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Synthesis of Intersectional Feminism: Inside and Outside of Women Writing Worldwide

Let’s say you, a twenty-three-year-old female with blonde hair and a fair skin tone, are walking around a very busy New York City during the holidays. 2,270 more words


Why I Kept Going Back to Intersectionality

I’ve identified as a feminist since I learned what the word feminist meant. It seemed natural to believe in equality between the sexes. As I grew up and furthered my education, I learned more and more about the injustices women face around the world. 1,333 more words


The Impact of Storytelling

Throughout the semester, there has been one idea or theme that has continually stuck out to me and that is the theme of storytelling. Across the semester, various readings, TED Talks, videos, and events were attended and the overarching subject that stood out, again and again, was this idea of storytelling. 1,517 more words



When we experience art, we never experience it completely, just the parts of it we notice and that we engage with – merely a slice, and often a narrow one, of the whole. 824 more words

Problem Machine

(Re)Learning How to Read

We spent a semester talking about stories. Their importance, their meaning, their strengths and weaknesses. We read stories, and wrote our own stories, and heard from women who write stories. 1,519 more words