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Yours Truthfully

Hi there! This is a short story that I hope you’ll enjoy! Do comment to share your thoughts on it! :)

To Blake from the future, 2,206 more words


Stockholm Cairo

I miss the chimney smoke exuding everywhere.

How the grey overpowers the blue and creates a melange of nature versus broken civilization,

How discrepancies and injustices have become routine but more so, 347 more words



But it is scary.

My dear,

they will tell you travelling makes you who you are in faster ways than home ever will.

They will tell you that the experience is inexplicably wondrous. 152 more words


The Estranged Dilemma 

I’ve been seriously considering quitting this blog. Before the thousands upon thousands of you start a very intense leaflet campaign, an online petition, maybe even write something on the side of a campaign bus, hear me out. 1,338 more words


Dear Dad Part 1

This is an e-mail that I’m sending my “dad,” who has never been present in my life. My parents got divorced when I was a year old, and my mother and I have been alone ever since. 319 more words


That Love…We Never Made !

Rejoice our souls, that sublime remorse
Of a bride lost out, but, to her bridesmaid
And the hearts, which ached for intercourse
Got never sold out to, passion’s charade… 103 more words


When Sorry Wouldn't Matter

So, after a month and a half of silence here is the summary of my feels: 370 more words

Desolate Discourse