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The last time I spoke to my father is one of those memories that would make an island if my life were a movie called Inside Out. 560 more words



I can’t believe it’s a week. It feels like just minutes and stretches of years, all at the same time.

The shock should be over by now and I should feel normal. 211 more words



32 years.

Waiting for one word.

I think that is what I’m mourning. The hope that he’d let go of his reframing of history and give over with the painting of himself as the victim of the children he walked away from. 54 more words



I was asked today how come we found out so late after his death.

Good question.

Becuase based on the diagnosis we have seen on a couple of forums (this is how I am learning the details of my father’s death. 242 more words


"Estranged" Review

Adan Levins’ Estranged is a film that uniquely documents the ups and downs of returning home after a long time away. Unfortunately, it completely misses the mark by failing to be relatable in any way. 328 more words



I discovered that some people on the Internet, many who had never even met my father, were speaking of his death. Which had occurred more than 2 months earlier. 285 more words


Horror in the House: FrightFest 2015 Preview

First published by Little White Lies, in anticipation both of the Film4 FrightFest 2015, and of the focus on domestic dread in the (then) forthcoming… 2,813 more words