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Khan Academy and Practical Money Skills for Life: Estate Tax Basics

What is this Estate Tax thing?  Learn all about it with Khan Academy and Practical Money Skills for Life:

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Is Deeding Property Protection Against Estate Tax?

Estate Planning is a topic no one wants to think about. But, unfortunately, estate planning requires a lot of thinking and careful preparation. Often, a seemingly harmless act has catastrophic, rippling effects on other family members. 333 more words

Teachers and hedge funds

Hillary Clinton: “Top hedge fund managers make more than all kindergarten teachers combined.” That’s quite true, but what does it mean to teachers or anyone else? 1,262 more words

Observations On Life

Married With a Large Estate? Why You Still Need a Credit Shelter Trust

June 23, 2015

Even though portability now allows married couples to use up both spouses’ estate tax exemptions without having to make lifetime asset transfers or set up trusts, this “easier” path isn’t necessarily the better path. 167 more words


Republican Billionaire Donors Join Forces

The two largest Republican billionaire donors, Sheldon Adelson and the Koch Brothers, are always on the prowl. Now they have joined forces to influence the 2016 elections. 226 more words


Own a Villa in South of France? Some pleasant news for Estate tax!

Property ownership in continental Europe is often fraught with some unique issues upon death. Most countries including Italy, Spain and France impose “forced heir-ship” rules. Accordingly, a portion of the property must pass to the children of the decedent at the time of death; spouse of the decedent can not be made the sole beneficiary of the Estate. 157 more words

International Tax

A Cautionary Tale

  Last week I met with a delightful couple in their early 80’s with a big problem.  Over 10 years ago, at the urging of their four children, these folks transferred to their kids a so-called “remainder interest” in the parents’ home.   611 more words

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