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Taking His Talents to South Beach: LeBron James’ 2010 Free Agency Decision, the Possessive Investment in Black Bodies and the Resistance to the Agency of Black Athletes

Author’s Note: This essay was 2015 before Colin Kaepernick and before the election of Donald Trump.

1.      The Decision

Ben Carrington poses the question “can the black athlete speak,” and writes “Black athletes have re-made sports, but not under conditions and rules of their own choosing” (2010, 177). 15,521 more words


Review of "My Wolf, My Friend"

From my Goodreads review

The first thing I want to say is that this book is absolutely a product of its time. Published in ’69, the age of this books shows in a variety of subtle ways, but most noticeably it shows in its treatment of gender, i.e. 880 more words


"VICTORIA" Season One (2016) Episode Ranking

Below is my ranking of the Season One episodes of the ITV series called “VICTORIA”. Created by Daisy Goodwin, the series stars Jenna Coleman as Queen Victoria:  309 more words


A Suggestion for a New Amendment to the Constitution: For Real

I would think it’s a basic right that if you confess what you’ve done, no matter what, you’d be automatically expunged of all your criminal background. 362 more words


Why the Left needs to get its priorities straight

With the rise of Donald Trump, France’s National Front and Austria’s FPÖ, to name just a few, the question of what has happened to the voice of the political Left has been asked very frequently over the course of the last year. 760 more words


The Sacrifice of Surviving

I was an adventurous young child. I spent hours every day chasing animals in my parents’ expansive backyard, climbing trees, collecting leaves and blossoms from shrubs, and racing up and down the hill behind the house. 1,154 more words


Classic Fashion

It only took me 3 years…but I’ve finally gotten round to updating here with some of my HND coursework – which should hopefully explain in more detail the reasonings behind my final imagery for each unit. 2,196 more words