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CNN anchor claims she 'misspoke' when she called the Dallas Police Department shooter 'courageous and brave'

 Yesterday CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield took to the air and stated that while he might be crazy the man who planted bombs and shot up a Dallas Police Department was also… 178 more words


S.E. Cupp: Democrats lose their favorite candidate - Mitt Romney

CNN: No Mitt Romney 3.0. No “third time’s a charm.” No invoking Ronald Reagan’s two failed presidential campaigns.

No 47%, car elevators or dog on the roof. 70 more words


Monday Reads: Representing for Banned Books Week 2014

Good Morning!

Did you know that September 21-27 is Banned Books Week?   I’m going to be sharing some covers of banned books in this post.  I also would like to recommend buying these books or donating to a public library supporting banned book week as a way to support literacy and freedom of expression. 3,511 more words

Morning Reads

A new attack on free speech

Defending Donald Sterling…. The good reporters over at the Abortion Prophecy Report have pointed out how a new bill will allow the federal government to kick our rights to freedom of speech and privacy while they’re already down. 240 more words


America's greatest threat?


A liberal might tell you that the greatest threat to American lives is gun violence– a pain this country knows all too well after the recent mass murders by a few irrational individuals. 218 more words


Why He gave us the 1st Amendment

Freedom of the Presses is an essential value to our democracy. Without this right, how can we truly claim we are free to educate ourselves, spread His word, and decry the enemies of our core values. 104 more words


Article Proves that Most of the Iran-Israel Threats Are Nothing but Show and Propaganda

The following article from Ynet proves that most of the establishment and alternative media outlets feed off of fear mongering and in fact intentionally fuel the further dividing of different cultures and the international community. 483 more words