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There was a time when reducing a very onerous form of taxation was reason enough to endure the complexities and frequent confusion associated with planning one’s estate. 343 more words


Should you have a business buy-sell agreement?

What will happen to your business if you die, retire, or become disabled? If you are the owner of a small business, you need a means for the transfer of that business in the event something happens to you. 268 more words


Estate Planning Tip of the Day- Pay attention to WHO will pay the dreaded ESTATE TAXES

There are two issues to be concerned about with estate taxes. The first is what people usually focus on….HOW MUCH estate tax is there due? However, the second issue is just as important… WHO is going to actually pay those estate taxes? 557 more words

Estate Planning Tip Of The Day

Should we get married?

In the wake of the recent Supreme Court decision affirming the right of same-sex couples to marry, it is time to discuss some legal and economic factors a couple might consider (in addition to the religious, societal, and emotional ones) when thinking about whether they should tie the knot: 237 more words

Wills And Estates

Gift and Estate Taxes: Knowing What Needs to be Reported

The gift tax and estate tax only apply to gifts and estates greater than $5.43 million (or $10.86 million per couple). But even if you’re among the vast majority of Americans whose net worth is well below these amounts, it is still important to understand the basics of these tax systems. 992 more words

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