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Doggeared Reader Contribution on how Cancer-Fighting Diet Really Works to Stave Off Cancer!

I want to share a success story with you all from Anna, a reader who recently found my website. Below she details her situation and protocol: … 599 more words

Alternative Cancer Treatments

Essiac Tea

Essiac Tea is something I discovered about a month ago. I was reading a health magazine and it had an article about how this tea is being used to help treat cancer. 281 more words

Essiac Tea: An herbal innovation

At the time getting up from bed, if you have a feeling of tiredness or fatigue then what will do for its remedy? Due to overly working schedule, you may also feel not working your job which you have planned earlier. 231 more words


Cleansing: Why and Where to Start

Have your New Years Resolutions kinda fallen by the wayside?? How about that couple pounds you wish you could loose but can’t seem to drop? I know I have a few “newlywed” pounds I need to shed? 318 more words

Morgan Update: Nov 21st, 2013

Now that I’m over the shock of Morgan’s exit from remission, I’m continuing to research how we can best help him maintain a high quality of life while we banish this evil condition once and for all. 1,091 more words


CANCER - The Silver Lining!

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Let’s talk about your odds of getting cancer.

The odds are good, and they’re rising every day. Here’s the scary facts I’ve recently learned…in the 1900s the odds of developing cancer were 1 in 20…1940 the odds were 1 in 16…1970, 1 in 10…2000, 1 in 3. 2,611 more words