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Book Blitz: They Call Me Alexandra Gastone, by T.A. MacLagan

¬†Books can show us visions. Have you ever found your mind beginning to imagine the characters you meet within the pages? Have you experienced a film projector of scenes in your… 654 more words


Russia, China crack Snowden files

PressTV-Russia, China crack Snowden files.


Jun 14, 2015 

Edward Snowden

Russian and Chinese specialists have successfully cracked the encryption of files stolen by US whistleblower Edward Snowden, a report says. 401 more words

Surveillance Society

America is Not a Location

By Piper Bayard

America is not a location. America is an ideal. It is the dream of a country in which freedom is paramount, and it is secure because the government is the servant of the people. 1,285 more words


Wolverine: Passion Play review

Marvel Comics Presents can be and has been a weird, weird testing ground for sometimes cool, sometimes bizarre concepts that then almost immediately go away. An obvious exception to this would be the first Wolverine MCP story-arc which introduced the concept of Madripoor and all but launched the first Wolverine ongoing series, but aside from that series starting stunt, what continuity-shaking, status-quo-altering events can you remember from the first 175 issue run of Marvel Comics Presents? 749 more words


Sex, spies & environmentalists (and a 1.5 million taxpayer's bill for ONE spy's sexual jaunts)

Police spy Mark Kennedy may have misled parliament over relationships http://gu.com/p/3e6v9/stw

Inquiry into unjust convictions caused by undercover operations to last longer than expected http://gu.com/p/4529x/stw… 61 more words