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Are Prisons Obsolete?, by Angela Davis

A collection of essays, of which you can listen to one on the Talking People podcast.

The Angela Davis page on Talking People

The book is here.

Women Writers

So This is Grace - A Bref Double

My little Magnolia tree, bursting with buds, soon to experience her first blooming! I am reminded to pause this first day of May, in the presence of this grace and others, to count my blessings. 92 more words


Getting Over F*ck Boys in Grayscale

There’s a space between blissful crushing and being over him. It’s grey and kind of numb, but mostly sad. There’s a grieving. Not for him. No, thank god it wasn’t him! 132 more words


Consequences of armed coflicts

From the two world wars up to the current days, the dynamics of armed conflicts have dramatically shifted; whereas before it used to be a confrontation between combatants from different fronts, nowadays it is gravelly affecting civilians who unfortunately have to daily suffer the consequences. 210 more words


Overcoming Writer's block...

As I sit here, determining what side I should take for an argument essay, I can not take a side on the issue regarding animals and medical research. 396 more words


The Master-Slave Relationship Between Egbura's and Basa's

Some Background:

Once there was a master-slave relationship between Egbura’s (or Egbura Koto) and Basa’s, both tribes from the middle belt of Nigeria. It’s strange for me to wrap my head around, because to my mind, Egbura’s have mostly held a disadvantaged position. 1,167 more words


Speaking in Tongues: a guest post by Sophie Constable

The pleasure and challenge of not being restricted to just one language is a subject dear to my heart (and close to my experience!) so today I am delighted to publish on my blog a wonderful article by writer Sophie Constable about the situation for multilingualism in Australia. 1,706 more words