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The Filipino Bakla: Breaking into a Song

Have you ever kept your silence when having been told: Good thing you’re not that kind of gay.

I would give a smile. A smile that told of submissive acceptance, a bloodless surrender after you find yourself irrevocable lost. 516 more words



Fear is an interesting emotion. We as humans fear things. Why do we fear? There are a million reasons why.

It is a primal emotion. Without it we would be headstrong and reckless. 18 more words


The Birthday Card

Written March 16, 2015

So I haven’t written inside yet but here I’ve practiced your name on the manila-tinted envelope where it is printed in the best hand I could ever try. 38 more words


the sky crane and the bus

Helicopters are cool, and Soviet military aircraft are cool, and sky cranes are cool, so a Mil Mi-10 Soviet military sky crane is by definition very cool indeed.  440 more words

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Black Holes to Cause Extinction?

A short little analysis I wrote for this project I had to do for school.

Black holes could potentially pose a threat to Earth. Scientists have several hypotheses of black holes that could harm Earth in the future. 246 more words


Our Place in Creation

This is the view from Erratic Rock State Natural Site near McMinnville, Oregon. The large rock in the foreground originated in the northern Rocky Mountains, nowhere near this spot. 825 more words


How To Be a Good Writer

Recently I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, (who even still uses Facebook?) and I came across a photo that one of my friends was tagged in. 514 more words