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My ramblings to my estranged parents

To my biological father,

It’s been very hard for me to grow up realising that it’s not my fault. Whether you meant it or not, I have been overshadowed by a sense that I have hurt you throughout my life and the guilt has followed me from place to place. 1,767 more words

Personal Reflection

Poem written to an estranged mother, 2014.

The last time I saw you:
Sixteen years old
With my face to the light
At the north end of old York road
With the clouds breaking… 263 more words


You know when you meet someone and they have minimal filters? Minimal filters in regards to their thoughts, feelings, experiences? That has typically been me, for most of my life. 1,475 more words

My Younger Self Going Through Our Parents' Divorce

I remember that day very well. You were barely 11 years old. You woke up, never wanting this day to come, but it did. The clouds were grey, and casting over what seemed to be the whole world. 380 more words


The Ballad of Baby Vader

I’m not actually good at ballads. Let me just tell you what happened.

So, I knew my little sister was pregnant. She still is. Nothing has happened to her or the baby. 564 more words

Let's Hurt Tonight

“Oh, I know that this love is pain, but we can’t cut it from out these veins, no.” ~OneRepublic

I’m in pain. I guess it’s time I admit that to myself after all this time. 886 more words

Last Christmas

I really feel that this might be my last Christmas. I hope so.

I am just so tired of everything. I am getting too old for this. 743 more words