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ESO - The Hatching Pools, Shadowfen

The Argonians have such a rich creation story, and when that is tied so inextricably to the growth of the species, you know you’ve got something special – it ceases to be a myth. 7 more words


ESO Reflex Video Tutorials

Reflex is an environment that provides an easy and flexible way to reduce VLT/VLTI science data using the ESO pipelines. I have prepared some video tutorials how to use those pipelines. 26 more words


ESO (European Sources Online)

ESO (European Sources Online) is a comprehensive source of European information which is updated on a daily basis by the hard working people at Cardiff EDC… 51 more words


The Meathook Galaxy

The distorted galaxy NGC 2442, also known as the Meathook Galaxy, is located some 50 million light-years away in the southern constellation of Volans (the Flying Fish). 40 more words


Well That Sucks

So, I might need to train myself to do other things. I am getting tired of crappy games; particularly long-term games made crappy. I quit Battlefield a few months ago, Halo long ago, and more recently some others. 373 more words


A Water Snow Line is viewed for a young star

Credit: ESO.org 

After interstellar gases collapse to form a star, some materials will continue rotating around the young star as the stellar disk. Because the low pressure of the protoplanetary disk,  the water molecules transition directly from a gaseous state to form a patina of ice on dust grains and other particles. 211 more words