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When Pablo Picasso painted Guernica, he knew he was making a monument. When Milton wrote Paradise Lost, he knew he was writing for the ages. When Bergman filmed Seventh Seal, he knew he was saying something important and not merely entertaining us with a cool story. 1,446 more words

Go Purple

If we had another planet like the Earth that inherited such environmental capacity to nurture lives, which I assume there is (yesh I do), their plants may look like this. 32 more words



I don’t know if its just me but its incredibly hard to build a clientele for yourself. About two years I went to school for esthetics hoping it would make me more money than working retail. 143 more words

Facials: The Beauty Ritual You Need In Your Life

People always ask me what the point of a facial is. They’re a bit spendy (depending on where you go), it’s an hour (or more) of your time, and some people really don’t understand the benefits of an appointment dedicated specifically to your skin. 946 more words

Does drinking water really quench your skin's thirst?

This summer you might need more than your 8 glasses of ice water.

As we roll casually into the summer months, our hectic lives don’t seem pause and we end up forgetting to drink enough liquid to quench our bodies thirst. 791 more words



One thing I like about the Parlando Project is how things we present end up reflecting on each other. Some of that I plan, but some of it just comes up. 924 more words


10 Healthy Skincare Habits You Can Start Today

So I think one of the most popular and frequent questions people ask me as an esthetician is “how can I make my skin look better?” I went over the basics you should start with in my post… 942 more words