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A Day in the Life


In a customer based industry, there is never a time when you don’t hear of someone’s ailment, whether it’s debilitating allergies, migraines, menopause, a hysterectomy, a ruptured appendix, their child getting a concussion, their husband’s allergies, broken limbs, depression, anxiety, stress… But occasionally there’s a surprise. 301 more words

Day 21 NaPoWriMo: Overheard


I felt safe, I felt comfortable, I could tell her anything,

I did and got lost in regaling all manner of daydreams,

She didn’t say much, she didn’t have to, 13 more words


Gel is Gel. Powdered Gel is NOT!

I get so many clients in here asking for fills or fixes or horror stories coming from other places (usually the quickie nail salons) talking about how they asked for gels and then didn’t get them. 785 more words



Life is weird. The only thing constant is change and all that, right? Right. So, I’ve been in Cosmetology school for eight months and I have loved it! 454 more words


This is the story of why I dropped out of college after only one semester, and how I found my way to Esthetics. This is usually the story I tell people when they ask  me how I got into the field I’m in. 788 more words


How is thread a part of my self care?

This is part two of my five part series on self care. In my first part you met my wonderful hairdresser Penny Gordon Moore who does a lovely job of keeping my hair current and beautiful every month. 667 more words

April 2017 Educator of the Month

We have reached the second quarter of 2017 and time is flying!  Check out our April Educator of the Month Nominees below and read what the students at #GCIBoro had to say!   52 more words