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My Heart, My Queen

My Heart, My Queen via Discover Challenge: The Greatest _______ in the World

It’s the happily blood thirsty and nutrient-carrying, industrious and curiously adaptable heart, when all is said and done–isn’t it? 1,037 more words

Tumblr Discussions # 192

*Nick Spencer is the current writer for the Captain America series, which I have not read. Earlier this year, he got into some fandom trouble for revealing Captain America to secretly be a Nazi. 3,295 more words


Tumblr Discussions #62

*I love the character Finn, (from Star Wars 7), and I’m always here for some Finn love, in the form of Meta-analysis on this character. There are so many people out there ready to dump on the only Black lead character in a Star Wars movie. 4,337 more words


Whiplash | A Film Review

With the movie industry being so varied these days in terms of quality, and by extension, style it can often be difficult to justify calling a film a ‘modern classic’, but that’s exactly what I’d call Oscar winning movie Whiplash (2014). 831 more words

The Cocoa Bean Fermentation Process

Here is a summary of how the fermentation process goes.

First of course the beans are harvested and the bean is removed it looks like this: 109 more words


#ownyourbite Campaign

A DECA written entry – advertising campaign 


Overview: This paper outlines the #ownyourbite campaign for BITE Beauty, an on the rise cosmetics brand founded 2011 in Toronto, Canada. 2,563 more words

Catherine Weingarten has article on Howlround!

Current playwright Catherine Weingarten just wrote a piece for the theater website Howlround. The piece is called “Creating Complex Female Characters” and discusses female character tropes and ways to break away. 394 more words