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Staying Hydrated

For at least 25 I worked out regularly at the gym at the University of Alberta. The gym was a short walk from my office in the library, and the convenience made it easy to form such a positive habit. 578 more words


That's Master of Fine Arts to you bro!

After three years and much self-doubt, procrastination and shaky focus, on August 2 I finally earned my MFA in creative nonfiction from Goucher College. My perspective on the program shifted throughout those years, which included two semesters leave when I started working at CAIR, but in the end I cranked out just enough pages to graduate (the requirement is 150; my thesis was 151) and now I have some pretty good material to polish and publish. 59 more words

Goucher MFA In CNF

The People Passing By

97. Nearly 100. There could be more. It’s a list of all the people I’ve met and have had actual substantial conversations with, where what passed between us was more than pleasantry, very often biography and idea, and at the very least, something beyond just small talk. 1,204 more words


The Reunion That Wasn't

I wrote in an earlier essay about returning to places already traveled. That act creates a sense of duality in the moment. Fundamentally, that requires experience- experience enough to have lived long enough to repeat the past. 578 more words


The Language Power Rankings

I’ve never learned a second language. I say this with a regret other men say that they never played varsity this sport or that sport in high school or college. 1,403 more words


The Squiggly Problem: On Integrity

Last week, I was working on a story about Shel Silverstein when I came across a lovely phrase by New Yorker writer Ruth Margalit, describing Silverstein’s… 768 more words


Cultural Amnesia: Clive James

This is my first attempt at this, so here goes.

Cultural Amnesia is a project book. It’s the kind of thing you can dip in and out of, which is what I am currently in the process of doing. 280 more words