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The name for the doing : a moment of narrative silence in Lucha Underground

In “Pops and Promos: speech and silence in Professional Wrestling,” Claire Warden1 examines the ways in which narrative context is established or disrupted, and power is negotiated through the inclusion or exclusion of speech. 614 more words

Other Writing

A Little Essay on the Al Jazeera Effect

Why might the argument be made that we live in a ‘propaganda society_

I know politics isn’t for everyone, but if you do happen to be interested in political communications then maybe give this a quick read!

How to write a perfect essay every time

Many subjects involve essay writing – not just English which is why I wanted to share a great formula for ensuring that your essay’s are strong every time. 349 more words


Amazing April Memories

“Time passes, things change, but memories will always stay where they are, in the heart.”
– Sarah Moores

Never have I noticed the details of each day passing by. 1,825 more words


Túrin: “Simple Twist of Fate”, or “Freewill”

Yes, I referenced both Bob Dylan and Rush in the title of this essay. Fair warning: that may very well be the essay’s high point. After all, philosophers have been debating—without a certain answer—the nature of free will for centuries, and I’m unlikely to solve it here. 3,586 more words


On Dualism

“My mind is your mind and your mind is my mind…”
-Random transient, overheard in Golden Gate Park

There are several examples that come to mind when considering the separation of body and mind, but I will focus on Descartes 6th meditation. 620 more words

Creative Writing

Far From Ordinary

*This essay was written for the exhibition ‘Slice of Life’ at Craft, 22 April – 27 May, 2017.

Slice of Life is an exhibition that brings together eight emerging Australian artists working with craft-based practices to explore everyday life and experiences. 786 more words