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The Green Eyed Monster

Jealousy. It’s an underrated emotion. When people think of negative feelings, the first things that come to mind are hate, fear, and anger. But jealousy? It hides in the corner, popping out when one least expects it. 188 more words

July 2016

Let Me Tell You What Depression Is

I wrote a little something about my mental illness. I hope you can find something useful in it.


The Kaleidoscope and the Eagle: Part Eleven

Trying to elucidate the Kaleidoscope

  • The Use and Abuse of History Part Two:                                                                            Confirmation Bias and the Kaleidoscope- 

How do we begin to make sense of our place in the world? 940 more words


Bone Fingers [A Short Story]

What is it that anyone can say about what he sees? Or what he hears? Or what he feels? Things to say about–what can anyone say? 4,088 more words



I’m Katie, coworker and occasional witness to the universe playing Ashton to Jack’s unwanting Punk’d victim. It really is something to see weirdies beeline toward him with their unnecessary anecdotes and generally ill-conceived questions. 950 more words


What I learned at the lemonade stand.

My children and I ran a lemonade stand yesterday.

So many lemons died. Mourn these poor lemons.

Anyway. I learned a lot during the process. … 956 more words