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The Cybercultural Revolution

An interesting culture that developed in the realm of cyberculture is Cyberdelics. A relatively simple term with a deeper context, combining the words cyber and psychedelics, the combination of cyberculture and the psychedelic sub-culture in order to form its own counterculture. 403 more words



Every-time the narcissist affects me, I want to escape.  Its a Pisces trait.  I am not very proud of it and I don’t believe its a long term solution, but it works. 175 more words


This modern love

Something really funny happened to me about a month ago: my flatmate and I decided to get OKCupid profiles, which seemed like a really good idea whilst we were high. 521 more words


16th October 2015: Escapism 06 @ Arena Club, Berlin (Germany)


Escapism 06

Dates & Time:
16th October 2015 at 11:59pm

Alexey Volkov live
Black Nakhur
Manuel Münster

Arena Club, Berlin (Germany) 278 more words

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Corrective Action - Mars Gets Set Straight

As we near the exact Opposition of Mars to Neptune set for 10:53pm on Tuesday night, you may notice that many people are ‘taking action’ to lead a healthier, more productive life (Virgo) rather than continuing to lose themselves in the nebulous void of Neptunian escapist activities, like excessive drinking, drugging, sexting and procrastination of all forms. 271 more words

Monsters Under the Bed

It was bright outside and you said,
Let’s breathe some fresh air and catch some butterflies.

Then the storm came and you said,
Let’s hide behind these walls so we won’t see the dark clouds form. 74 more words


Keeping your feet rooted in the ground V escapism..

After reflecting on ideas from my last post, i wanted to capture some more thoughts. I want to explore the relationship between body and mind a bit more, and i guess how they can work with or against each other… 1,032 more words