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Esett reggel.
Aztán párás volt és délután meg kék.


Amelia and Titanclaw

This photomanipulation was done for a DeviantArt contest put on by the Bards College group. The theme is summer fun with your OC, but it has to be photobombed by a monster. 15 more words

Elder Scrolls Online

Dreadful Beauty of the Medusa Nebula

This beautiful planetary nebula is named after a dreadful creature from Greek mythology — the Gorgon Medusa. It is also known as Sharpless 2-274 and is located in the constellation of (The Twins). 715 more words



Picit szeles, néha csepegett pár szem eső, de leginkább kéklett.


ESO: Fourth Veteran Rank Character!

As of yesterday, I finally got my fourth VR character, and now I have one of each class at a VR level! 395 more words

Elder Scrolls Online


Pedig nem is április van. De süt, jégesik, kéklik, szél is fúj… egész nap ez váltakozott.


An open letter to Bethesda

Dear Bethesda,

Hello. How are you? How have you been?

It’s been a long time since we last spoke, well, it actually seems like ages… On our last journey we were travelling down the foothills on the outskirts of Whiterun, dashing through as dragons and giants alike aimed to either make me fly sky high, or burnt to a crisp. 440 more words