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Understanding the people's minds

It is difficult to deal with people who have problems with their mental balance. Psychiatry is one of the most interesting, challenging and exhausting fields. My grandmother was a psychiatrist for 40 years at the Obregia Hospital in Bucharest, one of the largest psychiatric hospitals in Romania.  417 more words

Monique Classique

Terrence Malick Speaks at a Rare In-Person Event

On Friday, October 21st, acclaimed filmmaker Terrence Malick made a virtually unprecedented live appearance at the Princeton Garden Theatre in Princeton, New Jersey following a screening of Roberto Rossellini’s… 934 more words


The Athenian Government

Assignment Twelve: How Was the Athenian Government Organized? How Much Citizen Involvement Was There?

(Western Civilazation)

The Athenian government was organized into four distinct groups: The Assembly, The Council, The Judges, and The Magistrates. 456 more words


Reading Frostbite, Descender, Vikings: Uprising, The Skeptics

If, like me, you often fall behind in your weekly comics reading and end up carving out time to suddenly read several issues at once (which can be really satisfying also), you know how unusual it is to *actually* read your weekly comics right away. 1,558 more words


Writers: messy or meticulous?

Ever come across a notebook filled with your handwriting but no memory of it? Or a book with sticky flags adorning its pages, but no idea of why you attached them? 536 more words


How to Write Stronger Essays

One of the most common struggles that most of our English Language Arts students face is writing a strong essay.  And I say strong essay, because a lot of people can write an essay.  625 more words

Palamas, Aquinas, Protestants & Philosophy: Jay Dyer on GlobalStoryline

Dean Arnold invited me back to Global Storyline discuss Eastern theology more in-depth in relation to the foundations that divide – from filioque to St. Gregory Palamas, to the issues of Augustine and Aquinas, we investigate the theological and philosophical issues that led to the reformation, enlightenment and western atheism. 21 more words