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Play me

Games give an agency and power where there is none.

I can exercise heroics, aggression, spontaneity, without earthly consequence.

Opportunity is flung my way and Escapism lends it’s hand. 100 more words



For the past few days I’ve been entertaining family who stayed here in York. Out of that time, the stand out moment was when a taxi driver expressed his dismay at another driver not moving when the traffic light turned green. 404 more words


Speculative ASMR

Speculative settings are known to enchant and exhilarate. Whether you’re flying through space and time, or surrounded by magicians and dragons, speculative works create an overpowering sense of adrenaline and excitement. 777 more words



Escapism. We all crave it. Whether it be in a bottle, a pill, a blunt, a vehicle, a person, a place. Isolation from the light makes one fade into the quiet. 100 more words


Miss Pettigrew

Some years ago, I went to see Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day, starring Amy Adams. I hadn’t read the book, or even heard of it before the film was released. 269 more words

Creating Escapes

I think I have white knight syndrome, a need to rescue people. This can be and has been literal rescue–hauling someone with an injury out of a wilderness environment. 440 more words


Poem 21: A Stage

A crimson curtain hangs above a forgotten stage

Actors nowhere to be found a set untouched

A silent scene until a light in a room is turned on… 36 more words