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Afterthought #37 Words Matter

It will take some time to integrate all that I heard today at Seattle University’s 7th Annual Search for Meaning Book Festival.

It will take even longer for me to read the books I brought home, written by several of the 55+ authors who presented. 239 more words


Seven Random Things I've Learned About Being a Bouncer

I recently stepped away from the business and I decided to share some random thoughts about the experience. Some of them are going to be offensive even if I don’t mean them to be but they’re based on what I’ve seen. 2,004 more words


The 'Hard Work' Fallacy.

I was having a conversation with someone about McDonalds recently. I claimed (admittedly with very little knowledge on the topic) that they paid their workers too little, and it is unfair that they do so. 723 more words


If I Were King of the World

First off, I will vote myself in by a landslide garnering at least 90% of the popular vote. I will allow the (remaining) unpopular vote to be divided between Alfred E. 1,549 more words


Do Not Tell Me That I Am Beautiful

The still water, the camera, the mirrors are cruel. What I want is not what I am.

And I am not proud of this.

So, 132 more words


Vitakkasaṇṭhānasutta: Un Camino Buddhista para la Superación de los Pensamientos Automáticos

Ven. Sajal Barua

Universidad de Peradeniya Sri Lanka

  1. Introducción.

Los pensamientos automáticos son ideas espontáneas que surgen en la mente de un individuo dependiendo del marco particular de referencia que él posea como el de la personalidad, el estilo de vida, visión del mundo, etc. 4,014 more words


Badge of honor

He’ll always be there for you, sad happy and anything in between.

–4wrd Thnkn Son