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I know, bud

Today’s story is a present day one for a change.

You said something to me recently. A real big one, all bundled up and dense. You said it and then you fell off the grid again. 95 more words


Per aspera ad astra

You messaged me when your mom died.

I thought of her face, and her laugh, and the conversations we’d had, and the ones I wished we’d had. 272 more words


What heist were you watching?

Shortly after I signed on to do a production of Dr. Horrible I found out you were gonna work on it, too. We were slated to spend the first three months of 2012 in a room together. 330 more words


The last one

You called out to your buddy standing behind me: “show’s delayed, we’re gonna go wander for an hour.” I watched you walk away with a big posse and was suddenly alone in the venue. 314 more words


So much alike and completely different

There are people who you can’t get along with, because they think and act completely different, but still some ties cannot be broken.

Only when you disagree you can see through them for a split second and realize how much alike you are. 7 more words


Bottom line

3 missed calls. I’d been trying to contact you for months. 3 calls is bad news.

“Can you come here? I need you. I got the results.” I walked straight out the door. 144 more words


Never seen my eyes

I knit you a scarf as a peace offering. I had invented a new stitch that made things ridiculously thick and came out like a tube even though I was knitting flat, like a dang geometry magician. 52 more words