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Astonishingly racist Times cartoon shows terror of Corbyn's authenticity

In the run-up to the EU referendum, the ‘leave’ campaign hammered home the message ‘Take back control’, with particular reference to immigration.

Within hours of the announcement of the result, leading leave campaigners were frantically rowing back on the promise that exit would mean ‘control of our borders’, watering it down to meaningless levels or saying outright that free movement would be required for free trade. 293 more words

What Happens To The Reagan/Constitutional Conservative Movement Now?


Refusing to embrace Trump is said will relegate Principled Conservatives to a political wilderness of irrelevance.  What happens to Conservatives without a home?  Does it even have a future? 2,176 more words


Three absolute guarantees at the debate none relevant to facts

Three absolute certainties at this debate:

1) supporters from either camp will protest at the moderator’s hardness/softness on their/opponents questions. Even Jimmy Fallon was the subject of attack for not asking probing questions on a late night comedy show. 189 more words


President Trump - why it might not be as improbable as you think

This election has always been Hillary Clinton’s to lose

To date, US presidential election campaign spending on traditional formats (e.g.TV, radio, newspapers, billboards) have shown the Clinton camp has used up over $145mn versus the Trump team’s $4.4mn. 587 more words


McDonnell 'lynching' smear resurrected - the truth

Not content to even let Labour’s party conference pass before restarting their smear campaigns, the anti-Corbyn faction are already at work. The latest manifestation is a revival of the slander of shadow chancellor John McDonnell, claiming he stated that odious ex-Tory Wirral MP Esther McVey should be lynched. 162 more words

Jeremy Corbyn's Victory in the 2016 Labour Leadership Election

So, Jeremy Corbyn wins a bigger share of the Labour leadership vote with around 62% than when he was first elected. Whatever your position on the matter, the Labour party now has to accept that things have changed, for better or for worse. 1,043 more words

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