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Susan Sontag, Regarding the Pain of Others

Regarding the Pain of Others by Susan Sontag

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Susan Sontag’s oeuvre is a long palinode. Identified for years with the positions she took, or at least seemed to take, in the 1960s, she seemed to spend the rest of her life strategically retracting or at least clarifying and qualifying her earliest theses. 1,890 more words


How to plan a funeral

Message your family first. Call your wife. Tell them, she’s gone.

Sit vigil by her bedside until your brother arrives. Her brother brings espresso; her sister brings a cake. 106 more words


Classical Risk vs. Quantum Risk

I used to think startups worked like classical mechanics. In classical mechanics, objects are of macroscopic (normal) scale, and the vectors of these bodies – energy, mass, volume, momentum – exist on curves with each other. 968 more words


Haunted House Part Three

Fandango asked me to get involved in another one of Teresa The Haunted Wordsmith “Finish the Story” writing prompts.

Teresa wrote, It was opening night of the Grim Reaper Haunted House in town and it seemed like everyone in town was waiting in line. 935 more words


#7 My Best Writing So Far...

When I first got to the English 100 I knew it was going to be an enjoyable class for myself.  I don’t consider myself an avid writer but I do enjoy it when sometimes assigned. 237 more words

American Pastime

It was midway through the deployment, probably sometime in November. The weather was changing quickly, and it was that perfect fall evening where back home, you’d be wearing sweatshirts again and girls would be talking about pumpkin flavored shit at starbucks. 924 more words


Personal Approach to Ethics

February 2018

College is an important time of discovery. Over the past four years, I have faced life’s biggest questions of identity, purpose, and choice in this environment. 2,550 more words