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Effect of wash buffers on zeta potential measurement of bacterial cells

Nonspecific adsorption of ions and metabolites from the growth medium on the bacterial cell surface is inevitable given the presence of various functional groups on the cell envelope. 552 more words


High cell density cultivation of Escherichia coli DH5α in shake flask

High cell density is desired in many biotechnology applications such as the generation of cells for characterization studies and performance tests in different scenarios. However, cell densities obtained during growth of bacteria in common growth media remained low; thereby, raising the issue of batch-to-batch variation in cell characteristics due to the need of using many batch fermentation for generating required amount of cells. 357 more words


The Gram Stain

Gram staining is the first step and common technique used to differentiate Gram-positive bacteria and Gram-negative bacteria. Bacterial cell walls contain the constituent peptidoglycan.

In the photo above you’ll see Staphylococcus aureus gram positive stained purple and Escherichia coli gram-negative stained pink. 461 more words


What is a bioindicator organism?

Escherichia coli is commonly used as an bioindicator organism. But, what exactly is a bioindicator organism? A bioindicator organism refers to an organism able to indicate a particular event has occurred in an environment. 86 more words


So your water is very crowded ... with bacteria

… The concentration of E. coli ranged from 1.80E+05 – 2.40E+06 CFU/mL and exceeded recreational water quality criteria (RWQC) recommendations for protecting human health issued by EPA.

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Triple-drug cocktail could conquer E coli 'superbug' | News in brief | Pharmaceutical Journal

The  Pharmaceutical Journal reports that a strain of Escherichia coli with immunity to last-resort antibiotics can be destroyed with a novel combination of three existing drugs, citing researchers at the University at Buffalo, New York. 249 more words