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Technically Challenged Oregon Seniors

Senior living community residents Bruce and Esther Huffman from McMinnville, OR. are seen in this video after purchasing a laptop. they are trying to take a photo of themselves with the webcam not knowing that they are video recording themselves. 89 more words

Bruce and Esther Huffman

Boy am I pleased this week is over. It was an odd week. It felt like I was recovering from a long illness, or had just moved house. 45 more words

A Song A Day

Webcam 101 for Seniors makes Bruce and Esther Huffman viral video stars

An elderly Oregon couple have become viral video stars after they accidentally recorded themselves trying to operate their new webcam. Bruce and Esther Huffman were trying to use their new computer’s camera at the time but accidentally became the stars of… 79 more words


Senior Citizens Do The Darndest Things

Last week we explored the phenomenon of “When Parents Text“. Well this week, as it turns out, your Grandparents using the computer is way funnier. 15 more words


A*cute at DC Fashion Week

by Jackie

We are excited to bring you updates from the runway inside the Beltway during DC Fashion Week.  Weeklong fashion shows in New York, Paris, and London dominate the glossies, broadcast, blogs and Twitterverse, but DC is making a name for itself this week with unique designers and a fresh crop of fashion press, including… 76 more words