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Why Trayvon Martin's Death is my 9/11

As I anticipate that most people will find this title inflammatory, I will include a preface: 9/11 is also my 9/11. 9/11 is everyone’s 9/11. 841 more words


Year 12 IPT Writing Task

The following is a short essay I wrote in Grade 12 (3+ years ago) for my Information Processes and Technology class. It’s fun to see the progress I’ve made transitioning from haphazard essays such as this to the more eloquent, well scripted assignments I complete today. 888 more words


The Game of Chase

I remember one of my Philosophy professors saying “The more truth shows itself, the
more it hides itself”. The more we know about something or someone, we realize that… 430 more words

Creative Writing


Addiction comes in many forms. It’s a trip how the urge to use becomes compulsive. It starts in the mind, becomes an action, becomes a habit, then becomes part of your character. 73 more words

The Man of The Crowd

I had to write a paper which is a textual intervention of “The Man in the Crowd” by Edgar Allan Poe.

Here is a link to the story, and here is my essay with Textual Intervention. 1,159 more words


Face Painting, Kettlecorn, and Tasers

The Festival (Source: Google)

“Honey, why don’t you wait in line for the face painting while Mommy goes to look at the next door tent.” 534 more words


5 quick SAT exam score boosters

The next SAT exam date is around the corner, and we’re providing 5 expert, last minute score boosters! Follow these tips to give yourself extra points on the SAT: 240 more words

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