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The Art of Estimation

It was a weekend and my son was helping me re-organize the cupboards in his bedroom. That’s when we found his piggy bank. It was quite heavily filled with a lot of coins. 562 more words


Guides: How to estimate a new condo launch date

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Houses take a long time to build. Developers go through a long product cycle. Houses do not just pop up from the ground like wild mushrooms. 655 more words

Money Matters

Foundation Repair Estimate for Atlanta Homes | Atlanta RamJack

A good quality, less invasive, foundation repair is possible and can often be performed for less money that you probably imagine. The trick is to remove the guesswork.

Here is our weekly price estimates.

These are our weekly estimates for our products. Please be reminded that these prices do not include shipping fees/freight and labor costs. Additional costs will be incurred according to the mode of shipment you choose (by sea/air). 19 more words

How to estimate the weight of a mild steel plate

By watching this exclusive construction video, you will be familiar with the method for measuring the weight of mild steel plate. The video is based on a MS square shaped steel plate and length of that plate is 1 meter, breadth is 1 meter and its thickness is 10 mm or 0.01 meter. 62 more words


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There shall be occasions when you shall have to measure the form work [ centering and shuttering ]. 32 more words



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Here is an actual case of measurements for you.

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