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When love is absent, conditions can deteriorate.  If this negative climate persists, relationships can be torn apart.  By products of this atmosphere result in arguments, fights and misery.  252 more words


The Cat and the Cradle or Some Bullshit like that.

Before I start this off, a little back story…

I have never met my father. He and my mother divorced shortly after I was born. My father was in jail and my mother had him sign away his parental rights. 482 more words


3 Measly Dollars

Today as my husband and I were driving delivering food orders we passed a young male. He was walking alongside the road and we were driving. 737 more words


Fuck compassion

In my support group the term for you was “the addict in my life.” I felt frustrated using that language. You aren’t in my life. Fuck you. 207 more words



My mind is blank without you

The weight on my shoulders lifted,

Not knowing what you do.

I don’t think of what you’re up to… 117 more words

Someday: For My Beauties

Someday you may want to talk to me. Maybe you’ll miss me. There will be a voice in the back of your head saying, “Don’t call, don’t write. 79 more words