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ESO - A quiet morning in Ald'ruhn

Inozuka relishes the early mornings in Ald’ruhn. There’s a vague uneasy peace mingled with the smoke of the bonfire, signalling the day has just begun.


Login promos

This week I’ve come across a couple of promo campaigns to get some benefits in different MMORPGs. Although my gaming plate is pretty full already I can spare enough time to pop in regularly to earn anything I can as bonuses. 264 more words


Lupus 3

The dark cloud of cosmic dust snaking across this wide field image is illuminated by the light of newborn stars. This dense cloud is a star-forming region called Lupus 3 where new stars are forming in the collapsing masses of gas and dust.

Image Credit: ESO


Update: Dogsitting, Part 3.

Yep, I’ve been dogsitting again but this time it was for a good cause. It turns out I’m not the only one in my family who makes crazy challenges for themselves, my sister does it as well. 616 more words


The Lady of the Lamp, nuestra radionovela ganadora

Desde hace algún tiempo nuestro colegio participa en el Concurso de Radionovelas Matemáticas con el que Aragón Radio participa en el programa Conexión Matemática de la Sociedad Aragonesa de Profesores de Matemáticas y el departamento de Educación, Cultura y Deporte del Gobierno aragonés. 457 more words


Adventures across Tamriel

My story begins on firemoth island, where i survived a wreck. I awake in a cell with an argonian named Eoki, who tells me to find Naryu Virian. 340 more words

Elder Scrolls

ESO - Doomcrag from a distance, and on a misty night

Rivenspire is a wondrous place –  mixed terrain, lots of landmarks and identifiable sights. And for a brief moment, we meet the very charming Count Verandis Ravenwatch. I miss him.