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Never Again Speak Their Name

When these obscene tragedies happen, one feels so devastated, and yet so powerless. But we are not. Here’s what I want to do.

To every mass shooter and terrorist, whether you used explosives or guns, whether you did it for ISIS or al-Qaeda, whether you wanted work-place revenge or dreamed of some twisted notoriety, here is what I want for you; 268 more words

Essays - Mine


‘Dev’ is from Sri Lanka. He has dark brown hair and light brown skin with thick, perfectly level eyebrows. The eyebrows threaten to overwhelm his deep-set, emerald eyes which are never at rest and which have an intensity that is not always comfortable. 985 more words

Essays - Mine


‘Alberto’ is from Honduras. He looks to be about 40 years old. He works full-time and he also works part-time. I caught up with him at his part-time job, cutting grass and doing yard work. 1,322 more words

Essays - Mine