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At The Restaurant: ESL Pair Work and Role Play Lesson.

Not everyone can cook, but we all love food. It is a perfect conversation topic and even the shy students usually come out of their shells (seafood pun) when you ask them about their favourite food. 138 more words

From The Classroom

What did you DO (English-WISE) today?

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If you are studying English at an institute, you will no doubt be going to English classes on a daily basis. This is good (of course), and also easy to identify what you did ‘English-wise’ today. 182 more words


Nouns: Countable vs. Uncountable

Countable nouns are usually preceded by an article like the, a, or an.

There’s a chair in the corner.
The report is on my computer. 164 more words

Business English

Teaching in Saudi: Red Flags to Look for When Applying

When I decided to come teach English in Saudi Arabia for a year I was anticipating a lot of culture shock.  Things are very different here: 1,619 more words


Fans Are Ripping The Halo World Championship For Its Shabby Venue

(Source: compete.kotaku.com)

The “overflow” tent for the Halo 5 World Championship. Image credit: Frank.

Competitive Halo’s biggest event of the year is going on right now but some fans are arguing about the venue and how many people are in attendance. 762 more words


5 things pupils ask that you wish they wouldn't

Welcome to students say the darndest things or should I say any EFL class anywhere. It can be a hoot and a holler teaching them to an outright existential crisis causing nightmare. 462 more words


5 things not to ask an EFL teacher

Strange questions are abound in our field so we thought we’d add to the list of peculiar inquisitions we put up with in our most humble of fields. 538 more words