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MBTI: Tropic Thunder

One of the most quotable movies pretty much ever, Tropic Thunder is a comedy I always think I’m sick of until I watch it again. Then the madness starts and I have to go through the whole thing. 1,550 more words

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ESFP Party Hard

I know one ESFP really well. And while they aren’t my favorite person in the world I do like them. One thing I appreciate about ESFPs is that they don’t pretend to be deep thinkers if they aren’t. 636 more words

Stereotypes And Why They're True. Sorta.

The 5 Friends Every ENFP Needs In Their Lives

1. The INFP

We all need that friend who just gets us on a spiritual level – and nobody understands the ENFP quite as intimately and effortlessly as their introverted counterpart the INFP. 956 more words

10 Reasons Why Everyone Needs An ESFP In Their Lives

1. They’re surprisingly accepting of others’ quirks.

Though the ESFP tends to be socially dominant, they are surprisingly accepting of others. This type lives in a world of people possibilities, which means they enjoy learning about people just as they are – without trying to change or fix them. 810 more words

Function Friday: Extraverted Sensing (Se)

Wrapping up the perceiving functions with extraverted sensing (Se). Extraverted sensing is the dominant function of ESTPs and ESFPs.

I will take this post to explain extraverted sensing, and my next function post will be dedicated to comparing the perceiving functions that I have previously explained. 548 more words