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Burning Churches

Black churches are being torched across the South in alarming numbers.  For anyone who thought that the Charleston shooter was a lone-wolf, or was not part of a long, deeply rooted culture of hate and discrimination, this should serve as a wake-up-call. 1,141 more words


Be The Love You Want to See in The World

I’m in a good mood.  And maybe because I’m in a good mood I want everyone to be in a good mood.  Happy speaks to happy, that kind of thing. 382 more words


A Parallel Aporia in Freud and Nietzsche's Theories of Creativity

Nietzsche and Freud’s respective discussions of creativity are based in its relation to human suffering and sexuality. Their assessments of creative endeavor in the texts discussed here manifest, in different ways, a profound distinction between art, and its accompanying eroticism as, on the one hand, constructive, civilizing and reproductive and, on the other, destructive, barbaric and perverse. 2,904 more words


It's Monday, June 29. What Are You Reading? (Or If Like Me... Still Reading)

Oh well, friends. I am still reading the same books as last Monday. I did finish Citizen, which I loved and will muster up some sort of review this week, almost done with… 272 more words

Book Blog Memes

on creativity

I have been wanting to write about creativity or my creative process for awhile, but something holds me back every time I start this post. Maybe it is that creativity, even to so-called “creative people,” can feel so ephemeral. 1,256 more words



1. In the night I always park my Vespa in front of the house where I live next to a few other scooters. After two years of habit I have slowly become acquainted with most of these vehicles. 359 more words


Silk is just too flexible

Oscillating indecisiveness personified as an essay

by Herbert Vojčík


Silk ¹ is the young, in-development library for Amber Smalltalk for creating and manipulation of the DOM elements of a host web page (Amber runs in the browser). 1,605 more words