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On Lying and Truth-Telling

Our world is full of strident voices calling “Lo here!” and “Lo there!”–and sometimes these voices overwhelm quiet truth. We are constantly being lied to, and lies that we believe have damaging consequences. 3,789 more words


Living in the Twilight Hush

I’m home again, reclining in my office chair; the sun is setting and I am living in this lovely duplicity of enjoying modern conveniences and aching to return to the mountain side. 1,219 more words

Embarrassment of Riches

Many futurists have been thinking about the problem of increasing productivity, especially as we enter the age of Artificial Intelligence using Deep Learning combined with robotics.  409 more words


Guide for Writer Submissions: Entropy

This is a wonderful list of places for writers to submit their work, awards and publishing. Published in ENTROPYMAG.ORG. This is a very effective tool.

Great website for writers!


When is Enough, Enough?

  When Is Enough Enough?

To want all or to want nothing are both dangerous. Those who want all are the conquerors and exploiters and power lords who have brought the world to the state it is in today. 249 more words

Shi Sai Sunday’s Week in ReVerse - 22 October 2017

Happy Sunday…it is still Sunday. Busy morning, dogs to the groomers, and then a nap. I love naps. Some people tell me they can’t sleep during the day. 356 more words


Fahrlässige Achterbahnfahrer

Bill Hicks, der legendäre und viel zu jung verstorbene amerikanische Standup-Comedian pflegte das Leben mit einer Achterbahnfahrt gleichzusetzen. Man steigt ein und lässt sich von den langwierigen Anstiegen, plötzlichen Fällen, betäubenden Kurven, Schrauben und Loopings, der lauten Musik und den schillernden Lichtern in den Bann ziehen. 524 more words