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Life Insurance Can Preserve Your Assets if Death Comes

Many of us think that life insurance is not important. In  fact, Philippines has only 1.75% penetration rate of life insurance. Penetration rates calculated  as the ratio of total gross premiums over gross domestic product. 832 more words

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The Trump Administration: Impact on New York’s Older Adults - Estate Tax

The New York landscape for older adults may greatly change under a Trump administration.  We will continue to examine the various policies as proposed during the campaign and as they unfold in his presidency. 293 more words

Estate Planning for the Filipino Family

Because of the many financial difficulties that come upon families when death comes knocking at the door, life insurance and estate planning has become a surprisingly great team, pretty much like how Batman and Wonder Woman teamed up in Justice League. 626 more words

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Medicaid, Taxes and Fairness

Medicaid, Taxes, and Fairness

Interestingly enough, the battle over what for Democrats is a health care plan and for Republicans is a tax giveaway to the wealthy is now being waged largely over the issue of Medicaid. 870 more words

Donald Trump and the changing composition of humanity

Within his first year of Presidency, Donald Trump already has a legacy. Under his watch, USA lost its position as a global leader. His strengths highlight the Christian focus on innovations with very little regard for morality. 504 more words

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Why Now?

Over 2000 years ago Plato asked what turned out to be the most prophetic question in modern politics. Philosophy majors will remember Plato’s allegory of the cave. 845 more words

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