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did Esquire Philippines lampoon DILG Secretary Mar Roxas, the next president of the Philippines?

true story – we were shocked when we saw that cover  of Esquire Philippines for its November 2014 issue. to calm down my heart which was in complete disbelief, we shifted from coffee to apple juice. 2,196 more words


The Eraserheads in 20 pages (and a CD)

For most people, leaving a mark while doing what they love is a pretty ambitious goal. You practice your craft, you work hard to turn a few (hopefully thousands of) heads, then you strive even more to stay in their consciousness. 852 more words


15 Minutes of 'Cyber Fame'

I was a late convert of Esquire Magazine. I have always wanted to buy (and collect) this magazine since their maiden issue with Manny Pacquiao on the cover but I can’t manage (financial-wise) to maintain more than one magazine subscription. 760 more words

April issues

This April, most magazines are covered by morenas. Maybe a move after the “Bela Padilla controversy” or it’s just summer and white skin is not a major thing. 57 more words

Short Post

I promised these young ladies a year ago that I will make a blog post about them. So before they see me again and have a chance to shoot me, here is the long-overdue post. 462 more words


Esquire Philippines

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Initial cover of Esquire Philippines. Looking good Manny! I’m tempted to by the first issue. Hmmm. Maybe I’ll buy, just to satisfy my curiosity. Hahaha