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It’s Not Just Danai: The Casual Erasure Of Black Women

The utter uproar comforted me.

The original Avengers Endgame poster, though our beloved General Okoye was pictured, the dynamic Danai Gurira, was not credited. I was comforted by the reaction that Twitter and all of social media had in regards to this. 376 more words


March Pi-Archimedes #24

what now?

can we know
midst a sea of
there is no great hero
to save those intoxicated by power and gas light… 197 more words


I hate myself and thats o.k.

I’m scared to loose things I love and thats why I only change myself partially. I want things gone but what happens if that causes me to loose people or things . 431 more words


Purposeless on Purpose

I seek to be at peace with my own irrelevance.

In earlier, less distracted, and less accountable years, I was a fount of creative energy. Free time was often spent on writing songs and recording music or writing essays and blogs. 1,093 more words


Sunday’s Week in ReVerse - 24 March 2019

Happy Spring to my friends in the northern hemisphere. This week’s full worm moon coincided with 2019’s vernal equinox setting into motion the onset of spring. 250 more words


On the Myth of Permanence

There is a discarded waxed cardboard coffee cup near a telephone post on a rural dirt road I often walk. I first noticed it several months ago -or do I mean years?- it’s been there for a long while, for sure. 1,332 more words

Tradition and Creative Autonomy: A New Synthesis

We have inherited an immense wealth of the fruits of earnest human endeavour down the ages; and we should value and plunder this wealth because it is ours: our bequest, our birth-right, our inheritance, our kingdom. 225 more words