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Bored? Write about it....

As we recover from the early December snowfall, trapped at home due to icy roads, it’s easy to feel bored.

There are only so many ways you can reorganize your pantry and entertain house-bound dogs, and yes, even watching movies gets old pretty quickly. 324 more words

DAVID CRONE at Fenderesky gallery, Belfast, 8 Nov - 7 Dec 2018

Ten paintings in the ground floor and eight in the first-floor gallery range in dates from 1998 (CACTUS) to 2018. It is not a considered a survey, nor is it a disposable indulgence.  653 more words


The End of Traditional Civil Rights?

by Daniel A. Kaufman


I’m concerned that we may be witnessing the beginning of the end of civil rights, as traditionally understood.  The fight for civil rights was born with the original women’s movement of the late 19th century and may very well may die with the contemporary gender-identity movement that has engulfed both feminist and gay and lesbian activism.  1,972 more words


Butt of the Joke

A million monkeys typing for a million years DID produce the works of Shakespeare when you think about it.  Because every “monkey” chatter and every “monkey” action led to that point.  405 more words


Dismantle, Or Suffer

The question of catcalling, sexual harassment and consent are often misunderstood by plenty of Filipino males because of how they’ve been raised. The whole idea of “pagpapasakop,” of a female being a hair’s breadth away from being someone’s inanimate possession, should be destroyed, utterly pulverized and excreted from the Filipino DNA. 133 more words


Plato's Apology, Crito and Phaedo: An Analysis Essay

Hey y’all. Here I am again recycling old content I wrote for school. If y’all ever have the chance to take philosophy classes in college, take them! 2,089 more words

The Star Wars Sequels Are Terrible

The Sequel Trilogy is Awful

The Sequel Trilogy has major issues that hamper it from being a set of good movies. Rather than building on the Star Wars story, setting or characters, it repeats similar concepts and themes using nostalgia without explanation or justification. 1,501 more words