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Satirise to paralyse

In 2011 I gave a presentation at Goldsmiths College, broadly about art and politics, in which I showed this brilliant clip from the satirical British comedy… 690 more words


Desktop and Phone

Something different this time folks, a comparison piece. I’d like to talk about the differences when something is read off an actual computer and when it’s read off a Smartphone. 211 more words

How to Slam Your Head Against a Wall

  1. Wake up early to your roommate’s shitty musical alarm.
  2. Eat soggy scrambled eggs.
  3. Realize you have pink eye and have to wear your glasses that are the wrong prescription.
  4. 148 more words

The Good and the Ugly of Procrastination

It can be rough during college. You’re up at 3 in the morning writing the 10-page essay that’s due tomorrow. Or maybe you’re already in that situation in high school. 207 more words


The matter of Elvish time.

In the Third Age there remained only a few Elvish realms around Middle-earth. They were the places of uttermost beauty and peace as well as among the safest places in the land. 1,033 more words


Prison Reflections: "Race-ism of America"

It’s Sunday, the third week of my internship, and although not securely grounded, I had finally accepted that Polk Correctional Institution was going to be my home for the next seven weeks to come. 1,556 more words


Our Existential Choice - Empire or the Kingdom of God

by Berry Friesen

The prophetic thread running through the Bible is committed not to reforming the empire, but to replacing it with something called the “kingdom of God.” 751 more words