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My 27th birthday

By Estrella Gomez
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27, Not the most exciting birthday milestone, however, I can’t help but to wake up feeling so thankful and blessed to be living another day. 41 more words

Fatigue - More Than Just a One Night Stand?

By Estrella Gomez
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Have you been feeling a lack of energy? More sleepy/tired than usual? For me, this has been a major deterrent of being able to get things done. 44 more words

Pitbull desvela su estrella en Hollywood y reivindica a los latinos

El popular músico de origen cubano Pitbull desveló hoy su estrella en el Paseo de la Fama de Hollywood de Los Ángeles, en una ceremonia en la que reivindicó la cultura y el esfuerzo de los latinos que viven en EEUU. 149 more words


How a budget meeting goes at Estrella Vista, Saugus

I was only involved with one budget meeting near the end of 2014.  The president (MK) of the board started off the discussion by saying, and looking at me, “We are not lowering the dues.” 70 more words

When in Rome or Barcelona...

It’s easy to adapt to life in Spain. Yes, we are on an extended vacation so we’ve left behind our work and our biggest concern each day is where are we going to eat and when do we take a walk, but even the locals seems to realize their quality of life is second to none. 407 more words


Selena tendrá su estrella en el Paseo de la Fama de Hollywood

A 21 años de su muerte, ‘la reina del Tex-Mex’ tendrá su Estrella en el Paseo de la Fama en 2017. También Eva Longoria y Gustavo Dudamel. 164 more words


Selena Quintanilla Recibira Su Estrella En Hollywood.

El comité que decide quien recibe una estrella en el paseo de la fama en Hollywood acaba de anunciar que Selena Quintanilla recibira su estrella en el 2017!!! 20 more words