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Guna personality test buat kita

Hai.. kali ini gue mau ngomongin tentang personality test. Apa sih gunanya? nah guna dari personality test ini buanyak banget kita bisa tau kita itu orangnya gimana,kelemahan sama kekurangan kita di kehidupan,sama buat relationship (yes tips buat pacaran) sama artis artis siapa sih yang punya kepribadian sama kaya kita contohnya gue.Personality gue sama John F Knnedy (mantap lah sama kaya presiden) terus kalo dari film personality gue mirip sama jack dari titanic(bukan jack sparrow ya).Pokoknya menurut gue tes… 27 more words

Q&A: "Would you say INFJ in MBTI is the same as INFp in Socionics, and ESFP in MBTI is the same as ESFp in Socionics, or are there exceptions?"

There are three lines of thought when it comes to the MBTI and Socionics type conversion issue.

One belief is that you can convert the types exactly one-to-one with their letter codes. 956 more words


Misa Amane

Socionics: SEE-Fi
Enneagram: 3w4
Instinctual Stacking: Sx/Sp

*Fictional Characters

ESFP ~ the Entertainer


This is a correlation with the psychopath’s knowledge of all the possibilities.



Psychopaths know a lot, but they also enjoy learning more on their own terms. 278 more words



Socionics: SEE-Fi 
Enneagram: 7w6
Instinctual Stacking: Sx/Sp
Tritype: 728, The Free Spirit

*Fictional Characters

HV-MBTI Remix: Harley Quinn

Typing is hard, and sometimes we MBTI bloggers get characters wrong.

Okay, a lot of times.

Introducing the Heroes & Villains Re-Mix: a feature that will pop up whenever I need to re-type a character. 667 more words