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Is your Software Escrow provider ISO 27001 certified?

Did you know that SES are one of only two ISO 27001 certified Software Escrow providers in the UK?

When procuring an Escrow agreement to protect your business critical applications, it’s essential that you choose a supplier who is ISO 27001 accredited. 336 more words


Do you have a contingency plan for your business critical applications?

The majority of organisations rely on licenced business critical applications every day.

CRM Systems, Payroll Software, and Stock Management Systems are all examples of business critical applications we use on a daily basis, but what would the impact be to your business if you were unable to access these crucial applications? 346 more words


Understanding Escrow for New Ohio Home Buyers

      Many steps are included in the process of buying a home which can feel overwhelming. A good realtor can support individuals who are going through the steps of seeking to understand the process before getting pre-approval and making offers.   133 more words

Project4hire Review

Project4hire is a low cost online marketplace that was established in 2006. The platform offers a wide range of specialisms but is far less populated than other marketplaces, and therefore has fewer jobs for freelancers to accept. 649 more words


Answers to Your Questions About Escrow Impound Accounts

When you purchase a new home, one of the many decisions you will consider is whether or not you need an Escrow Impound Account, also known simply as an impound account. 632 more words

Mortgage Basics

"Do I really need to offer Escrow?"

Many of the Software Vendors we speak to are initially hesitant when their clients enquire about including Escrow coverage as part of their service offering. 401 more words


Escrow Protections and the importance of the right level of deposit testing

Has your latest deposit undergone the correct level of testing? This is a question that every organisation utilising Escrow protection for their applications needs to be asking. 561 more words