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who am i? who are you?

identity: the distinguishing character or personality of a person.

much like the changing of leaves in the fall, i believe that a person’s identity is the same. 413 more words


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Infinite Destruction

If modernity is measured by the contracts between men, there is nothing modern about the free market – and everything about it implies and expresses the destruction of man under his own hands. 437 more words


Chess, and Revising my Work

A long time ago, I wrote a post about two different approaches to designing a game.  That post compared what I called core-based design (games where exceptions exist to handle things the core rules can’t) and exception-based design (games where the core rules exist to allow for exceptions). 187 more words



by Ate

I am the only daughter in the family. That is the reason why everybody thought that I must be lucky. For one, I can have and do anything I want for being their only princess and I am protected by two knights in shining armor. 604 more words


4 Things Artists Should NEVER Do!

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Lately, I have been seeing art in every aspect of my life, and I am truly thankful for that. Growing up, I was always into drawing, painting, or putting marker on my face. 708 more words

Creative Writing

Apa Tujuan Hidupmu? Akan Kau Fir'aun atau Musa-kan?

Pertanyaan diatas seakan menjadi sebuah hal yang mudah bagi anak kecil, akan tetapi menjadi sebuah pertanyaan yang cukup menyulitkan ketika mereka tumbuh dewasa. Pada masa kecil mungkin kebanyakan anak laki-laki ingin menjadi sorang pilot atau aparat Negara karena profesi tersebut terlihat keren. 804 more words


Spotlight: Mecca Jamilah Sullivan

Hobart Festival of Women Writers welcomes Mecca Jamilah Sullivan to the Public. Conversation at Festival 2019


In These Times: Writing. 493 more words