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Waterstones Book-Signing Events with Essi Tolling, Autumn 2012

This autumn I am doing tour of Waterstones bookstores, signing copies of Watchers. It’s been a busy programme, with signings every weekend since the middle of August! 374 more words

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Sacred Sites in Ireland - Kealkil

One of my favourite sites in south-west Ireland is the Kealkil Stone complex. It’s not big, but it IS spectacular.

Looking out across the Ouvane Valley to the north and Bantry Bay to the south, the site is the largest of a line of stone circles and standing stones that runs along the spine of a mountain-ridge from East to West until it meets the bay. 317 more words

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Waterstone's Autumn Schedule for Essi Tolling

This is the current Autumn/Winter schedule for Essi Tolling’s appearances at Waterstones.

He will be signing copies of Tilly Greenway and the Secrets of the Ancient Keys – Book One – Watchers and chatting and answering any questions that interested readers may wish to put to him! 60 more words

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Once in a Blue Moon is Tonight!

Tonight sees that rare occurrence, a second Full Moon within one month – a Blue Moon! Being August, it should also be a HUGE moon when it rises above the horizon… 168 more words

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Watchers in Waterstones!

This autumn I’m doing a tour of Waterstones Bookstores, signing copies of Watchers. I started off as soon as I got back from Ireland with a visit to Wells Waterstones on Saturday 18th August. 449 more words

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Summering in Ireland

A month without blogging: what’s going on? The answer is that I’ve been in Ireland for the last couple of months, beavering away at Book 2 of the Tilly Greenway series, … 284 more words

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In Praise of Knapweed

Often overlooked, or even “weeded out”, I think the humble knapweed is one of our most exquisite flowers, with her combination of sky-blue and rich amethyst. 10 more words

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