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Orange (pt.2)

Decided to make this every once in a while, visual poems :)



You went by unexpectedly,

leaving me your stardust behind.

You were my everything,

you never left my mind.

That night I swore I’ll never be happy again, 46 more words



Tired of waiting, tired of trying,

tried my best, gave what is left,

still you have whole of me,

still my anger refuses to leave. 99 more words


10 things I love about MedellĂ­n

Living in a big city myself, I’ve been consciously avoiding hanging out too long in other cities during my travels, preferring the wide open spaces of mountains, coastline, islands and smaller, more intimate places. 2,312 more words


I'ts all about the "likes"

I wanted to write something that’s been on my mind lately, something that’s been bothering me, and it’s something that I just realized: Everything nowadays revolves around the “likes”, and I mean EVERYTHING. 538 more words


How Netflix's 'Narcos' Made Me Realize that the War on Drugs is Unwinnable

Now first and foremost, this is intended as a reaction to the popular Netflix show, “Narcos,” and not some political pop culture-propaganda (yes, I made that term up) conjured to get attention or money from any group or whatnot. 622 more words


Kansas City Royals Free Agency: Who is staying and Who is going.

Escobar (Via Royals.com)

Hosmer (Via Royals.com)

Mike “Moose” Moustakas (Via Royals.com)

Since we have three players with contracts coming up for renewal, I’ve decided to write a post about which of the three I think the Royals will be able to keep on the roster. 151 more words