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Do You Believe That Love Can Mean Only Two? Or Can It Mean....

So I am doing it again. Re-blogging an article/essay/interview from another source. I am also crediting that source of course! (hey, I’m a poet that doesn’t know it) The original is from TimeOut and you can find it right here: … 1,314 more words

A Voice Of A Hundred [Nigerian] Medical Doctors

I was congratulated on gaining admission but I was told becoming a medical doctor will not be guaranteed until I was handed my certificate and license to practice. 635 more words

Med School

Translation and Reinvigorating Old Works

Language, even when falling on the right side of intelligibility and dialect, can still be a barrier to readers.

Note: I will largely be speaking to English, as it is the language I am most familiar with, though I feel confident in saying this issue spans across languages and language groups. 964 more words


Writing is Work

I have this memory that I always go back to. I was 12. Students had to participate in a career fair and create a presentation about what we wanted to be when we grew up. 931 more words

Book Blogger

How to become an Amateur Radio operator in India

Amateur radio is a technical hobby that is flourishing in India with the advent of low cost easy available hardware.

As of the statistics of 2018, close to 40,000 HAMs operate in India with their unique call signs. 421 more words


Sunday’s Week in Reverse - 20 May 2018

Sunday…another week spent. It was a bit of a roller coaster for me. It happens. All that to say, I was a bit distracted and on occasion, out of sorts. 332 more words


Beekeeping Does Not Have to Be About Stealing Honey

My interest in beekeeping naturally sets off alarm bells for many of my vegan comrades. And for my non-vegan comrades, it likewise seems a natural site to point out a discrepancy between my professed ethics and my application of them. 1,027 more words