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Gamma quadra

The third quadra, gamma, consists of ENTJ/LIE, INTJ/ILI, ESFP/SEE and ISFP/ESI, or the types that values Te/Fi and Se/Ni.

This is the quadra of adulthood, long term thinking and focused on business, serious is personal and professional life. 578 more words

d’Artagnan (ESFP)

Se: d’Artagnan is highly impulsive. His life is nearly cut short dozens of times because he rushes into dangerous situations. This is shown from the very beginning when he challenged three Musketeers to the death on the same day. 158 more words


Kiss My Aspirations

There is something – I don’t know if it’s generational, personal, or just unavoidable – that makes online quizzes impossibly tempting. I’d spend more time trying to deny it but Buzzfeed has latched too thoroughly onto the concept for me to really keep up the ruse any longer. 818 more words

Seven Secret Talents Of Sensors

With many articles demonstrating the benefits of being an intuitive, its time to look at the secret talents and benefits of being a sensor- whether you are an SP or an SJ. 846 more words


Which CFM are you? 16 MBTI personalities

Update (Dec 23): new profiles for INTP, ENTP, ENTJ, INTJ, ENFP, ENFJ, INFJ and INFP have been added!

Are you curious to find out which CFM career paths would be a great fit for your personality type? 3,646 more words

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ESFP Characters

Ruled by emotions. Party animal. Hyper.

Here’s some things to consider when writing an ESFP (Se, Fi, Te, Ni). 230 more words

Character Development

MBTI Spotlight: ESFP (@awkarin/Karin Novilda)

Disclaimer: admin tidak mengendorse, meng-hate, ataupun men-support awkarin. Hanya objective analysis semata. Dibawa asik-asik aja ya.

Se – as we all know, Karin lives in the moment. 256 more words

MBTI Spotlight