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The death of local

News flash: local is out; imported is, once again, in.

Like all fads, the premium on dining on locally sourced, organic ingredients is slowly fading, replaced by its evil, and equally overpriced sibling, imported ingredients. 926 more words


Requiem for a Duck: When Tradition Requires an Animal Sacrifice

We had to sacrifice a duck, once.

My uncle passed away on the same day my grand uncle–his uncle–was buried. Two relatives from the same side of the family gone in one week. 1,795 more words


Meat is Murder; Tasty, Tasty Murder

The hardest thing to give up was steak.

I was in third year high school when I decided to become a pescetarian. I read how if everyone were vegetarian, we would have enough land and crops to ensure that no one in the whole wide world would go hungry. 1,946 more words


Atrocities in Everyday Life

What is horror? Go past the monsters, the serial killers, the scary clowns. Go past the books, the TV shows, the movies. Go past the make believe. 1,144 more words