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Words to Describe Your Characters: The SPs

CPP Blog Central has posted a series on words associated with each MBTI personality type. If you’re an author, and you know your characters’ MBTI types, these articles are a great resource to generate ideas on how to describe them. 76 more words

Personality Type

How To Tell If An ESFP Likes You (As Told By 14 ESFPs)

1. “I’m a natural flirt and if I really like someone, I try to learn what type of banter and sarcasm they they like to play with and then use that with them, despite it being a little challenging for me at times (I have a thing for INTJs and they’re definitely a challenge for me, banter wise). 688 more words

There is Really No Equation for Relationships

I was at school today and one of my friends (most likely an ESFP) and she was having all of these relationship drama and she was telling me about it and I was just sitting there next to her trying to figure out how to answer when she asked me what to do. 320 more words


What Is A “Shadow” In Myers-Briggs Theory?

When you’re browsing the internet reading about Myers-Briggs types, you’ll probably see people talking about “shadow functions.” This is a confusing concept, because people use the term “shadow” to refer to several different things related to personality types. 987 more words

11 Artisan Personalities Reveal The Piece Of Wisdom That Turned Their Life Around

1. “I had the realization that, although I am meant to be in the psychology/social work profession, I take on a lot of my clients’ pain if I’m not taking care of myself first. 498 more words

Jeannie Mai

Socionics: SEE
Enneagram: 3w2
Instinctual Stacking: Sx/Sp


Courtney Love

Socionics: SEE-Fi
Enneagram: 3w4
Instinctual Stacking: Sx/So
Tritype: 378, The Mover & Shaker


• Commonly mistaken for ESTP due to the Mover & Shaker tritype which is stereotypically ESTP.