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Estate Tax: In My Experience

Two or three times a month I get so disgusted with the state of this nation that I swear off watching the news and threaten to move into a yurt where I will live off the grid.  250 more words



You’ve got to love it! Republicans are keeping it real Gangsta in America. And the kicker, they don’t give a dam who knows it! Putting their favors for the Super Rich right in YOUR FACE! 817 more words

Estate tax is worth keeping on the books

Time for a confession, which some of you might already have suspected.

I used to write editorials for daily newspapers that ran counter to my own beliefs and principles. 443 more words

Barack Obama

Republicans voted for another Tax Cut for the rich 1%

It’s no wonder they say they can’t afford to help the homeless, hungry kids and the poor in general. The Billionaires need more money!

Republicans push for a permanent aristocracy – The Washington Post… 18 more words

Estate Tax

GOP passes massive tax break for millionaires (well, folks with 10 millions) and billionaires. Does not Pay for It

The final tally was 240 to 179, with nearly every GOP lawmaker voting for it and nearly every Democrat voting against it.

When describing Republican tax proposals, it’s not uncommon to talk about policies that disproportionately benefit the very wealthy.

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House votes to repeal estate tax

The House voted Thursday to repeal the estate tax, a longtime priority of Republicans that also spurred Democratic charges that the GOP is in the pockets of the rich.

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