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Who might actually be affected by repealing the estate tax, charted

When a person dies in the US, all of their wealth exceeding $5.49 million is taxed. The Republicans want to change this.

As part of their effort to overhaul US taxes, the House Republicans’ plan repeals the estate tax entirely six years from now; in the meantime, it doubles the amount of wealth exempted, to $11 million. 624 more words

Big Fun at the #TrumpTaxScam Protest!

A huge thank you to all who attended today’s rally at the Government Center! Together we are Indivisible!

For more information and phone scripts for our legislators on the #TrumpTaxScam, click… 47 more words

Tax Reform Builds A Wall

The GOP tax plan is highly likely to pass in some form or another. Its economic benefits are dubious, and the role reversal of Democrats as deficit hawks is ironic, but the average American is not going to delve into all of the numbers. 279 more words


Some Questions on Tax Reform

Washington has tax cut fever.  Politicians and lobbyists are discussing billions of dollars like it’s pocket change.  Since the plan is changing daily, we thought we’d lay down a few questions we’re using at the Shire to decide whether we would support the final bill: 557 more words


The Republican Tax Plan - Part II

The monstrosity known as The Republican Tax Plan has been dragged from the secret cave where it was assembled by Paul Ryan and his Ayn Rand acolytes. 1,165 more words