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Almost Venice but not quite!

RedBaron just spent his five awesome days in Venice and I was feeling green with envy. Venice has always been part of my bucket list, well next to Tuscany and Paris and Santorini. 250 more words


Why You Should Not Vote For Ted Cruz In 2016

We Are Change, Mar 2015

In this video Luke Rudkowski gives an inside look at that 2016 Presidential run of Ted Cruz and why you should not vote for him.

Time: 05:39


Bearded Man Trashes Church

I like to think of myself at some level as being anti establishment, certainly religious establishment! However looking at myself in the mirror wearing my clerical shirt and suit, officiating over communion, and rites of passage and leading five congregations, I realise to my sadness that in my working life at least, screams establishment at least to those who don’t know me well. 450 more words


What a mess

What a mess
that we must
second guess
at best
or blindly trust
some whimsy gist
of ideological rust
dressed up
as finest acumen
by flimsy men
of mist and lust.



Have you ever experienced the cold metal vice-like grip of The Man?

If you don’t think you have then guess what?

You’re dead wrong… 488 more words

A Few of Callme's Unsavoury Things

Call me a mirror man
Call me myopic
Call me a PR con
Call me entropic
Call me a faker
Of them and us plots… 125 more words