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Why It Pays to Bat Your Eyelashes

Deemed the “Mascara of the Future” by Dermascope magazine, eyelash extensions remain an enviable skill and service to provide for the customer loyalty and high profit margin they offer industry professionals. 423 more words


Millennials...a job honest truth

As embarrassing as it is to admit. I am unemployed and have been since I graduated from esthetics school and although I practice my skills on the side it still is discouraging to not have a steady paycheck. 431 more words

Skincare Experiment!

Recently, my husband convinced me to join a little thing called Reddit. If you’ve never heard of Reddit, it’s an online community where people can post to various “boards” and have a dialogue with other users. 494 more words

Skincare and Diabetes

It’s probably a fact that you’ve come across someone who has Diabetes whether a family member or a friend. As sad as it is, some people actually believe its solely because people made bad choices when it came to eating. 889 more words

Introducing Shardae Monique

Hey beautiful people! I would like to start out by saying, WELCOME TO MY BLOG and thanks for taking the time out to read it. I am Shardae B and I’m currently in school to become a licensed Esthetician in the state of NY. 638 more words


K8N Gallery

I contributed 12 acrylic on plywood paintings as my part of a group show at the K8N Gallery in September 2016. They are shaped like black silhouettes of a cube, but  become virtual cubes with the addition of just the slightest hint at the point that would be their interior apex. 169 more words


New Year Skin Goals 

This is your year, Let’s take care of you! Skincare is not only something we do to repair & rejuvenate the skin it is as well a preventative measure in the aging process. 192 more words