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International Esthetics Cosmetics & Spa Conference (IECSC) and International Beauty Show(IBS) Comes Back to Las Vegas Convention Center on JUNE 23-25

IECSC Las Vegas co-locates with IBS Las Vegas and features an extensive exhibit hall with leading companies and experts in the field of dermatology, spa services, equipment and massage techniques. 634 more words


The 1950s comeback...(but WAY better)

Of course mom’s know best (my mom is 100% approving this message) but lets be real, the products they had were…not great…

I love a good throwback BUT when it comes to my face, i need it to be tried and true. 151 more words


The deets

Ok so I figured that while this isn’t the first post, it is still one that I should do and oddly enough has been the hardest one so far (it’s like in middle school where they ask you to come up with three “fun facts” about yourself….ummm pass?) 240 more words


botox? YES PLEASE.

Ok so we have all heard the controversy over Botox…the “why would you put a needle in your face” or “you should just let yourself age, it’s natural” (um no thank you?) but for me, it was a no brainer. 532 more words


Help! Broken Toenails + Fungal Infections!

Most people think feet are gross to begin with. 90% of my pedicure clients think they have the worst feet (trust me you don’t unless you are the 2% of clients that I do send to a doctor before I can take them). 766 more words


My Current Skincare Routine

Being an esthetician I get asked about my skincare routine a lot, mostly from my clients. I am using about twelve products on the daily right now, and I use another 3-4 other ones when I need extra hydration/exfoliation etc. 1,126 more words


Maybe it doesn’t have to be so bad

I have a hard time with endings. Actually I have a hard time with beginnings. Actually I just have a hard time with certain concepts periods. 798 more words