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I am an Education Counsellor

Good evening here in Indonesia. I hope you have a good day wherever you are ^^

I’ve been posting lyric post and more lyric post. Since this is personal blog, I guess I need to put a story about myself (yeah, it’s an excuse). 2,037 more words


Working for Others

This week, I have been reading on how Booker Washington began to further improve his school. The question presented to me concerning this school surprised me. 141 more words


Assignment 6: tutor feedback

I had my final video tutorial with my tutor Helen a couple of weeks ago but have waited until now to write this up as I’ve been working my way through the six assignments for rework in chronological order, and now it’s time to finalise… 416 more words


Let's Remember the Lies--Trump and the Truth

The fact that Trump is a liar and loves to dissimulate is well-known. In fact, I would imagine that many of his supporters would have to acknowledge that Trump has a tenuous relationship with what we typically call the truth. 2,365 more words


The Measuring Scepter

William Shakespeare once wrote, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” When I first read that quote, I was left a little bewildered by it. 584 more words

Soul Mates?

Stories about alternate universes centered in soul mates are pretty popular in the world of fan-made fiction. The authors really do a great job in writing these stories; one just can’t stop reading more fan-made fictions about soul mates after reading one. 340 more words


Arts & Crafts - The Industrial Revolution

Today we have received another lecture relating to the industrial revolution in order to further prepare us for the essay latter on in the year. This lecture was centred around the old and still living movement known simply as “Arts & Crafts” movement. 11 more words