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Proven USPs

Recently in my Business class, I have been reading Reality in Advertising by Rosser Reeves, and I once again see what not many business think about: Stating benefits. 387 more words


The wheel of life 

As I grow each day , my materialistic attraction lessens and I’m more to knowing myself and others . I realize , we go through a wheel of changes bringing us back almost like a kid in the old age . 357 more words

Daily Post

DWI Revelations

by Michael Drone

Staring didn’t accomplish much when I was faced with the mountain I have been climbing for the past three months. I am going to get super vulnerable and honest, and tell you of failures of business, the arrest, and what happened next. 743 more words


Before Shack Life

I am continuing my read of Thoreau’s Walden, and I still haven’t been able to see eye to eye with him.  328 more words


Don't Waste a Day without Laughter 

The other day I went into Starbucks. The young woman on the other side of the counter was mesmerized with the long strands of sparkles in my hair. 296 more words


Three New Things.

Lazyblogging. But every day, for a while, something…habits need forming.

So. It’s today. We have three pictures and some commentary.

Thing #1. A box of empty peapods. 137 more words


I Am My Own Box: Thoughts on Being a Young, Independent Woman

All my life, I’ve received mixed messages about women and independence. Actually, I think I can generalize and say that all women from the United States experience mixed messages about female independence. 919 more words