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Another Year, Another Controversial Rape Scene on 'Game of Thrones'

Some things come around every year. Birthdays. Holidays. Paying your taxes. Uncomfortable rape scenes on Game of Thrones. This most recent rape scene (yes, these are sentences we write now when talking about  1,344 more words


Books and the Joy of Reading: George Washington, Helen Keller, C.S. Lewis, and the Bible

I’ve been reading a few books lately, and rediscovering the joy of reading.  I’m sure many of these books were inspired by the very spirit of God. 1,959 more words

Jesus Christ

Comic Dating

You can’t avoid dating yourself. It’s coded into everything you do; style, language, even casual observances of the future. But many movies strive to be anyway, hoping that if they exist outside of the time continuum they can go down forever as something that “really holds up,” or at least a classic. 340 more words


The Narrator's Development in Pushkin's Eugene Onegin

No character avoids transformation within Alexander Pushkin’s novel in verse Eugene Onegin, and none of these transformations impact the text as much as that experienced by the story’s narrator. 1,734 more words

Don't Plagiarise

Public Transportation

I arrive at the gate on time to wait 30 minutes to board.  Security wasn’t a problem, and I guess given the choice between waiting for the soccer mom in front of me to remember that she had to take her Coke bottle out of her suitcase or huddling around the one lousy charging station and soaking precious battery life into my phone, I’d take the latter any day. 772 more words


The Outsiders

A story written for a storytelling event I didn’t make it out to. The topic was “Fringe Element.” 

The first time I realized I didn’t fit in with my family was painful. 988 more words

About Me

three mile island

For the past week I’ve been excited about the possibility of a relocation. My husband is interviewing for a job designing hospital products in Raleigh, North Carolina. 1,215 more words