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Why I Probably Shouldn't Have Ridiculously Large Clocks in the House

The wisdom acquired with the passage of time is a useless gift unless you share it.

~ Esther Williams

There they are before me. A large clock in the dining room, an even larger one in the living room, and a most gargantuan one on our porch.

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On Life

History Through Hollywood: Ads

The History Through Hollywood series looks at old films as inadvertent time capsules packed with the norms and customs, both quotidian and grand, of a bygone era. 2,582 more words


Clark Gable was the first to have called me a mermaid. – Esther Williams http://dlvr.it/KpGvw1



(15A, 93 minutes) Directed by Joel and Ethan Coen. Starring Josh Brolin, George Clooney, Alden Ehrenreich.

A Catholic, a Rabbi and a Greek Orthodox priest walk into a room and argue about the transubstantiation of Christ. 435 more words

Film Reviews

Hail, Caesar!

Well, I certainly hope this bodes well for 2016. First film experience, with something that officially opened in the new calendar year–and already a Top Ten list contender. 420 more words


Hail, Caesar! and Old Hollywood

I went to see Hail, Caesar! a few days ago—I felt as though I had to! After all, according to the previews there was an… 2,453 more words