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Make a Can of Beans into a Meal with These Flavor-Packed Additions

…being okay with canned baked beans doesn’t mean they can’t be improved. In fact, canned baked beans are dying to be riffed on. We like to do the seasoning ourselves, starting out with a can of original recipe (or the most basic variety of your favorite brand of baked beans).

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Raw Mocha Coconut Tarts

Believe me or not, but for the last 3 months I have successfully cut back my sugar intake by over 50%. Now as a baker this hasn’t been easy and my obsession with chocolate hasn’t helped matters much either, which is why these Raw Mocha Coconut Tarts are literally the Best.Thing.Ever! 348 more words


Sinfully Delicious....Sinful Decadent Triple Chocolate Cookies

Call me naive! When I want something sinful my mind wanders to visions of chocolate. Images of thick chocolate ganache atop a buttery shortbread cookie or chunks of dark and white chocolate folded gently into a bundt cake batter or chocolate added to raspberries for sweet delicious scones. 750 more words


achiote brownies

I grew up in the island of Guam, which is a territory of the United States. My parents are Filipino, but decided to become US citizens and raise their children on Guam; that way we could still be close enough to the Philippines to visit our extended family once in a while (It’s a 3-hour plane ride from Guam to the PI), yet still be US citizens. 593 more words


Chocolate Peanut Butter Whoopie Pies

Whoopie pies were a childhood staple growing up in Maine. These sandwich cookies were essentially miniature chocolate cakes filled with gooey marshmallow filling. You could make them at home as my best friend’s mother did but my favorite were the ones sold on the counters of neighborhood general stores. 446 more words


#RobotsDrinkingTea - what I've been drawing lately: Robots & Tea & Coffee

Yes, indeed.  Then, apparently, opening pictures in Paint and added fun captions.  Or, what are supposed to be “fun” captions.  I was tired when I made this one.   37 more words

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Flourless Chocolate Cake: Three Updates To A Chocolate Lover's Heart

Flourless cakes are a great way to accommodate anyone you care about who may have a gluten sensitivity. This recipe would also work really well as a low-carb or diabetic friendly dessert, with a few simple swaps.   1,498 more words