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It's a Terrible Idea for Tax Returns to Fit on a Postcard

For many years it has been a popular talking point for many politicians, especially Republicans, to claim that taxes are too complicated and that the tax code must be simplified. 878 more words

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Increased Estate Tax Exemption for 2018

Official numbers from Treasury will not be released until late October, but here are my projections for 2018 estate and gift tax exclusion amounts:

  • The Basic Exclusion Amount (IRC §2010(c)(3)) used to compute the Unified Credit Against Estate Tax will probably be $5,600,000; this would be an increase of $110k (or 2.75%) over 2017’s exclusion amount;
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5 Estate Planning Options for Out-of-State Real Property

As any seasoned estate planner knows, it’s crucial to learn of all your client’s assets before developing a comprehensive plan. This is particularly important when it comes to out-of-state real property, which may be subject to that state’s potential inheritance or estate tax if left unaccounted. 564 more words

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The Conservative Nanny State : A Book Review Part Six : Small Business, Taxation, Public versus Private, and Roots of Mythology

In our concluding article analyzing Dean Baker’s The Conservative Nanny State, we touch on the role of the archetypal small business, taxation, and the persistent, seemingly immortal debate on private versus public infrastructure, all with respect to the pantheon of the mythology. 2,362 more words

The Perils of Joint Property

People often set up bank accounts or real estate so that they own it jointly with a spouse or other family member. The appeal of joint tenancy is that when one owner dies, the other will automatically inherit the property without it having to go through probate. 834 more words


Calls For A 100% Inheritance Tax Reveal The Far Left's Evil Heart

Renewed calls by leftists for a 100% inheritance tax force us to have the argument all over again – does the state exist to serve us, or do we exist to serve the state? 1,751 more words
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Life Insurance Can Preserve Your Assets if Death Comes

Many of us think that life insurance is not important. In  fact, Philippines has only 1.75% penetration rate of life insurance. Penetration rates calculated  as the ratio of total gross premiums over gross domestic product. 832 more words

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