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12 Years On - EnglishBanana.com Is Still Making A Difference To English Classes Around The World!

A message from EnglishBanana.com webmaster Matt Purland:

“It’s just over twelve years since I founded the English language resource website EnglishBanana.com, and since that first day online we have given away literally millions of free printable worksheets, and an estimated 2 million + free full-length course books. 428 more words


Make a Mountain Out of a Molehill.

Idiom: Make a mountain out of a molehill.

Meaning: To exaggerate the importance or scale of a problem or situation.

Example: He said the house had fallen down, but there was just one broken window; he’s always making mountains out of molehills.



'About me' worksheet for the first day of school

Here’s a simple ‘about me’ worksheet to use to get to know your students on the first day of school, discover languge level so you’ll know where to pitch future lessons, and keep on file for reference later in the school year. 7 more words


Writing task - Minecraft -What are you waiting for? - ESO

This writing task is centered around the popular game of Minecraft and involves giving an opinion about the best aspects of the game andthe possible flaws in the game.


學術刊物如何處理偽造引用的文章? (PART A) (柯泰德英文編修翻譯) 研究生英文編修出版投稿日報 2/27/2015

* 學術刊物如何處理偽造引用的文章? (PART A) (柯泰德英文編修翻譯)
* 學術英文投稿教學影片 (404) MLA Style Essay Format – Word Tutorial 378 more words

Ten Common Mistakes ESL Teachers Make in the Classroom (And How to Fix Them)

Nobody is perfect. That’s the truth. It’s the same for doctors, lawyers, parents, students, and teachers. Nobody likes making mistakes. Big or small, mistakes can kill self-esteem, loom over our heads like some grim reaper created out of our own idiocy. 1,835 more words


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