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A (Much-Biased) Take on Shortcuts & Being Lazy

BLOG POST IN A NUTSHELL: Intro into how I love shortcuts – the dual attitude toward it – something that Bill Gates said (completely distorted for my self-fulfilling purpose) – and a (biased) conclusion on why we need Shortcuts.  700 more words



Need to go somewhere
Need a quintessential escape
So I left and went away
When I get there
I forgot why I was there.

In a place I dreamt of… 81 more words


On Identity

Dear Christine,

Has Rose ever asked you if you believe in God? I was discussing colonialism and development with my Mother, well, performing a monologue over Skype about why I think the World Bank is a disgrace, and I started talking about hegemony here in Ecuador. 1,310 more words

Truth Doesn't Set You Free

It’s not true what they say about the truth. That the truth will set you free. Those that rid you of your ignorance. That you accept with a more mental than emotional courage. 78 more words


The hierarchy of colours

Dear Diary

This woman literally stuck her elbow in my waist to get past me while boarding on a train first thing in the morning. I am uninterested in tradition and social niceties when at the brink of an injustice. 471 more words


Essay boho Pull Back

Im loving this adorable hair style for the summer because it takes very little time or effort.

I started by adding some dry shampoo to my hair to add volume and texture. 139 more words


Top tips for being a rockstar

This essay was originally posted at Booker Like a Hooker.

I probably can’t (or at least shouldn’t) advise anyone on being a rockstar. I realize this might come as a surprise since I just published the novel… 684 more words

How To Talk To Rockstars