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Is the UK the worst place to teach English?

A little while ago a post by Russell Mayne about teaching English in South Korea caught my attention. The post is a good three years old now, but a quick search through some of the links suggest that the issues that are being touched upon are still very much relevant. 889 more words


Moving to Thailand: how to find a job and get set up in Phuket

Change is necessary for growth, however, change is almost always uncomfortable and sometimes painful. Last year I moved to Phuket, Thailand without a job or a place to stay, and without knowing a soul. 1,130 more words


ESL Experiences 2015.07.04

Me: “Please use the word ‘renovation’ in a sentence.”

Student: “Ah, I know that! I read that the French Renovation is a milestone in French democracy and history.” 12 more words


School Days and Getting My Hair Done in Korea

Monday, June 29, 2015

I’ve realized I really haven’t posted many photos of our neighborhood and I should really get on that! In order to help you visualize where we live, here is a photo of one of the main intersections in Sannam-dong, our neighborhood. 530 more words


Reading & Listening Comprehension with Bree Elizabeth | Part 2

Happy Friday!

Yes, technically, I can still say that because here on the West Coast we still have 47 minutes left. So TGIF!

Today we are finally posting Part 2 of… 1,219 more words


如何在國際會議上更有效的做簡報 (PART A) 研究生英文編修出版投稿日報 7/4/2015

* 如何在國際會議上更有效的做簡報 (PART A)
* 學術英文投稿教學影片 (522) How to collaborate with teams – project management software 354 more words