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As a writer you have to look at your words not only from your perspective but also from the perspective of your reader.

It’s not easy, I grant you – that’s why an editor can be so helpful. 157 more words


Strategies for Defeating the D'aash

The D’aasch narrative – that the Caliphrate will expunge the Western Devil and bring back a form of lasting peace to the Middle East through the interpretation and implementation of Sharia law is best countered through a well constructed humour and education campaign rather than through brute force and desperation. 683 more words


"More On The Solitary: The Search For Self"

Those of you who read the last post will remember that I began with a quote by John Keats. He said that the poet has no identity, that he is the least poetical of creatures. 916 more words


August 29 - Inside the Birdcage

I have been encouraged to put my skills to use for myself, and will henceforth ry and keep my thoughts dedicated to creating worthwhile content and making sales.   185 more words


Pratyahara and Pencils: teaching writing is about seeding awareness in students

This was exactly what Professor Yip meant by being detached — not being without emotion or feeling, but being one in whom feeling was not sticky or blocked. 120 more words


Sound Wisdom and Discretion

I have not used my paper Bibles in a while. I have electronic versions on my phone, tablet, and computers; and those have multiple translations and tools that I like. 209 more words

Dave Doc Rogers

How to Pass IB History HL

IB History HL might be one of the hardest classes in the International Baccalaureate. The main problem is that it’s almost impossible to reach a 7. 285 more words