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How to develop stairs – Some useful tricks

By watching this construction video tutorial, one can sharpen his/her knowledge for developing stairs. The video also provides detailed information on how to measure the individual riser height by separating it into the total height among the lower and upper floors as well as estimate individual part perfectly. 152 more words

Estimate for Lightning Arrester

CLICK HERE to download MS excel file for Estimate.

This is the estimate for 500 sq. m (Height 8 m) building.

Partitioning Kafka Topic

Deciding partitioning strategy

Message key based

In Kafka producer / consumer, a partition key can be specified explicitly for producing / consuming messages. In such case, a hashing-based partitioner is used to determine the partition id given the message key.  350 more words

Bayesian Inference I - Maximum Likelihood Estimate

There are times when we don’t know the values of parameters. The maximum likelihood estimate and following methods will enable us the estimate the values of parameters. 507 more words

Bayesian Inference

Words you don't want to hear...

“Wow, I’ve never seen that many layers of asphalt shingles before!”

The first roofer arrived to provide a quote.  Measurements taken, awaiting quote.  He confirmed that there are in fact five layers of shingles (they’re hard to count because they overlap).  26 more words

Home Improvement

How Much is You Home Really Worth? – Alicia Holman

Is Your Estimate Accurate? Real estate valuation is a difficult business because there are so many subjective factors that you can’t directly measure in selling prices. 34 more words


Over estimate and Under estimate

Proper Estimation is often necessary to the results you are looking for.

Like aiming for a target, or goal. Your estimation needs to be accurate. 416 more words

Trust In God