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Escrow: Are You Doing It Wrong?

“Escrow” is a strange word, and one that most people don’t hear every day. Yet if you’re closing on a home or seeking a mortgage from a lender, you’ll likely encounter the terms “escrow” or “impound account” sooner rather than later. 478 more words

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How Technology Has Changed Home Buying

The Information Age continues to change the real estate industry, and the way consumers shop and buy homes is unlike ever before.

According to a report by Google and the National Association of Realtor’s, 90% of people use the Internet during their home buying process, a huge increase from the 28% reported in 2000. 580 more words

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Arnaque et faux site web sur 2ememain

Dans une société de consommation où les gens se lassent quelque fois rapidement de leurs acquisitions, et dans une société en crise économique où des objets non utilisés peuvent s’avérer une source appréciable et utile de revenus supplémentaires, vendre et acheter en seconde main est bien entendu et en général un bon plan. 1,374 more words


Escrow Woes

Being in escrow sucks. All the excitement over buying the house has faded under the irritation of dealing with escrow. No big purchases, no new credit cards/financing, nitpicking only certain financial details – it all feels so frustrating. 575 more words


What is an escrow account? And, do I have one?

An escrow account is a special, non-interest bearing, account that your lender or loan servicer establishes to hold monthly installments from the borrower to cover property taxes and homeowner’s insurance (HOI). 233 more words

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