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Maybe Life Is Not a Problem

I awoke the other morning with a thought too good to be my own. It was the type of thought that sheds light on all your other thoughts, even thoughts you have been thinking without even knowing it, as morning sunlight might do to your back lawn, revealing the toys left out the night before. 835 more words


Lessons of Loneliness: Kyoto

From Osaka, I went to Nara for a day, taking the slowest and most wandering train I’ve ever been on. Locals using the train to get from their job to their home in some small town watched me carefully, wearing their curiosity on their faces. 846 more words


Generals of the Civil War - History

The American Civil War lasted five years, cost 620,000 American lives, thousands of soldiers fighting, and had many generals leading their troops in this war, from generals McClellan, Hooker and more from the North and generals J. 529 more words


President Andrew Johnson - History Essay

The era immediately following the American Civil War was a tumultuous time, affecting many people in America. The many problems arising during this time, most notably troubles with the Reconstruction as well as the Ku Klux Klan (also called the KKK, a white supremacy group formed in 1866 which wanted the south to revert to its state from before the Civil War), plagued the country, making the job of president harder than normal. 606 more words


The American Civil War - History Essay

The American Civil War was a huge war in American history. The war consisted of several battles, and several issues were being fought over in this war… the main reason was the issue of slavery vs. 640 more words


Tumblr Weekend Reading #210

I spend waaay too much time scrolling through Tumblr, but I just can’t help it. The things that come across my dash are a reflection of America in microcosm. 6,819 more words


He Hears You

 In Genesis 30-31, there are a lot of births. Leah and Rachel basically have a small baby boom. It seems almost weirdly amusing that these two sisters are competing this way. 1,213 more words