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Sweet William

My dearest Dad

I think of you each and every day

The pain since you went away

Being denied a chance to say a proper goodbye… 223 more words

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Tea Room

That frail silhouette

with elegant pose

says nothing of her tortured substance

Says nothing of her subterranean scars

Her caves of suffocated conflict

Mouth barely above water line… 35 more words



Why do you sit back and wait

Watching me churn inside

Why do you not ease my pain

Can you see how much I tried… 165 more words

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small, simple, green♠, rich and of-course somewhat estranged🍃, nevertheless this is my own world🌳; I may allow, but please do not mock 🙄 or take it for granted…🙌 7 more words


the wait

i leave messages

all the time

in my mind

for you

when you never pick

up the other line

all i do



-Kim Lee

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Estranged are those moments, when you know not what to do,

You know not what to say, you know not whether to stay,

These are moment of conflict in the mind and heart, 41 more words

A Better Man

I’ll warn you now, this is a long one…a very long one.

It’s been a few weeks since my last blog, I’ve been busy. I’m in the last week of my semester and this is supposed to be my final blog post for my English class, but for those who have been following and reading (thank you, by the way), this blog is a long way from over. 6,719 more words