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Waking Up in a Strange Land

I wake up and look around.  I find myself in a strange place. My personal narrative has changed as has the narrative of the country.  I accustom myself to a new reality wondering if the joyful narrative had been real at all.  602 more words


Travel in the Age of Trump

Three years ago to the day, I almost died.

As strange as it may sound, I tend to forget about this event until the Super Bowl rolls around. 2,477 more words


Green Lights

I’m in the middle of the road, seeing headlights approaching, I spread my arms trying to embrace it,
until the light over my head turns red… turned green again.. 163 more words


Atlas Minor

The website of author James A. Reeves features thoughtful blog posts and longform essays on topics that range from philosophy and art to health and family.


Signs of the Age(s)

Signs of the Age(s)

By L. Stewart Marsden

They’re piling up.

The signs.

And I find myself muttering, “Ya ain’t gettin’ any younger!”

A sciatic nerve that repeats its message I can’t do certain things: 738 more words


Breaking Free: Prisons in Margaret Atwood's 'Alias Grace' and Sarah Waters's 'Affinity'

We must actively engage in releasing women from their physical and culturally constructed ‘prisons’ by re-creating their stories and finally giving them a voice, writes Jessamy Baldwin.

4,827 more words

"All that cold blackness" | The Abyss (1989)

A United States submarine runs aground near the Cayman Trough, following an encounter with an unidentified object. With both Soviet submarines and a violent hurricane fast approaching, the crew of a deep-sea drilling platform are co-opted to assist a naval mission to secure the submarine. 9,743 more words