit is an opportunity to influence those details in our company’s favour. 177 more words


"Escapism is my way of Survival"

She was a fleeting fragment of Reality. Her head constantly buried behind books.

Her thoughts persistently translated into infinite sentences. Her soul profoundly lost within the realms of a parallel world. 42 more words

Short Writings

Feeling Grateful

One of the most common problems of human life is our tendency to focus on our deficiencies. I’m not wealthy enough, I’m not beautiful enough, I don’t have a great career, and my child is not strong enough! 522 more words


Imperial War Museum, London.

Whilst visiting my brother in Brighton I couldn’t resist a rip up to the Imperial war museum. I am fascinated on the topic of military history and this place did not disappoint. 61 more words



Scene of the valley.
Has equally terrified me.

Beginning to be.

Secrets redeem.

Cutting feels.

Nasty but heals.


Wounds that bleed.

Unfortunate deal. … 113 more words