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Goodbye Old Bird

Hi everyone!

I’m writing this post to hold myself accountable, so skip over if you like :)

I decided to let go of a relationship I’ve held onto for six years, and no it’s not a man, LOL! 304 more words


You wake up in a forest

You wake up in a forest

Loudspeakers at your back

You wander through the winding trail

Never looking back

Pine trees stand tall like tin soldiers… 130 more words


A Collection of Microcosms

I am collecting worlds.

Rolling them lazily around the spaces between my fingers, like marbles instead of the microcosms that they are. With a nonchalance that betrays ennui. 241 more words


When You Can't Take a Vacation... take a mental one.

If I had unlimited funding and if life didn’t require my regular presence in one place, I’d travel on vacation at least once a month. Maybe go away for a few months each year, and definitely take  631 more words


Chance Encounter

Coach journeys are not the most magical of experiences. Strapped for four hours upright in a seat by the emergency exit, scrunching a coat around me to blanket a constant, icy draft to my right; the journey back to London from Cardiff seems all but enchanting. 387 more words


A World Away From The World

I went jogging in the evening to eventually go up my trusty, 10-minutes-away-from- home hill. But the same streets I have walked for give-or-take 20 years now, the same faces I have watched the baby fat melt from, the same eyes that I have seen growing weary, seem so alien to me. 412 more words



Hello there!

We welcome you to our site and invite you to engage in conversations regarding the impact and importance of media representation, social awareness, equality, and intersectional feminism. 253 more words

Audre Lorde