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Writing Science for the Public

Here are 12 editorial tips for scientists:
1. Your first sentence must be indelible.
2. Know where you are taking the reader first and then tell them. 127 more words

The honest CV. Personal statement.

The personal statement section of a CV is basically a tagline of your profile: a brief description of who you are and what your objective is. 377 more words


The honest CV. Intro.

My problem with hiring is that it’s all a bunch of lies.

Employers lie.

Recruitment agencies lie.

Job seekers lie.


We are advised to use the words from the description of the job that we apply for in our cover letter so we seem like a good match, or to hide irrelevant things and highlight what’s presumably relevant. 182 more words


When I am gone

Please keep me in your memories by keeping all my pointless junk. 1,500 more words


0 to Written in 11 Steps - Process for Free Flowing Words

This is my personal process for free-flowing writing. I like to set myself up for success, and I have found ways to make it easier for my brain to perform. 963 more words

Punching What?

Let us continue to count, and talk, and think about the numbers.
—Claire Vaye Watkins

As one of the major theses of Claire Vaye Watkins’s celebrated manifesto, … 519 more words


Social Media: Power vs. Profit

For those citizens of the world with access, the advent of the internet and particularly the rise of social media, has connected them like never before to events around the globe. 678 more words