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On people who live on in our dreams

I dreamt that the late British American public intellectual Christopher Hitchens was walking next to me. He was bald, like in the last months of his life when he underwent chemotherapy, but appeared in excellent health and was obviously not aware of his impending death. 660 more words

The Good Life

Episode 28: The Bowie Neurotransmitter by Susana Medina

Sound engineer: Oscar Pérez.

Susana Medina learned English by translating David Bowie’s songs into Spanish when she was a teenager living with her family in Spain. 76 more words


The contiguous society

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The exponential growth of computing power has created unprecedented possibilities for the democratic organization of a people. Looking at the current voting system of democracies around the world however, very little of these digital innovations to improve the finding and execution of the ‘will of the people’ have been realized. 591 more words


Perhaps Numbers Are Gods

This is not an absolute truth by any means, but among mathematically oriented human beings, it is not uncommon to refer to numbers as a sort of universal constant. 530 more words


Conclusion Confusion

Over the past few weeks, it has become painfully apparent to the community within Claremont consortium that change does not come easily. Change is constant, often challenging or even unwanted, and ever present within this community, but when demanded it tends to come slowly. 883 more words


The once and future king: Joshua v Klitschko preview and projection

Timing is everything.

In the animal world, those seeking dominance have their fate decided according to timing’s judgment.

Individuals use a simple formula to decide when the time is right to challenge the dominant male: When desire to access resources outweighs certain factors – their age, intelligence, strength and fitness – they reach for the brass ring. 832 more words