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I Love You, Too

I know a lot of people who have lost loved ones often question whether the person who has passed knew how much they were loved or how much the person who passed loved the ones left behind. 563 more words


Christianity, The First Amendment and Kim Davis

Bigots do what bigots are going to do. They discriminate against others who weren’t born with the same color of skin or religion or sexual preference. 806 more words


Learning to Fly: When do TV shows get their wings?

What makes a good pilot?

It’s the introduction to a new world, a case being made for you to watch, an invitation to sit around the campfire and hear a story. 568 more words


247. beatific

A few years ago, my friend Sarah Howell moved to New York City to start a career in stage management. She’d been working in Minneapolis for a while and building a solid reputation for herself, and when the opportunity to move east presented itself, she sold everything and jumped at the chance.  981 more words


freedom of idolatry

worship behind steering wheel
at seventy miles an hour
nothing else can give this feel
guzzle and roar with power

worship from reclining chair
boxed in mortgaged living room… 285 more words


Louis XIV, the Sun King

Louis XIV was born September 1, 1638. When he was four, his father, the king, died, which left him as heir to the throne. Even though he was king, he suffered from neglect, poverty, hunger, and humiliation. 297 more words


A Space of Work and Rest

Nigh a month ago, I saw Seattle for the first time, from an airplane. I happen to enjoy flying, because I’m something of a medievalist in spirit. 747 more words