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Day 14 - Wheat Free

Fourteen days without wheat…I never expected to be here.

However, I have to say the physical changes have been amazing. My level of muscle and joint pain has dropped drastically. 367 more words


"Normal"...what does THAT feel like?

Well, it appears that when I’m healthy, I get too busy to keep up with blogging….that’s not going to bet a large readership, is it ;) At any rate, now that I’m healthy again, I’ve been cleaning out my emails (some 3000+ emails cleaned out this morning) and I’ve found some jewels hidden amongst the stuff I could part with… 275 more words


1/14/2012 - Ahh, healthy again

After 14 days of being sick, I am well again. Amazing how quickly the “crud” left. It really makes me wonder…how can you go to bed just being tired, wake up sick, be sick for the duration of…then all of a sudden, the clock ticks into the next minutes…and you feel yourself becoming well…it just doesn’t make sense to me.

Any thoughts?


Day 7 (missed day 6...)

Good thing I’m working to overcome my perfectionistic tendencies since I managed to already miss a whole day. :)

Day 10 of my being sick and I actually slept all night last night…still have some residual coughing, but nothing like it was…I am well! 283 more words


The Sensuality of Solitude

This morning I dare to affirm my sensual reality. Being a woman over sixty,  who lives alone with two dogs and a cat in a woodsy domain, I tend to shy away from the thought of my body as a sensitive instrument still capable of intense response. 340 more words