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The older I get

Never cared to fit in,

always danced to my own beat,

but the older I get,

they stumble more on my feet.

The times are not the same, 74 more words



Guess what it had to be said, was said,

guess what happened is already done.

Silence has never been this loud,

unspoken ghosts haven’t come around. 46 more words


Escobar's backyard

Medellin, once the world’s most murderous city, you’d never know it today. With a perfect, perpetual spring-like climate, chic shopping malls, fine restaurants and vibrant nightlife, the city seduces the senses and will make you feel instantly at home. 1,175 more words


There are so many things you want to tell,

but you stay silent instead,

afraid of what they could think or say,

locked your thoughts in your head. 59 more words



(Inspired by one of my favorite movies…┬áBe my guest, and try to guess :p )

You practice along, to every single word,

you talk to yourself, and move along. 88 more words



Believe the realness,

believe the truth,

Tough times matter,

with friends to follow through.

Fake promises, half lies,

when the world was collapsing,

you blackened up my sky. 25 more words



Thoughts like lions in disguise,

innocent sheep lure me with their smile,

hiding their teeth beneath their skin,

expecting any moment for the kill.

Like an astronaut in a horror movie, 55 more words