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Colloidal mixture

This solution untested

Alchemy perhaps


Book of the week - The Establishment and how they get away with it

Recommended by Miss Naylor:

“Every boy should read this before 7th May.”

That’s good enough for us…

Recommended Reading

The Cashless Society Is Going to Backfire for the Establishment

Source: Activist Post, by Joshua Krause

There is nothing the banks would love more than to ban paper currency, though not for the same reason most gold bugs might like to do the same. 258 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

Witnessing the inevitable defeat of the Conservative Party

Bittersweet is witnessing
the inevitable defeat of the Conservative Party.

Between hearty relish in
their hellish comedy of terrors
and embarrassment at Old Boy error… 118 more words


Liberals praying negative campaign delivers 

I don’t care much for Malcolm Bruce’s political operandi. I bear him no malice, and note with only moderate distaste that he will likely enjoy his retirement on the comfy red benches of the House of Lords. 749 more words


NaPoWriMo 17 - Silent Orchestra

You mouth it all
so perfectly I wonder
what keeps you at bay

Lined up in all the details
I see you turn lay down your eyeline… 18 more words