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That Smooth Skin

Another aspect of flawless skin are the size of our pores. The old wise tale of splashing ice cold water or doing an egg white mask to shrink your pores is exactly that, a tale, a fantasy. 257 more words


How to Make a Happy Face.

Prior to my interest in beauty exaltation, I used random body soaps on my face. *cringe* I feel as if we all began at the “whatever is in the bath” phase. 614 more words


Dead Sea Mud Mask

Face masks are meant to help take care of skin problems. Mask have different purposes from hydrating, exfoliating, anti-aging, etc. My go to face mask at the moment is pure body natural, Dead Sea Mud Mask, which I get through Amazon .( 115 more words


An Introduction

I’m Sarah Addie Louise Baker (Addie). I’m beyond excited to start this site/blog and share my opinions on the industry. I figured the best way to kickstart this would be by sharing a bit about me and what I have to say! 449 more words


Fresh Face

Being a Master Esthetician, I get this question a LOT: What can I do to make my skin look better? Unless they have mentioned specific skin needs to me, 99% of the time I give the same answer. 571 more words


Flake it off

Writing with a pencil usually gives us comfort knowing we can erase mistakes. Wouldn’t it be great if we had the same idea for our skin? 189 more words


Everyday I'm Guzzling

As We were growing up, we were taught to drink at least 8oz of water a day. Now, how many of you actually do it? I get it life gets busy and taking care of our bodies and skin take the back burner. 197 more words