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The Daily Signal Won't Be Bullied by the Establishment Media

From the Daily Signal, by Rob Bluey

“What’s a legitimate news outlet?”

Apparently not The Daily Signal, if you believe the self-proclaimed arbiters of journalism who represent the “mainstream” media. 1,714 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies

White House shuts out mainstream media outlets from press gaggle for lying, and they freak

(NationalSentinel) The princelings of the so-called “mainstream media” still don’t seem to understand a couple of things since Donald J. Trump ascended into the Oval Office January 20: They are not the purveyors of influence and public opinion they thought they were, and this White House has had it with the false narratives and fake news reporting so many of them live on. 380 more words

Executive Branch

Casting Cares from thestream.org

I am amazed at myself that I even EVER listen to mainstream news sources.  Why the lament about what they say and don’t say, the bias, the slant, the lies, the… 350 more words

Now that Obama's daughters are in the clear, pathetic media launch attacks on Trump children

(NationalSentinel) Judging by the historic distrust of the Washington establishment media, you wouldn’t think journalists there could do anything to trash their reputation and get even fewer Americans to pay any attention to them. 593 more words

Executive Branch

Discredited 'mainstream media' that lies about Trump constantly now worried he may kick them out of the White House

(NationalSentinel) The establishment media bad-mouthed, lied about and attempted to sabotage and de-legitimize President-elect Donald J. Trump for months before and after his defeat of their chosen candidate, Hillary Clinton, and now they’re wondering why he may boot them out of the West Wing of the White House altogether. 473 more words

President-elect Donald J. Trump

The Death of the Legacy Television Era

Podcast available HERE

In the last decade, Americans have seen their television rates skyrocket.  I’ve personally been on the other end of the phone working for the big broadcasters, stumbling to justify outrageous prices to customers.  840 more words






The year 2016 is a black-eye and the most humiliating year for establishment media when American people decided to dump them for Wikileaks, Drudge, Breitbart, Project Veritas and other alt-right news during this historic election. 412 more words