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Rise Festival 2015

Rise Festival in the Mojave Desert, Nevada. 101015

This was such an amazing experience! It was definitely a once in a life time experience event. I would recommend you all to visit a floating lantern festival, you’ll experience faith, love, happiness, magic and just overall make you feel blessed for being alive 💚 15 more words

Rain or Shine 

Happy Saturday my loves! Hope you’re all enjoying this lovely weekend!

Lately, LA weather has been so bipolar it’s hard to pick an outfit that’s appropriate for the day. 71 more words

They live within

Happy Monday Loves!!

Hope you’re all having a great Monday so far! I just wanted to share the outfit that I wore yesterday to the cemetery. 99 more words

Love is Free, give it everyday ❤️

Happy Valentine’s Day my loves! To me, Valentine’s is just another day…nothing more and nothing less. I hope you all show and give love to not only your loved ones but to those who you appreciate, for those who stick by you no matter what, to those who know your value and to those who truly deserve it!

We skipped to Summer

Hello my loves 💚

This is a brief picture of the outfit I wore to work today. I live in Los Angeles, we are still in “winter” season but here in SoCal it feels like we’ve already jumped into Summer! 58 more words