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Job Demand Lessons from the US Open

Sporting events with storied traditions are not typically the settings for learning new lessons in the world of essential demands for job positions.  However, the 2018 US Open is a great lesson for employers in reviewing both their “essential job demands” as well as their post-offer physical abilities testing process.  395 more words

Post-Offer Testing

My Baby Essentials

When I was pregnant, I spent hours searching blogs and YouTube for information about what I needed when the baby got here. Everyone has a different opinion on what you actually need when you have a baby. 1,321 more words

Stinky Shoe Eliminator

Stinky Shoe Eliminator

Do you have an almost empty bottle of essential oil?  Don’t waste any. Use it to get rid of that stinky shoe smell… 158 more words


The Minimalist Book

Im kind of enjoy reading this book

“Minimalists don’t focus on having less,less,less. Rather, we focus on making room for more, more, more: more time, more passion, more experience,more growth, more contribution, more contentment – and more freedom” quoted from this book… 7 more words


Water Is A Healthy Life, Healthy Body and Mind💦

Water is Life Most people are unaware of the fact that our bodies are 70% water. Water regulates all of our bodily functions. It helps transport nutrients, metabolizes body fat, aids in digestion, maintains body temperature, lubricates and cushions organs, and flushes excess toxins, regenerating your cells. 21 more words