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“It was a dark and stormy night…” – Snoopy’s slightly overused opening to his magnificent and, sadly, unpublished Magnum Opus.  The power of weather can be so alluringly seductive.  137 more words

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in the blink of an eye

I had a happy little post all set to go.  But in the wake of the Oklahoma tragedy I decided to put it on hold for a day.  264 more words

Essays And Random Thoughts

going to pot

If you paid attention during the last general election you may have noticed that the good voters of Colorado and Washington approved measures legalizing marijuana.  I don’t know how Aspenites are coping with their new Rocky Mountain high, but here in the Pacific Northwest there has definitely been a culture shift.  347 more words


after fun down

One of my co-workers bid on an online auction the other day.  He was after some memorabilia from San Francisco’s old Playland Amusement Park, long gone to developers decades ago.  305 more words


tripping in rem

Curly Girl tells me I laugh in my sleep sometimes.  She doesn’t say whether its dastardly nefarious (hehhehehheh) or rule-the-world diabolical (waahaahaahaa) or little girl giggly (heeheehee).  333 more words


sib wars

Super Bro Sunday!  It’s a few hours before game time as I write this and brothers Jim (S.F. 49ers) and John (Baltimore Ravens) Harbaugh are set to square off on the world’s biggest stage.  688 more words


lighten up

A very wise soul once told me that a stress carrier can be a real buzz kill.  So true!  And stress seems to run rampant during the holidays.  300 more words