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Update on Templar Build

Continuing the Templar build that I posted here, I decided to change up my Templar’s build a little.

Originally, I was running five pieces of light armor and two heavy, but I felt way too weak in PVP and would die super quickly. 445 more words

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Daily Cyrodiil Tip #4

You can spend your AP on different types of armor, weapons and accessories by going to your factions’ starting gate in Cyrodiil. Instead of purchasing specific items, you can gamble and buy item bags which give you a random piece of gear. 15 more words

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Cyrodiil: The Performance Problems

As much as I like Elder Scrolls Online and think it is a very fun game, I cannot claim it is without flaws. These flaws are huge performance issues that mainly affect Cyrodiil, but have actually been starting to affect PVE zones, according to the ESO forums. 233 more words

Elder Scrolls Online

The Blinking Galaxy

NGC 6118 is a grand-design spiral galaxy, and it shines bright in this image taken by ESO’s Very Large Telescope. Its central bar and tight spiral arms are clearly visible. 44 more words


Daily Cyrodiil Tip #3

Every Alliance Rank you get in Cyrodiil earns you a skill point. Every other Rank you get gives you a title. In order to gain points towards Alliance Ranks, you must earn Alliance Points, or AP. 24 more words

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The Calm Before the Storm?

This pair of galaxies, NGC 799 (below) and NGC 800 (above), is located in the constellation of Cetus (The Whale) about 300 million light-years away. Our face-on point of view lets us see these objects are both spiral galaxies with characteristic long arms winding towards a bright bulge at the center. 84 more words


NGC 7793

NGC 7793 is a spiral galaxy about 12.7 million light-years away in the constellation Sculptor.

Image Credit: ESO