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Letter to A "Radical White Librarian"

Dear Ms. Darby,

As you know, out in rural America, there is nothing but vast acres of grass and trees, small antique shops, cows, heroine addicts and their children, Confederate flags, trucks, poor white racist, rich white racist, the rare white liberal, the even rarer white radical and the occasional patch of blackness: a patch that I occupied. 1,619 more words

The Open Journal

addiction and doubt 

One of the truths the Buddhist tradition reveals is that we are all addicts. In a sense, the nature of ego-self is addiction: to itself, to the sense-objects, to its own momentum and masochism. 197 more words


Fictive Kin: Anne Boleyn's Imaginary Relatives

Anne Boleyn, like almost everyone else at the English court, had a large and not invariably friendly web of relatives, many of whom necessarily make regular appearances in the novels written about her. 3,259 more words

The Many Faces Of Anne Boleyn

Yoshi's Woolly World & Mellow Mode

I have fantastic news! An essay I wrote on accessibility and gaming has been published on FemHype, one of my favorite gaming websites. I argue that different people play games for different reasons and that the customization of difficulty settings both accommodates a diversity of players and broadens the potential of the game itself. 126 more words



My house is silent. I am home alone with a sore throat and a fever. I can’t decide if the breeze from the ceiling fan is soothing or a subtle torture, but it doesn’t matter because my house is silent. 61 more words


Nighthawks: A Writing Project

I first saw the painting Nighthawks when I was a kid. It was a featured poster in the new shop in the mall, where you could purchase an image of Spuds McKenzie driving a Porsche, or Monet’s ‘Waterlilies’ framed in black plastic while you wandered down to Orange Julius for a smoothie. 126 more words

Giving Zero F*cks: On My Asexuality

A friend emailed me a couple months ago and asked if I would participate in a revamped version of Eve Ensler’s the Vagina Monologues that she planned on hosting. 970 more words