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Rose MacClare


Se: Rose loves dancing and partying and doesn’t enjoy the slowness of Downton. She wants to live in the moment, doesn’t really plan ahead but doesn’t have a problem with surprises. 253 more words

Downton Abbey

Personality Test - MBTI (2/2)

ESFJ: The care giver

In my process to discover myself, I’ve decided to use the MBTI test which is a very popular test to discover your personality in 15 minutes. 1,385 more words

My Self-development Adventure

ESFP- George Bailey

ESFP- The Inspirer

E (Extroversion): Bailey is decisive and quick to take action. He is highly-focused on what’s happening around him, quickly responding to events as they come up. 160 more words


Myers Briggs & Disney

So my friends and I were talking the other night about our Myers Briggs personality types. I thought it’d be fun to see which Disney character you relate most to. 1,043 more words

Goodfellas Mbti- Tommy Devito (Spoilers)

Verdict- ESFP


Dominant Function: Se

Tommy always takes center stage. He is a comedian, natural “performer” and spot-light stealer. It is no coincidence that the last mental image Henry has before retiring to his witness protection house is of the ghost of the then dead Tommy slowly lowering his gun and shooting him to death; Tommy “killing” Henry in his hallucination represents how Henry’s life of excess is over, and what better character to portray this metaphorical death than through staring down the barrel of the guns of Tommy, the man who most represented that excess? 487 more words


Jack Dawson


Note: Apparently no one likes Rose? Or are all my followers fangirls? Never matter, I’m not judging.

Se: Jack is spontaneous, living in the present and observant of his surroundings. 419 more words


Secrets and Lies MBTI

So, for the few of you that have read excerpts of my book, I decided to do a MBTI post for my character! Who else is easier to type than someone you made up?!

1,222 more words