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Mad Men: Person to Person, or A New Day, New Ideas, A New You

There are several tried and true ways to end a beloved TV series.  You can end the “story” of the series, disperse the characters, and send them on with the rest of their lives – the approach taken by “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and “The Office.”  You can project the characters into the future so we can see what will become of them (the so-called American Graffiti approach adopted by Six Feet Under and The Wonder Years).  3,815 more words

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The World Could Use ‘A Little More’ Machine Gun Kelly


In his latest single “A Little More,” Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) clearly focuses energy and attention outside of himself. He is encouraging social consciousness of North American Millennials, his target audience. 1,130 more words

Qu'est-ce qu'un Rhumatologue? - Le traitement des articulations

Un rhumatologue vise à aider des malades avec la maladie rhumatismale pour avoir une qualité de vie le plus mieux que possible. Vers cet objectif, les rhumatologues recommandent pour le malade dans tous les aspects de services de santé et dans la communauté. 27 more words