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Partisan Politics is a Trick Used by the Uniparty Establishment to Divide and Conquer the People

The greatest trick the Establishment ever pulled was dividing the electorate into fiercely competitive and adversarial factions. The end result is that the people are fighting each other instead of their true enemy. 413 more words

The Uniparty

More Hints of Trudeau Corruption

It’s been awhile since we’ve had anything new for you, so we’re delighted to provide this latest submission from our newest contributor, Scoot Newperson.

Corruption allegations have been following Trudeau for quite some time now, the most high-profile example being the SNC Lavalin affair. 335 more words


What is Politics?

There is a sentiment common around election time that if you do not vote, you have no right to criticise.  This is an understandable reaction, but whilst it is certainly true that one fairly consistent aspect of living in a ‘liberal democracy’ is a lack of voter turnout, it would be wrong to equate this with a general lack of political engagement. 1,328 more words


Trump is a maverick with an authoritarian, egotistical, overt or blatant, and impulsive leadership style badly suited to traditional politics with civil, consensus seeking, compromise oriented, openness to lobbying, and coordinating style of leadership. 402 more words

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Dissent and an Indian

Since the JNU row of events in February 2016, or broadly, after the Modi reign has started, while reading about current affairs, a few terms have sought my attention. 789 more words


The Latest Media Fairytale: It's Finally Joe Biden's "Turn" to be President

The Uniparty Establishment would like you to forget everything you know and dislike about Joe Biden, because it’s time for the Media propagandists to put lipstick on a pig in a pathetic attempt to repackage him and sell him to you as fresh and attractive. 856 more words

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