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Hillary Clinton's estate tax plan leaves rates way lower than they were in Bill's day - Updated by Dylan Matthews on January 13, 2016, 10:00 a.m. ET

With Bernie Sanders now leading in both Iowa and New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton’s been trying to blunt his economic populist appeal by showing that she, too, is serious about taxing rich people. 433 more words

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A CPA's Guide for Lottery Winners


Dreams! What if YOU win! With the next Powerball winning ticket expected to be worth over a billion dollars; yes, that’s right Billion with a B. 1,148 more words

A brief breakdown of 2016 Tax Act and how new adjustments may impact you

This column first appeared in the San Antonio Express News on December 29, 2015.

Dear Mr. Premack: I just got a brief email from a charity to which I make donations. 532 more words


Taxes, Loopholes, and Declining Budgets

After WWII until 1981, the top marginal income tax rate never fell below 70%. Even with all the deductions and credits persons earning over a $1 million a year paid a marginal tax rate of 52%. 498 more words

Capital Gains Tax

Seize Opportunities While They’re Available

With estate, gift and generation-skipping transfer (GST) tax exemptions at record-high levels, far fewer taxpayers need to worry about being subject to these taxes. But Congress could still pass legislation at any time making estate tax law changes — and not necessarily for the better. 1,947 more words

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A Conservative Argument for the Estate Tax

On this “Giving Tuesday,” Mark Zuckerberg announced in a public letter to his just-born daughter that he and his wife would be donating 99% of their Facebook stock. 2,195 more words


Portability: What-it-Does and Does-Not Do.

“Portability” means that a surviving spouse can hold onto the deceased spouse’s unused estate tax exemption amount (DSUE) and use it at their death to pass-along the most amount of wealth to heirs with the least amount of planning needed. 289 more words