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I am an empty hole facing the forms that are empty holes facing my form: one among the many of the One.

Words of Wisdom


This piece of writing is just a raw recollection, to whatever extent I could, of the musings, ideas & anecdotes; essentially your words of wisdom, from the evening of 21st of Aug 2014. 1,487 more words


Essence of Timely Planning

In discussing an issue with my father regarding timely accomplishment of career and social responsibility.  One of the issue he was discussing was “timely marriage” and its significance. 950 more words


Intimate knowledge shared recently between two men.

Is it advice. Instructions. Riddle. Fools tale. Eternity. If we meet again after eternity we may find it self evident.

Till then my friend.


I Did An Oupsie - A Small Haul!

Hi there sweethearts!

I hope everyone of you are doing really well and if you are affected by the fires in the California area then PLEASE stay safe! 666 more words


top 10 korean and japanese skincare favorites

I always emphasize that skincare is more important than makeup. When you take care of your skin, makeup application is easier and you can wear less makeup (if you choose to, that is). 1,245 more words