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Happy Thanksgiving!

Once again, just like the last ten or more years, I got to host Thanksgiving dinner for my loud, wacky family, both immediate and extended. I spend days cooking and cleaning for this event, pulling a 14 hour day of non-stop cooking, serving and cleaning today. 329 more words


Face of the East

Before my serializing imagery touches the paper, I get a history lesson with my skin. I like to call it, a collaboration of the dead;  832 more words



If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times: if you sit next to me on public transportation, you are in danger of being chortled to death. 265 more words


Shit Outta Luck

A thunderous gurgling emanated from my gut and woke me from Pattie’s bed. I had fallen asleep with my clothes on, and my shirt and pants reeked of cigarettes. 1,153 more words


The Columbus Technique

A couple of days ago, I was watching Paul Graham talking in an university event about success, about how could you know if you’re in the right way of success or not, before getting the real analytics. 914 more words


Dating, "Generation Y" Style: Should We Go 'Social Media-official'?

*The author is a young woman born on 1991, thus making her a Generation Y, or “a person who reaches adulthood around the turn of 21st century”. 999 more words


Beekeeping Buddhism

Sometimes you just gotta stop and stand still.

When you have a thousand-plus bees crawling all over you, for instance.
Tonight I suited up to go feed my bees. 1,026 more words