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Existential Escapism

Existential escapism is something that has dominated my entire life. I have always wished to be someone else, I never did quite enjoy being myself. Growing up I always wanted to be Danny Zuko from Grease, he could sing, dance, got the girl, and was good looking as well. 303 more words


Entry 8 - Captain Fantastic.

A friend of mine told me to see ‘Captain Fantastic’ on my lonesome at our local independent cinema on the grounds that it was the last day of showing and this film will make the world look brighter. 218 more words

Anti-Intellectualism and The Case AGAINST Mediocrity

In one of my previous entries I wrote about how mediocrity can be inspiring– in the sense that it can fill you with the confidence to at least match the quality. 907 more words


Mindful descent.

I’m finally beginning to resurface after sinking into the internal void a week or so ago, which manifested as severe depression.    Monday it reached a crisis point.   833 more words

Forgotten Towns

One Saturday in August, Charlie and I spent 12 hours driving toward, along, around, and away from the Texas-Mexico border.

The first thing to know is that our entire “day trip” was informed by a very devious, very outdated, and quite frankly UTTERLY FALSE AND DIABOLICAL flier that we picked up at an overly hip hotel in Marfa, Texas. 1,777 more words


Art, Entertainment, Escapism

In a dark and twisted world too much of pleasant and cheerful aesthetics is escapism.

Last time I talked about happiness-seeking and how it relates to apathy toward societies.   1,783 more words

The Dream Quadrant

Music as a spiritual guide

“Go Slowly” – Radiohead

‘Go Slowly’ is an intriguing song by Radiohead. It is dreamy and almost depressing. And yet, it is hauntingly beautiful. How can this be? 348 more words

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