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Thoughts. 06-07-14. 20:31

I spoke to you yesterday. Finally decided to throw my ‘ego’ for a toss, and say ‘Hey’. What a warm conversation you followed up with, NOT. 188 more words



Oh, love of mine
With a song and a whine
You’re harsh and divine
Like truths and a lie
But the tale ends not here…

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The worst feeling, maybe?

Yep. Definitely.

Being replaced in somebody’s life. Somebody, you once cared about. Or maybe you still do. Don’t lie to yourself. You still do. 109 more words


Healthy Boundaries

It has finally come down to the post that I think I was dreading even though it’s the catalyst of why I believe I have been codependent most of my life.  985 more words


Conquering Codependency

Whenever I heard the term “Codependent” I always had a misconstrued version of it in my mind.  CO-DEPENDENT.  What did that mean?  Surely it must just mean depending on others.  688 more words


Making Peace With Your Past

During the fall of last year, I was experiencing turmoil in the relationship with my Mom (again).  It’s a constant off and on again struggle between her and I, unfortunately.  373 more words



Today was the first day I’ve seen my parents in almost a year.  Not because we live hundreds of miles apart but because our estrangement at times makes us seem like worlds apart.  438 more words