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We are often lost in our misguided conceptions of who we are and who we ought to be. We believe that we know what the truth is and what works for us. 183 more words


Cromwell's Failed Revolution: Paradise Lost Again

by E. John Winner


Coup d’état

In April 1653, Oliver Cromwell led some twenty of his troops into the House of Commons. Berating the Parliamentarians with the strongest invective yet heard in that House, he had the soldiers boot them out without ceremony. 3,453 more words


The Three Most Stupid Things You Can Do on the Water

Boating season is in full swing here in South Carolina, not that you won’t find impassioned boaters active here and elsewhere in the United States year-round. 978 more words


Fear of Failure (2)

I feel that fearlessness is not a state of having no fears but rather, a state when you are calm even in the presence of the source of your fears. 362 more words



Last night, I sat on a rocking chair on my front porch.  Next to me, my daughter sat in the neighboring chair, rocking back and forth.  1,544 more words

Creative Writing

My First Textual Essay

Hey! Ever heard any hot debate on videogames? Modern society and publicity are dominated by two opposite points of view on gaming: many people think game are cool, fun, entertaining and even good for developing skills and ideas and even more think that videogames are a bad habbit that leads to losing time, money and concentration, like alcoholism or even drug addiction. 23 more words