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Equinoxes Are Not Equal and Seasons End

Kimberly N. Alleyne
The Harvest Magazine Publisher and Editor
Reflective Essay

What I love about March is the Spring Equinox. I’m always standing at the door waving, excited to welcome it after winter, especially after an especially long and cold winter. 855 more words


On Letting Go

Sometimes we make someone or something so special in our mind that we can’t let go. It’s that pedestal we put someone on when no one belongs there in the first place. 591 more words

Creative Writing

Friends and frenemies

Despite the title of this blog, regular readers have probably gathered that I no longer identify simply as a crossdresser.

But, get this: I love… 1,042 more words


God #1

God is not close fisted and will give without bounds you will need to know how to take, the etiquette of receiving, this is adult responsibility, we sleep and there is a time for everything there are breaks in worship, we are not perpetually suspended – tortured we are loved God wants you to smile back at him, please smile at


A Short Essay on Violence.

A friend noticed I had a blog here on WordPress merely to interact with other bloggers and suggested that I try my hand at posting something of my own. 1,842 more words


You Know, GWAR Is Actually A Pretty Good Band

I’ve heard people say a lot of stupid things in my life. Some of them came out of my own mouth. I hear ridiculous things all the time like, “Can I save the internet at work to use at home?” “What happened to Pluto now that it’s not a planet anymore” and one of the most mind boggling: “I’m not racist at all, but Obama is a lazy nigger.” 636 more words


I Have To Address This

I have something to say that I have been trying my hardest not to bring up on this blog, but I feel like it may be the reason I can’t come up with anything to post. 617 more words