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Where in the World #5

If you were to find yourself in UK, you’ll notice that here, the women are different than in the rest of Europe (Except Ireland and perhaps Scandinavia which I’ve never been). 672 more words


Heat Protector

I believe that our driers and straightners damage our hairs within a few weeks of use. Some say that they shouldn’t be used daily but for those who wash their hair frequently, they must dry them somehow. 173 more words


A New Painting

I love a brilliant sunrise
When the clouds are gilded in gold
Seeing this marvel unfolding
Is something that never grows old

Then as the sun is leaving… 100 more words


Where in the World #4

Switzerland is a country where most of the women are not so different from the Portuguese (See post). They take care of their skin but don’t use much make-up unless it is for an occasion. 154 more words


Where in the World #3

I’ve spent most of my childhood in France. I had many opportunities to notice and judge how this population take care of themselves. I must say that the French are NOT make-up addicts. 293 more words


Inspiring #12

Would you take care of your appearance if you were alone lost in an island?


Where in the world #2

Spain is one of the countries where beauty is part of the culture. Here you can see old ladies as beautiful as young ones. Taking care of their skin, hair, nails and shape as part of their feminine duties. 106 more words