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Esperanto at a Glance

I created this piece based upon a copy of an old poster published by the British Esperanto Association. I used LibreOffice Draw to produce the piece. 60 more words


Oni lernas per siaj eraroj!

I believe that one learns best from one’s mistakes. It is the small foibles that make language learning exciting, ĉu ne?

Yesterday was a very hot day here in North Georgia for this time of year: 92F/33C. 155 more words


Esperanto is Exceptional

Esperanto is exceptional, in that its grammar does not have any exceptions! Just think of the long litany of English verbs that are conjugated every-which-way-but-loose. Think of learning Spanish verb conjugation, which is comparably regular, but still there are a large number of verb conjugations that are irregular and must be memorized. 104 more words


A Little Beginning

I’ve always wanted to be bilingual. Western Characters in martial arts movies that also spoke Chinese were an extra measure of cool. Heard about Esperanto, a constructed language intended for diplomacy and global citizenship. 335 more words


E is for Esperanto

Try this thought experiment:

A couple learn an invented language and use it with their child who picks it up naturally. The child eventually meets another person who has the same artificial mother tongue.

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English Language Teaching

Handling Esperanto's "Owies"

There is a small class of words in Esperanto that end in the suffix -AŬ. These words come up frequently, so it is a good idea to memorize them. 164 more words