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Once on Valentine's Day

Once on Valentine’s Day, I kissed a girl when it was so cold outside our lips nearly froze together.

Once on Valentine’s Day I kissed  girl in Dublin who looked like the offspring of the band My Bloody Valentine. 353 more words


An Open Letter to My "Allies"...

Hey allies,

Thanks in advance for your interest and personal investment in “the struggle” for social equity. I appreciate it, genuinely. I just have a few pointers, if you plan on fighting with me. 444 more words

Valentime's Day

I am a romantic.  But I am also a curmudgeon.  Being a Romantic Curmudgeon is an oxymoron?  Just who are you calling a moron?   Anyway, you’ve probably noticed that Valentine’s Day is commonly mispronounced as… 770 more words


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Happy Valentines Day Everyone


Over the course of the next few months, I will intermittently post photographs that I believe show how homelessness and poverty plague the cities I have visited. 120 more words


Falling: Love and Marriage in a Conservative Indian Family

“For conservative Indians like my parents, ‘falling in love’ is an American illness, a condition to avoid as one avoids warts or gonorrhea.” An essay on Longreads by Debie Thomas, originally published by River Teeth.



Eyes had their critique today, I was near the end doing my presentation. I think mine could have gone better ( I would have explained my work better) but it was interesting to look at everyone’s work. 40 more words

Music project

I am happy with my final folded booklet and the double CD case, I feel like the essay and the imagery compliment each other well. I am happy with my idea for making a booklet and my timings of finishing the project more than usual. 81 more words