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Five Days on the Ventilator And I'm Gonna See My Baby Tonight

1    Society’s care of the indigent is fascinating. It is both compassionate and mindless. Case in point: how it kept Stephen, L.’s son, a lifetime drug aficionado, alive at great cost and no expense to him, while uninsured and under-insured working stiffs can lose the accumulations of a lifetime, for the same care or less. 555 more words


What a Piece of Work Is a Man

You have been assigned a part in the school play. You will stand before a dark crowded auditorium and dutifully recite your lines or stand frozen as a shepherd in adoration. 265 more words


Big Apple, 8 A.M.

You’ve got to admit: you’ve really come a long way.

At work in the morning, there’s been scuffling with crazy people who want to fight you on street corners. 1,220 more words



„Dreptatea e ca sănătatea lumii.”

– Nicolae Iorga

   Cred că omul se naște cu simțul dreptății și funcție de mediul în care trăiește și de educația pe care o primește, acest simț se păstrează sau se diminuează. 1,751 more words


Hunting with a fox.

I like to take pictures and watch animals in Nature and one animal that gives me pleasure to observe is the fox. Near where I live, in a botanical garden, 5 foxes can be observed right now coming and going. 586 more words

The Effect of Field Effect on Lake Effect Snow

In physics, the field effect refers to the modulation of the electrical conductivity of a material by the application of an external electric field. In a metal the electron density that responds to applied fields is so large that an external electric field can penetrate only a very short distance into the material.

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Vegetarian French Onion Soup

I’ve been battling a change of season cold. After a course of antibiotics, it’s still lingering and it’s times like this that I want soup. But not just any soup. 637 more words

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