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There are three candidates potentially contesting in Pakistan’s contemporary political scenario Mian Nawaz Sharif (Present WINNER), Imran Khan Niazi (A U-turn) and our beloved Sir Asif Ali Zardari… 570 more words


Getting established 

So, there has been considerably much to do since the last time. Orientation week at uni, moving in (we got the apartment we wanted!) and school commencing. 174 more words

Than Niem


The Centre! The Centre! Everyone thinks s/he knows where it is and none more so than the right-wing political class and its supporters. All opposition to its groupthink is painted as the naive work of upstarts who want to go on some nostalgic trip to another era where it failed to make intellectual arguments that resonated. 328 more words


The Donald

I have thought long and hard about Trump, and I have come to this realization – he could easily be a very good voice to help shape the path to the Republican nomination, but he is a far cry from being in a position to secure the nomination. 278 more words

United States

Why a Libertarian Supports (And Doesn't) Donald Trump's Presidential Candidacy

That has to be one of the weirdest post titles you’ll come across on this topic. And seemingly contradictory. How can a libertarian possibly support in any way a crony capitalist, flip-flopper, gun control advocate, and former Hillary Clinton supporting liberal? 1,096 more words


Lurching to the Left

“Lurching to the Left” blasts through the megaphone of myopia. The unimaginative, the mischief-makers and the plain selfish hear and attend. With all their might, misanthropic messengers peddle promises of perpetual fruit from a dying tree in an outpost they dare to call ‘the Centre’. 257 more words


fa la di da

Go on, then:
Explain to me, again,
You funny sucker,
How there isn’t any money.
I’m prepared to be amused…
Do tell that joke about the ruse… 62 more words