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40 Years Ago

When I was about 18, I had a dream that I would go to Paris to study esthetics.

The dream actually started when I was 12, saw the movie Funny Face and fell in love with the whole beatnik thing. 418 more words


My secret skincare weapon......

Anyone who is dedicated to skincare has a favorite element of a product that they favor. For some it’s a specific scents like Lavendar or tea tree oil. 665 more words


Don't Skip Your Toner

Many of my clients think that it’s okay to skip toner because it doesn’t do anything but cleanse the face. This is not true. Toners are a valuable part to your skin care regime. 300 more words


Snapshots and Photographs: Director's Cut


Here’s the same subject portrayed in a snapshot and a photograph.  Before you read my ideas, what’s your take on the difference?

Snapshot:   A photograph taken on the fly, for the purpose of quickly recording a situation. 684 more words

Flower Photography

The Beginning

As I’m sure most first post’s go, I’m here to introduce who I am to you. I’ve been meaning to start some sort of blog where I can just talk about things and I’m finally here. 263 more words


Bloody Brilliant or Bloody Awful: The Vampire Facial

I blame Kim Kardashian. For a lot of things, but today we’re talking about a sort of ridiculous facial trend; and I blame her for the hype, because she popularized it by getting it done on camera. 664 more words

Quit Putting Glue on Your F***ing Face

The biggest Pinterest skincare trend right now is a DIY activated charcoal mask. I can’t open the app without seeing it in my suggestions; I can’t go into a makeup and beauty group on Facebook without being bombarded by pictures of women masking it up with this concoction. 610 more words