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ESSAY: Price on "Violence and Hope in a Space of Death: Paramaribo" | Common-place (2003)

“About 1710, J. D. Herlein, a Dutch visitor to Paramaribo, reported that a runaway slave from the town had been recaptured by the authorities. His sentence, which the court intended “to serve as an example to others,” was “to be quartered alive, and the pieces thrown in the River.” Herlein witnessed the execution: “He was lain on the ground, his head on a long beam.

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Woman is a Choice

Who is she, again, the question gets asked and asked, and oftentimes asked without the intention of waiting for an answer, a particularly annoying contemporary trait we have all acquired. 154 more words


Mini Blog 4

I think I’ve reached that point I knew I’d hit.  I hate talking about myself, because I really don’t like myself.  I’ve been very down lately.   79 more words


Kendrick Lamar pays homage to Eazy-E in powerful essay

Kendrick Lamar has long acknowledged legendary rap group and fellow Compton natives, N.W.A., as inspiring trailblazers. The 28-year-old wrote an essay, explaining his thoughts on the debt he owes N.W.A., and the late Eazy-E in particular. 184 more words


Eternal Innocence Lost: The Sky Crawlers (2008)

Dir. Mamoru Oshii

Country: Japan 

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Mamoru Oshii is many things, but one thing he rarely is is subtle. In fact, I once read someone describe his method of character dialogue as ‘standing around, talking themselves to death’ and, to be honest, it made me chuckle because it’s completely true. 646 more words


"I Expected More from You"

There’s something about that phrase that just hits you like a hurricane. And I’m sitting here trying to anchor myself in its eye – where it is calm and the sky is clear. 542 more words


Ways of writing

Today I’m thinking about how we write – the physical act of getting words out of our brains and onto some form of paper, either real or virtual. 552 more words