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What's In a Title?

What’s In a Title?

I thought a lot about the title of my blog. And yet in a way it was easy. I wanted something that those who knew me could understand as a word play. 255 more words



My writing isn’t actually that great, but I enjoy doing it. So here is my first piece of writing. It is a story called Harper. 923 more words


Essential Things You Need To Know About Having A Home Loan

Securing a loan is an important process in home buying. Most buyers save for the down payment and leave the rest to mortgage. The system makes life easier to those who understand their loan better but it can also add burden to home buyers if essential elements are not properly taken care of. 6 more words

We had a...girl!?!

Hey everyone!  It’s been a while…we kinda had another kid.  And…it was a GIRL!  After two boys, the odds were not in our favor here.  We are of the variety that doesn’t like to find out the gender before hand, so this was pretty stellar.   692 more words

You've Got Mail: Tips on Effective E-mail Marketing

I remember, years ago, when my parents brought home our first computer. My dad sat me down and explained how it worked. He patiently walked me through the steps to logging onto the internet through our provider, who, at that time like many others, was AOL. 428 more words

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africanized bee removal

The most essential thing is to obtain the hive removed as quickly as possible as soon as you observe it. You need to offer yourself adequate time to discover about different parasite control services in the location however put on take too long. 20 more words

How to find a great personal trainer

Everyone is a personal trainer these days, it seems to me that people from all kinds of backgrounds are ‘qualifying’ as a personal trainer. From professional athletes to accountants that first stepped into a gym a day before their Reps level 3 personal training course started. 903 more words