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The Red-Headed Bug


The car kicked up a cloud of dust as I hurtled down the long driveway. In my rush, I turned onto the county road and traveled another half mile before I noticed the creature that furiously held on just outside my side window, some kind of small waspish fly, its bulbous eyes perched like wire-rimmed glasses on its orangey-maroon head, its tidy black veined wings tucked sleekly along the sides of its narrow black thorax. 830 more words


Refrain from Sharing?!

In the days of film an outstanding image would be printed and then the photograph would be shared among your closest friends and co-workers. If you were one of them you would hold the image in your hand and let your eyes wander from left to right and top to bottom. 490 more words


On Wednesdays We Wear Ink: tl;dr Ignore This, Go And Read Bitch Planet

October 8, 2015 | by Andy Waterfield

‘I believe the earth is a woman muzzled, beaten, tied to the cold slinging tracks,
I believe the muzzled have every right to rip off the Bible Belt and take it to the patriarchy’s ass, 454 more words


Watching YouTube videos while eating lunch

There’s a thing about a singing voice, the way it tells a different story that the speaking voice. Different from actions, different from looks. You can hear a song from another room, you can hear a song that you wouldn’t normally like, you can hear a song that doesn’t necessarily work. 166 more words


Woman is not Perdition

A woman is should be the first line of discussion when any thought of her right to choose anything arises. In her is, there is no longer any subtracting devices such as who, what, when, where, how or even why. 252 more words


Blog 7:

Journalism is not necessarily shed in the best light in movies and television shows; the police officers, lawyers, and politicians on these entertainment outlets are often dreading the media’s poking and prodding. 212 more words

Setting a research program [Valle post #two]

The last month I have spent much of my time focused on the Design Modeling Symposium held at KADK at the end of September 2015. The symposium was a social and academic success and brought architecture folks from varying spaces together. 1,209 more words