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My 5 Tips For Learning a Language

There are lots of tips out there to help you learn your new language. Most of the tips are quite useful but some are not. Everyone is different, so what works for me may not work for you. 434 more words

Business English

Wonderfool Dayda Cacography : Eye Spelling!

I tried 241 times to pronounce Dakota (“DayGO-Da”?) until I gave up and pronounced it the French way (as it is : Da Ko Ta, plain and simple). 226 more words

On Native and Non-native Teacher Equality

It feels cheap to start this article with a list of caveats, but it also feels necessary. During my career as a teacher (9 years in so far, so not a lifetime, but far from negligible), I have experienced teaching in a number of different types of institution alongside both Native and Non-native Speaker EFL Teachers. 2,433 more words


Classroom Management

Classroom management is an art that is difficult to master and even more so for the ESOL classroom where dynamics change with new students arriving every week, and current ones leveling up, changing teachers or leaving at different times. 689 more words


Aren't You Afraid?

As many of you know I’m moving to South Korea to teach English with EPIK for a year. I fly out on Wednesday, August 16th for orientation and training in Seoul for a little over a week and then will be transported to my new job site. 624 more words


Teaching abroad made me a better person

“ English teachers in Korea are losers back in their home country” is a prevalent stigma. Couldn’t find employment in her home country, didn’t have her life “figured out,” whatever.* 324 more words


Down on the Farm

During my time in Korea, I’ve done some interesting things. I do have farming family history but I don’t see myself as a farmer, let alone a farming type in anyway.. 20 more words