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Bigger Than Me

Watch any mainstream media, advertisement, or newscast, and you’ll generally find that it is targeted towards, well, you. Consumerism and capitalism in its essence is individualistic. 857 more words


Religious Innovation

As you may have noticed, I only have two kinds of essays right now since my Literature and Wester Civ courses are the only ones that require it. 473 more words


Facing the unthinkable in New Zealand

This week’s post is far from my usual offerings, as last Friday in New Zealand we were subjected to our worst fears: a right-wing racially-bigoted man shot at and killed fifty of us; among them men, women and children. 359 more words

Non Fiction

Announcing Hobart Festival of Women Writers 2019 Participating Writers

The Hobart Festival of Women Writers is excited to announce our Participating Writers for 2019. We have poets, fiction writers, essayists, dramatists, and artists. Join us for this special weekend of readings, workshops, a panel discussion and , or course, book sales. 76 more words


To All the 'Me's I've Been Before

The ‘me’s I have been were all not so hard to handle, except that since they didn’t come with a manual, no one tried to understand how to. 276 more words


Thoughts: You decide not to know

You decide not to know. Once, way before you decided not to watch the news, you heard of a boy who had been abused by a teacher. 356 more words


Üksildus ja iseseisvus Murakami "Kafka mererannas"

Kõige aktuaalsem teema, mida “Kafka mererannas” käsitles, oli üksildus ja sellega toimetulek. Meedia on mõnda aega juba külvanud uuringute ja statistika põhjal hirmu ja segadust inimestesse, rääkides, et tänapäeva noored elavad iivele ohtlikult tagasihoidlikku suguelu ning on üksildasemad ja depressiivsemad kui kunagi varem. 679 more words