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“The tendency to escape from daily reality or routine by indulging in daydreaming, fantasy, or entertainment.” – The Free Dictionary  264 more words

Personal Updates

That'd be right, Babe

He was a little less oblivious than she believed.  He’d feel it now, without seeing anymore, how her expression would change from the melancholic stare out at the water while she washed dishes or while they were out on the sand and she casually sifted it through her fingers to pick out shells or sea glass for photo projects or perhaps something poetic. 154 more words


"The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender" - A Review

A week after reading it, I was still keeping this book on my bedside table, in a hopeless attempt to convince myself that I was still reading it. 629 more words

Rachel is recovering well after a week-long book binge

I live two blocks from a library. The year is hurtling towards its end. Work is frantic, my son has been teething, we’re broke and the house is in a continual state of chaos. 622 more words


Thoughts On Escapism

Moving is stressful.  House hunting is stressful.  Moving to a location currently undergoing a housing crisis is freakin’ panic inducing.  So yeah, going through some rough times.   315 more words

Video GAMEZ!!!

No escape. 

She went into flashback.

Seeing the little girl, running around with a gleeful smile on her face, not a worry in the world.

She missed that girl. 199 more words


Vantage Point

The day I left for college

There was nothing but melancholy abound

There was a silent yearning my father’s eyes

That called for me to retreat on my decision… 204 more words

My Attempts At The Daily Prompt Challenge