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Coulter Stumps for Romney – Again!

Ann Coulter is seemingly the only person in America who still considers Mitt Romney[1] the “perfect,”[2]ideal,”[3] and “ 717 more words

Ann Coulter

Fighting The Man

In my college years, I began to formulate my anti establishment ideals, and though they’ve cooled down a little in the real world, sometimes you just have to fight the man. 390 more words

Treachery wears a contemporary's guise

I watched the classic John Landis comedy ‘Trading Places’ last night, where street hustler Eddie Murphy and privileged stockbroker Dan Aykroyd have their socio-economic roles reversed by two arrogant stock tycoons on a bet, in order to demonstrate how much of an effect one’s environment has on their chances of success. 431 more words

Natalie Bennett: her leadership of the Green Party

I am personally grateful for Natalie Bennett’s apology, but I never doubted her visionary leadership. Most politicians can learn to talk the talk, and look the part – but how many of our political leaders really make you think, “Hmm, they’ve got a vision. 222 more words

Green Party

Revolutionary Britain?

Since the 2010 general election British politics has come under attack. The internet has allowed for an instantaneous exchange of political views between all aspects of society, this political mobilisation has changed the face of British politics. 82 more words


Establishment Really IS a Four Letter Word

By Rick Buchanan, Conservative Activist

This is a rebuttal of the Op-Ed entitled ” Establishment Is Not A Four Letter Word” by Jay McConville which can be read… 513 more words

Virginia Politics

Bristol, in the rain.

On Friday 13th (unlucky for some), I went to Bristol for the day. I’m growing to love Bristol as a city and I could see myself moving there after University. 175 more words