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Working on this curse

Over the past month or so, I have read some really great writers on wp. So in the spirit of goodwill, the two more holidays left in the weekend, and my general eagerness for sharing. 148 more words



Untuk sebentar saya renungkan (setidaknya oleh saya sendiri) adalah menjaga keceriaan anak-anak itu, bukan malah merusak moralnya, kecuali kamu Tuhan! Dan untuk sekedar catatan saja, saya ngorek-orek tentang sila-sila ini adalah dampak atas ketidakpahaman saya atas korelasi keadaan dan landasan ideologi bangsa ini. 584 more words


On visual economics and scarcity

No longer special if you see it every day, but stands out precisely because you don’t.

Alternative title: why exceptional photographs will always be rare… 1,681 more words


Mobs, momentum, consensus, and the race to be the first to cast a stone...

Senator Elizabeth Warren is calling aloud for impeachment and a Republican group is buying advertisements on Fox that call for accountability.  The media, of course, is aflame with indignation… somewhat slow to arise, but welcome nonetheless.  375 more words


Small Island by Andrea Levy | Quotes

Some useful quotes to memorise for A Level essays on Small Island. ;)

  • “I’m sure there’s a lot I could teach you.” – Queenie to Hortense, demonstrating her patronising attitude towards black people.
  • 757 more words

Fibro Tips: My experiment with weight loss

“Motion is the lotion.” – Stacy

I understand y’all don’t know who Stacy is. Trust me, she’s pretty fuckin awesome. I’m sure the girlfriend is smiling right now! 1,066 more words


behind the curtain of belief

in a moment of true availability, when the curtains of belief are withdrawn, what is glimpsed could be called that which is real. it is real because it has always been and will always be, because it is the home-ground of all experience, because it cannot be removed from its Being…it is a conscious reality, knowing itself independent of any cause or any premise. 588 more words