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This is how Esther Passaris dressed on KTN to show solidarity with the woman who was undressed in public

Politician and entrepreneur Esther Passaris appeared on KTN as one of the panelists discusing the topic of women’s dressing at 9:30 pm with John Alan Namu as the host and the debate about the embasava touts who undressed a lady for what they perceived as indecent dressing and to show that she was free to dress as she liked for the campaign #MydressMychoice this is what she wore. 28 more words


Stupid Blogger Robert Alai accuses Esther Passaris of sleeping with Mike Sonko and other Kenyan Politicians

Robert Alai is the most foolish blogger kenya has and i always wonder why the idiot keeps having such a huge following on twitter and Facebook but the brainless imp proved his idiocy by abusing and accusing Esther Passaris a well known kenyan politician of promiscuous behavior with Kenyan politicians like Mike Sonko. 87 more words