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Too Pretty To Be Single

I know that you mean it as a compliment. I know you are trying to be nice. But… despite being smart and funny and not bad on the eyes, I am, in fact, single. 535 more words


Room with a View: The Hopper Home in Nyack, New York

Situated along the Hudson River, the town of Nyack, New York has been a popular fishing spot since the pre-Colonial period. The Tappan American Indians named the area near the river “Nay-Ack,” which is an Algonquin term for corner or ‘point,’ and would visit the area in the summer to fish and collect oysters. 949 more words


It matters more to me that Cameroun remains united than Paul Biya being President for the next 100 years

By Michelle Tchokote

One thing that makes Cameroun stand out among other African countries, in my opinion, is its bilingual and bi-jural nature. The country has two official languages—French and English—and practices both civil and common law. 605 more words


On Bourgeois Feminism

On January 21st 2017, the Women’s March kicked-off the weekend. Hundreds of thousands of individuals marched throughout the United States and the world in condemnation of President Trump and the attack on women’s rights. 969 more words


Before the Neon Lights of Walking Street

In contrast to the almost painfully detached city architecture of the rest of Angeles City, neon lights and bright colors, anarchic use of symbols and signs, and even anachronistic statues make Walking Street in Fields Avenue impressively vivid everyday. 543 more words


How I Went From Graduate School Student To Amazon Warehouse Janitor

How I Went From Graduate School Student To Amazon Warehouse Janitor
Why is it so hard for black women like me to find full-time work in our chosen fields? 10 more words


How the context of violence has changed public reaction to it

Do we love violence – not the sight of it, but the act of it? I ask this because some people claim to be pacifists, which seems to be a counter-evolutionary view to take. 781 more words