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CREATORS : Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard, Doug Miro
STARRING : Wagner Moura, Boyd Holbrook, Pedro Pascal

Pablo Escobar. Infamous drug-dealer and trafficker. 437 more words


Silver or Lead

Have you ever known someone who has never watched a TV show? I bet you that you cannot say YES to that question. It doesn’t matter if it’s an American, British or Spanish TV series, all your friends or relatives have followed at least one episode of this kind of entertainment, so please, continue reading because you will find the most amazing show of all of times below. 208 more words



Slowly the layers start to peel off, revealing what is within. The pain, the darkness, slowly fades, turning into this ball of light… a new light that everyday keeps growing inside, transforming everything around it. 54 more words



Tiring business, chafing all weary dust out,
Escaping from reality,
Alan opened his Cocaine tux to take a break.

Stupid office, monotony racing its nerves out. 119 more words


Addicted to Addiction

Plata o Plomo? 

Sleep or no sleep?

It was 3.21 A.M. Everything in the building was as silent as a tomb, except for the sound of the ventilator in my laptop which was wheezing like an asthma patient during a marathon.  1,201 more words


المخرج أندريا دي استيفانو: «دبي» بوابتي إلى العالم العربي

بعد عدد من الأفلام اللافتة التي قدمها إلى جانب مخرجين كبار كروب مارشال، وآنغ لي، وريان مورفي، وتمثيله إلى جانب أيقونات في السينما العالمية ها هو أندريا دي ستيفانو يقدم فيلمه الأول كمخرج من مهرجان دبي السينمائي 2014.


The history of football in Colombia - The bad stuff

It’s harder to divide the miserable periods of Colombian football into separate categories. The problems that Colombian football suffered were pretty much intertwined with the problems experienced by the country itself and Colombia still havent completely cleaned itself from the illnesses of the most violent times that the country and its football scene live through. 363 more words