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Bachelorette Theory: German Edition


It is today that I tackle the most pressing concern of our age. It is not as I had previously thought, my enlightened men, the growing secularism that has plagued our sensuousness with the world. 1,615 more words


Point - Counterpoint: I Should be the Next Bachelorette

Point: I should be the next Bachelorette!

I know what you’re asking yourself. After Jojo Fletcher, who will be the next Bachelorette? Well, wait no longer – the answer will of course be me, Ashley Leitner. 945 more words


HBO To Premiere David Foster Wallace and Gromit

Partnering with BBC, HBO approved the production of a new melodrama chronicling the emotionally overwrought life of David Foster Wallace accompanied by an acerbic, good-natured beagle named Gromit. 345 more words


Voting and the Lesser of Two Evils

by David Ottlinger

Everyone is saying it — from senior politicians, to top military brass, to hoary political commentators, to editors of The Electric Agora… 2,180 more words


Drowning in a lake

I’m drowning in a lake with a weight tight to my leg. Gravity explodes in the water. I strive randomly with all my will and power. 335 more words


How to return to writing?

It could be safe to say that I have neglected my writing; I have allowed the mundane existence of my everyday life to get in the way of my happy escape. 611 more words


Lacking Confidence

I have a problem which I identified recently. I knew I had this problem for quite a long time, but somehow, I was never able to identify it till now. 450 more words