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Stringent ESD 20:20 Standards Help Protect Your PC Building Business

ESD is comparable to this situation: if you attach a smaller garden hose to a pump with water pressure as strong as a fire hydrant’s, the garden hose can explode because it’s not equipped to handle the pressure. 99 more words

Where does "cardio" fall in the golfer's fitness program?

A lot of time has been spent on improving flexibility, core strength, total body power, rotational training and warm-up for golf.

But one aspect of overall fitness that is often overlooked is cardiovascular training, or as we call it, Energy System Development (ESD). 372 more words


A must-see

“This movie is an invitation to meet with education beyond the school walls we know so well; an invitation to think about other forms of learning; to talk and debate about scholastic and educational practices” 8 more words


Sustainable Futures Fair

Last week on 4th March 2015, Sustainable Futures Fair was held at the Student’s Union. It commenced in the main hall, showcasing on-going sustainable projects in the city of Manchester. 466 more words

The school has no future

Olena continues on the same page: ” Seen in this light, ESD allows us to glimpse a way to construct a new content for education, focused on the future of humankind and every individual’s potential to participate in creating that future. 103 more words


Rereading ESD Dialogues

…and I like how Olena Pometun describes sustainable development on page 11:

“Today, very important for me is the universality, the globality of this development path for humankind and every single human being, its true, deepest humanism: the possibility it offers to combine the interests of any individual, group, and society in general with each other in a very surprising and harmonious way at different levels. 29 more words


3rd World Sustainable Development Teach-In Day

Dear Colleagues ,
The preparations for the 3rd World Sustainable Development Teach-In Day, to be held on 25th March 2015, are now completed.

Over 100 power point presentations from sustainability experts from across the world, presented at WSSD-U-2014: … 214 more words