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Return of the Birds

We have been on bad terms since that morning my dad took me and my sister to Trafalgar Square. If it was not for my sister’s unreasonable love for the outdoors and my dad’s urge to please her, I would not have been there among conspiring pigeons and seagulls. 172 more words


My Inability to Flirt

Love equates success.

The first time I asked somebody out, I was fourteen years old.  Having just discovered the joys of relationships and sexual desire, there was a part of me which simply wanted to stay put in the awkward period of prepubescence where boys don’t exist and all you have to deal with is body image, grades, and the newfound stress of rapidly approaching adolescence.   1,659 more words


My Generation Cannot Count Change: A Rant

I am tired of hearing from the generations above me, “this generation cannot even make change” (referring to retail services etc) as an argument against our competence and intelligence. 367 more words

Creative Writing


One hazy summer evening, I took a stroll around my neighbourhood. Glancing at the park across my house, I saw children playing with their parents; there was a soccer game of World Cup proportions going on, cries of excitement abound. 1,516 more words

Badlands - Review

I found it pretty difficult to articulate my opinion after having viewed this film. It wasn’t that I thought it was a bad movie– as a matter of fact, it redeemed my Terrence Malick experience with  618 more words