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Holiday season 2017

Hope everyone is enjoying getting ready to celebrate this holiday season.
Last week and this week, Mattison English is making salt dough ornaments with our students as a holiday activity. 165 more words

The Role and Possibilities of Adaptive Learning in English Classrooms

What is adaptive learning and how can you garner its power to increase learning for ALL students? Larn the answers in Adaptive learning can help students learn English, but few schools are using it at http://edscoop.com/report-adaptive-learning-can-help-students-learn-english-but-not-many-schools-are-using-it

*Culture: ESL Teachers Videos Informing About Heritage Cultures And Languages

Tech, Dads and Storytime in Romanian

Monday, December 18, 4:15-5:15 p.m.
Grades K–5; Kindergartners with an adult
From robots to building sets, Cubelets to weaving, try out a variety of different technologies every month. 230 more words

Library Programs

Hua Shan.

It has been a minute since my last post. Life moves quickly. That’s probably one of the most precious things about it. We take a little tour of our end of the cosmos, usually for 100 years or less, and hopefully try not to break anything. 811 more words

Everyone seeks REASSURANCE in their English – but if they're LUCKY it’s NOT going to HAPPEN

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On this occasion I’m not going to say that teachers and other English speakers shouldn’t offer support and encouragement for those people learning English, but what I am saying is that there is a certain point where you the learner has to take charge and start reassuring yourself. 223 more words


The Most Underutilized Tool in English Language Classrooms: Screencasts

Frontloading academic content and outsourcing activities low on Bloom’s Taxonomy free your class time up for using and applying the new content, thus allowing you to use such activities as formative assessments with the goal to know who masters the content by the end of your lesson. 50 more words

*Culture: ESL Teachers Videos Informing About Heritage Cultures And Languages