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My 12 Days of Christmas Essential Oil Addition

I’ve been working on something for a little while now. I’m super excited to announce my first ‘Christmas Essentials Workshop.’


Jennifer Clanfield…

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Body Burden

Have you heard of Xenoestrogens? Xenoestrogens can be natural or synthetic and they mimic the estrogen in our bodies. Synthetic Xenoestrogens are found in phthalates. Phthalates are most commonly found in personal care products mostly hidden under the word “fragrance.” These fake estrogens cause a hormonal imbalance and then things go wonky. 151 more words

Essential Oils

Full Moon Celebration

In this weeks video were talking full moon and self care, how do we take time for ourselves to truly relax and enjoy, to love ourselves fully. 362 more words

It's Essential For Me!

Okay, don’t leave because I’m bringing up essential oils! I’m not one of those crazy ladies, however I do love my crazy oil lady!😁 But I have to tell you what has changed my life! 287 more words

Say No to Dryer Sheets

Fabric softener smells oh so good but is not oh so good for you. Ugh. It’s so sad that this popular product has a hidden unhealthy side to it. 510 more words


Learn More: https://www.youngliving.com/blog/orange-essential-oil-uses/

I love the taste of a sweet juicy orange. The only fruit named after it’s color (or is the color named after the fruit), orange is definitely a favorite fruit of young and old alike. 363 more words

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Natural Remedies for your Senior Dog - Part 3

Once Peeta was attacked by a meanie dog and came home with the most swollen and wounded foot. Poor baby! She cried off and on all night and I used most of a bottle of… 101 more words