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Im-Politic: The Establishment Media is Becoming a Self-Parody

Take it from me – if you want an unvarnished look at how viciously defensive but simultaneously clueless to the point of self-parody America’s bipartisan political establishment has become in this Season of Trump, nothing provides it better than the Sunday morning news talk shows and their panels of media and campaign experts. 689 more words


Im-Politic: American Elites' America Last Leanings

Although I don’t know E.J. Dionne well, the Washington Post columnist has always been one of my favorite journalists. It’s not his politics – they’re too orthodox lefty for me. 748 more words


A billionaire president

Heard a funny thing on NPR the other day. On Point with Tom Ashbrook. Tom was saying that he saw an image of Donald Trump stepping off of an airplane like it was Air Force One or something, and there was a crowd of supporters and fans cheering and waving, and he was saying how the idea of having a billionaire president is something new to him and gave the vague impression that it made him uncomfortable. 148 more words


Time Magazine Snubs Trump as Person of the Year

Time Magazine – a leading bastion of the establishment media since 1923 – has thumbed it’s nose at Republican front runner Donald Trump as it’s esteemed… 577 more words

War On Trump

New York Times Columnist Compares Trump to a Pink Rug

The establishment columnists over at the damned liberal New York Times are starting to give the in-house idiots at the Washington Post a run for their money in terms of sheer bullshit dispersal. 422 more words


Sunday Morning Warriors McCain and Graham Blast Trump, Call For War

The reigning king and queen of the Sunday morning bloviation circuit both turned up on CBS’s Face the Nation today where they laid down the talking points from their public relations tour in Iraq. 625 more words

War On Trump

CNN anchor claims she 'misspoke' when she called the Dallas Police Department shooter 'courageous and brave'

 Yesterday CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield took to the air and stated that while he might be crazy the man who planted bombs and shot up a Dallas Police Department was also… 178 more words