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1. “The main reason knowledge is produced is to solve problems.” To what extent do you agree with this statement?

My thoughts on this essay title should not be taken as a ‘model answer’, nor a complete essay structure. They are just my initial ideas on how to answer this essay question. 2,235 more words

ToK Essay

A Promise to Mom: A Short Essay About Why I Blog

There are many reasons why a person might decide to begin a blog.  For some people, blogging is an avenue though which they can promote their business venture or their creative work.  1,003 more words

Creative Writing

Food and Family: A (Food) Science by Alexandra Gallant

“Autobiography of Food” is a section where readers share their experience with food or eating. Interested in becoming a contributor? Personal essays pertaining to food can be submitted to tatum.dooley11@gmail.com… 731 more words


Birds of a Feather

The only philosophical answer, and arbiter, of any value is people. Every human seeks answers. It is nothing short of one’s lifelong sacred duty. To do otherwise, to limit one’s self only to a singular color of a feather, leads to nothing but a want of balance and a state of ruin. 619 more words


Man on the Subway

One day, I saw a blind man on the subway.  He wore a green jacket and had a German shepherd in a seeing eye dog harness.  294 more words


Making Histories. 13th Nov.

What is History? Why has it been recorded?
History is a dynamic process. It’s alive right now, it is not all just dead and gone. 268 more words