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Personal Narrative Fiction Response

I had a lot of fun writing the Personal Narrative Fiction project. There were parts of it that were very challenging, and parts that came very quickly and easily. 437 more words


A Solitary Woman

Michael has been in Kansas City for a few days, visiting his brother Alex. So this weekend, it’s just the girls (Isis and me).

I miss Michael a lot when he’s gone, and we talk on the phone/Facetime with a frequency reminiscent of our long-distance dating days (that is to say, a lot). 438 more words


Potential 1

There is a character in Shakespeare’s play Hamlet called Ophelia. She is a classic Elizabethan woman: passive, obedient, subject to her male masters. At various points in the play, these men – her boyfriend, her father, her brother – all treat her with disgust, neglect and brutal carelessness: none of it deserved. 1,517 more words


Personal Narrative Reflection

This is project was very different than any other writing assignment I have had in the past. Sure I’ve written fiction before but not since high school. 627 more words


Our Story in God's Story, by Janet Hagberg


Our Story in God’s Story

The Meaning of Jesus’ Life, Death and Resurrection

Every year I try once again to read a book or discuss with a clergy person or friend the theology of the atonement, which means the meaning of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. 2,094 more words


You've got to sell your heart

In 1938 aspiring author Frances Turnbull sent a copy of one of her stories to Francisc Scott Fitzgerald. In the feedback he offers her there’s one great piece of advice: … 1,212 more words


Reflect on the Personal Narrative Fiction Project

Although I have imagined and designed many fictions in my head from kindergarten to now, this assignment was my first time to actually write the story down. 834 more words