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ESO - One of those days

Stepping out of Cicero’s, Asta was surprised to see that for once, the light had pierced through the blue-gray hues of Coldharbour and bathed the town with its warm, yellow, life-giving light.


Disguise gameplay #ElderScrollsOnline

I had fun with an extended ‘stealthy’ quest area, the Hatching Pools in Shadowfen in Elder Scrolls Online. As well as the main zone quest that took me to the area, there were a few side quests to do. 188 more words


Aristocrat's Retreat

“Welcome, my Lord, to your room. I believe you’ll find the accommodations to your utmost satisfaction as it has been prepared to your exact specifications. There are prayer, bedding and lounge areas complete with Dwemer styled fountains for ambiance. 219 more words


R Sculptoris

This image, which was taken by the Very Large Telescope at the European Southern Observatory, shows an extremely small section of the sky: approximately 20×20 milliarcseconds. 147 more words


What would attract me back to World of Warcraft

Massively OP’s latest Daily Grind community discussion column is “What would it take to get you back into WoW?”. It’s a simple enough question and one that I’ve been contemplating since the announcement of Battle for Azeroth. 434 more words