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Zaphod Beeblebrox


Note: For those folks who have only seen the movie (of which we shall not speak further), Zaphod’s heads do not each have their own personality in the book. 334 more words


The Sorting Hat of Harry Potter and Myers-Briggs Personality Typology

I am not the first person to try to decipher the method’s of JK Rowling’s Sorting Hat in the Harry Potter series.  I am also not the first person to try to apply Myers-Briggs typology to the Hat’s madness.   818 more words


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So I'm a Slytherclaw with Ravenclaw being my dominate house (aka a heart house). This has pretty much confirmed my suspicions. I always felt deep within my soul that I was a Ravenclaw. Imagine my surprise (and temporary dismay) when I was sorted into Slytherin in Pottermore! I decided to embrace my Slytherin side though (we're not evil...just ambitious!). When I crossed reference my Myers Briggs personality with the Houses of Hogwarts I found this little gem. ENFJ (Kisses, Lil' Bro): Huffleclaw ENTJ(SS, JW, Snickers): Slytherclaw (with dominate house being Slytherin) INFJ(Hershey, Mom):  Ravenpuff INTP(Mini Me): Ravendor ISTJ(WH, AH): Apparently pure Slytherin! INFP(Xtremes, JD): Huffledor ESFP(SL): Gryffinpuff

Donna Noble


Note: Apparently some people seem to think that Donna is an ESTJ. I for one happen to have a mother who is a total ESTJ –and Donna is the… 427 more words


If you are, or know an ESFP, you must read this: Type Tuesday

Rolling along with guest blogger number two. I like this plan a lot. I also like the scared look on my friends faces when I say “can I ask you a favour?”  930 more words

Myers Briggs Personality Type

ESFP- Michael Scott (The Office)

ESFP- The Inspirer

Se (Extroverted Sensing): Michael is always on the lookout for a promising opportunity, no matter how hair-brained it may seem. He likes any kind of physical stimulation, drowning himself in sensual pleasures at every chance.  136 more words