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What is the Essence of a Woman?

“Being a mother. The essence of a woman is being a mother.

That is the usual answer. And that’s the reason and logic society has planted in my mind all these years. 350 more words

Essence Of A Woman

Tea and Poetry Book Club Reports on Jason Irby Domestic Violence Event

Check out the Tea and Poetry Book Club’s article on the upcoming Domestic Violence Event hosted by Jason Irby on October 25, 2014!

“Author Jason Irby Crusades Against Domestic Violence”

The Woman In You

I just loved, she said. She got hurt and was left with a broken heart.

He gave her promises of a wonderful future. He wasn’t able to fulfill any at all. 310 more words

Thoughts Of Mine

Salute to the feminine power, to Maa Durga!!

On the occasion of Ashtami, as we seek the blessings from Maa Durga, its also important to thank the feminine power that exists all around us. 530 more words

Celebrating Life

The Essence Of A Woman

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” Just being a woman is God’s gift.The origin of a child is a mother and  a woman.  She shows a man what sharing, caring, and loving is all about. 944 more words

Woman, value yourself....know your worth!

Love yourself— woman, value yourself….know your worth!

Don’t tolerate abuse— woman, value yourself….know your worth!

Embrace change as long as it’s for your betterment— woman, value yourself….know your worth! 87 more words

Dealing With Life's Many Challenges

Because it has to get better

** This article came out just recently, last May 4, in the Philippine Star and I’m quite, quite proud of it. It was in the YoungStar section and I feel like I managed to control my tone in a way I never have before. 700 more words

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