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Rosemary Estrella Digital Art

Rosemary Estrella: I find inspiration in everyday items that I may see while walking down a street or riding the subway. For example, a tree, a pretty flower, or an interesting object like a chain link fence with vines growing on it; these have all been the source of my inspiration. 175 more words

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Estrella distante Spanish Edition Programs

Learning the spanish language and culture go hand-in-hand. While it is possible to learn spanish using Rocket Spanish for having experience in the culture first hand, direct exposure to the culture will give language learners insights into the language that would otherwise not be possible. 278 more words

Perseidas o lágrimas de San Lorenzo

“Si lloras por haber perdido el Sol, tus lágrimas no te dejarán ver las estrellas” ( R. Tagore)

” las estrellas no pueden brillar sin la obscuridad, o lo que es lo mismo, sin la obscuridad, no sería posible ver las estrellas” 367 more words