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Julian Barnes Looks at Art — The New Yorker

The writer’s new book of criticism is for the reader who “isn’t a professional and isn’t an academic and doesn’t have a theory to promote.” 392 more words


Some Safety Glass Distance (2013)

I didn’t set out to write about blogging this morning but that’s where I find myself at a peculiar hour in a most peculiar place.  I guess what I’m really writing about is not writing at all, which sadly has been the case for quite some time now – here or elsewhere.  436 more words

Rory Dean

Sitting here imagining, burgundy reds and rock candy threads reflecting, burdened by ideas that go nowhere, scattered thoughts not my own – I have plans made but much less confidence, so I write “ 946 more words

Rory Dean

The Matrix (1999) Blu-ray

“Welcome To The Real World”


The Matrix (1999) is a Sci-Fi Fantasy Action film written and directed by visionary filmmakers Andy and Larry Wachowski… 1,088 more words

Rory Dean

Roadie (2011)

Sex, drugs and rock n’ role never looked so bleak a destination for mid-life crises as in Michael Cuesta’s “Roadie” – an existential ode to aging rockers and man-child dreamers.  968 more words