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In To Kill A Mockingbird,first impressions are not always accurate.Many characters grow and mature,therefore one cannot be sure of their values and morals until the end. 764 more words


Could I extend any of the questions about what we intend in our pages beyond the limits of this essay? Of course, I could. Could I to subjects as diverse from language and linguistics to epistemology and ethics, or from history to law to then again historiography, or to reading and writing, or to painting, sculpting, the state of theater in America, to blogging, to Orthodox Jewish landlords in my building diminishing maintenance services correlative with the rise in Muslim tenants in the compound where these Orthodox Jewish landlords are allowed, by the City that governs the housing they own, to act as they wish, or do not wish, and with impunity. 63 more words


I Have The Worst Roommate You Could Possibly Imagine

You know the kind.

She uses your things without asking, eats your clearly marked food, has guests over on short notice and maintains sub standards for cleanliness. 569 more words



It seems that good news comes in happy little clusters. My poem, “Midnight Dance,” won honorable mention the Balticon 49 poetry contest and was published in this year’s… 117 more words


Introduction to my Freshman Portfolio

Throughout this year there has been a plethora of ups and downs. I feel that my emotions and life experiences are truly woven into my creative writing. 438 more words

Freshman English

Writing Advice: Listening to Music

I actively read through a variety of writing related forums- which sounds worse when I actually say it- and at least every other day I see something about writing while listening to music. 584 more words


If I had one year to learn anything...

If I had one year to learn more about a topic of my choice, I would choose to develop what I like to call a “Third Culture Kid approach to solving global problems,” be they socioeconomic, human rights, or political. 527 more words