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ERP Implementation - Estimate Breakdown Structure

ERP Implementations are complex! So many moving variables among which key decisions are to be made. One of the challenges is to get good visibility on breakdown structure of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). 59 more words

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Once more with feeling: Climate models don’t exaggerate warming

(Source: arstechnica.com)

If you follow climate science news, you know that one of the hotter topics is “climate sensitivity”—the precise amount of warming you get for a given increase of greenhouse gases. 836 more words


Una promessa in incognito

Valutare approssimativamente il valore numerico di una grandezza. – Treccani.it, Vocabolario online.

Quando qualcuno ci chiede una stima riguardo a quanto ci vuole per sviluppare, ci sembra che ci stia chiedendo un’indicazione approssimativa delle ore uomo?

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How long does it take to write up a PhD? (Rousse)

By my calculations (in pencil, on a grid) it would take at least another 38 days to complete the write-up of the thesis.

This was double the student’s estimate. 19 more words

Take a Guess

Everything in life is a guess. It’s an estimate. It’s a theory. Sure, it may be based on some really, really, really good evidence. But it’s still just a guess. 210 more words

Just another sem-random test

Just another sem-random test

How Smart Are You? Take This Quiz to Find Out!
“Hey there, brainiac! Have we got a whopper for you! Well, it’s actually several whoppers to test your knowledge of history, literature, mathematics, and everything else you should, or at least should have learned in high school or college and beyond. 78 more words

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