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Arigatou, Kakashi Sensei!

Let me start with the legend of Kakashi Hatake.

Kakashi was a central character in the popular Japanese manga series – Naruto – which narrates the lives of a few Ninjas and how they strive to bring peace to the world. 1,308 more words


Video Games and My Ceaseless Guilt

During the pandemic era, here in the Lost Year, we have been given a reprieve from the stigma attached to excessive video game playing. The experts have told us, as conveyed to us through the most elite media outlets, that being forced under the fat thumb of the socially-distant lockdown-quarantine absolves us of any anxieties we might have about wasted time, lost productivity, or rotted brains. 1,032 more words


COVID-19 and the Question of Competing Values

by Daniel A. Kaufman


**Note: This essay goes up in the midst of another wave of Covid-19 in the US. In some places, it is a first wave and in others, a second.  1,595 more words


What We Can Learn from America’s Mishandling of the Coronavirus Pandemic

This essay was originally published on Medium.com. View it here.

The other day, my best friend and I were discussing the murder of George Floyd… 979 more words


Nobody Hates Trump More Than Trump: A Conversation with David Shields & Rita Banerjee

The Nervous Breakdown recently published a conversation between David Shields and Rita Banerjee on Shields’s book Nobody Hates More Then Trump.  During their discussion, David and Rita unpack Trump’s complicated family and personal psychology, what makes the president tick, Trump’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, & how to disrupt Trump this fall!  1,266 more words


The Test of Time

Everything is temporary, and it’s easy to forget that. There’s something in us that drives us to seek stability, try to find something permanent and reliable, that can be there for us forever, and during this pursuit it becomes to forget for a while that there’s no such thing. 553 more words

Problem Machine

Hearty Oven Dish

Written for The Great Blogger’s Bake-Off 2020 hosted by CARAMEL (LEARNER AT LOVE).
This is my favorite dish!
It is a Greek-style casserole called Pastitsio that is layered with pasta, spiced meat and parmesan-flavored custard. 311 more words