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Non Est Authenticum: The Micrologus on the Feast of the Holy Trinity

The feast of the Holy Trinity was a rather peculiar addition to the Roman liturgical kalendar inasmuch as it does not commemorate a specific saint or event in the history of salvation, but rather a theological idea. 1,300 more words


Make Believe by Rebecca Hart Olander

Make Believe

We made a temporary home just up the hill from the Colosseum,

walked the dusty track of ancient chariots, ate as if our lives depended on it, 848 more words


The Importance of Frivolity

Boy some of you guys sure are smart, and witty, and you know big words and stuff…My reader feed gets regularly populated by deeply insightful academic dissertation of my favorite animes or topical parsings of the elements of a particular genre. 902 more words


To Protect and Serve... The Empire

by Phillip Farruggio

Writer Eric Zuesse wrote a great new piece ” How Democracy Ended ” seen on a few fine sites. In it he shows how our U.S. 630 more words


Śrīmatī Rādhā is an ocean of cleverness

Śrīmatī Rādhā is:

(1) vaidagdhya sindhuḥ – An ocean of cleverness.

This means rasa pāṇḍitya – She is learned in the science of taste.
She even teaches rasika śekhara, the king of relishers Śrī Kṛṣṇa, expertise in the amorous mellow. 284 more words


Chapter 8. The Essay as Kaleidoscope

I recently picked up a book titled, Short Takes: Model Essays for Composition (edited by Elizabeth Penfield) from the “Free Books” corner of the English department. 490 more words

June Author Readings

Hawaii Writers Guild Presents June Author Readings

The Hawaii Writers Guild will present Lit Nite, an evening of original readings by Big Island authors on Wednesday, June 6, from 5:30-7 p.m. 198 more words