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A work of art is both a single object and a collection of individual choices – sentences in a novel, assets in a game, instrumental parts in a piece of music, each of these is added and shaped with intent to achieve the overall goal of the piece. 500 more words

Problem Machine

A Simple Rant

I just had a small debate on equality and competition with a hippy outside of a coffee shop. Here are a few thoughts:

1. Equality for basic human rights? 175 more words


A Collection of Pop Culture Treasures Short Story: Jim Henson, the David Lynch of Children's Entertainment

Much like the Boy Meets World post from earlier, this post is dedicated to an almost forgotten world: Jim Henson’s imagination.

Jim Henson was a man responsible for many of my childhood memories and who helped shaped yet another part of who I am today. 1,184 more words

Of Love And Lana Del Rey Before Dawn

We have this picture of me taken the summer of 1983, and the freckles on my face have quadrupled, and I’m smiling like an idiot cause it is my birthday. 1,078 more words


Moving On

We woke this morning to a wall of mist so thick you could not see more than a few feet in front of your face. This time of year, here on the coast of Maine, it is a bit unusual to have what we call “snow eating fog” visit us. 727 more words


So Texas

Yesterday I saw a Coyote dart across the road. And I got stuck behind an empanada truck on my way home work. Something about these experiences struck me. 149 more words


In Defence of Evidence Resistance

This article from the New Yorker has been making the rounds lately. It’s not alone. The type (like this from the BBC) has grown popular during 2016, and Donald Trump’s… 2,827 more words