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The iconic rail bridge, Edinburgh

Forth rail bridge, its a beautiful site and one you know are home when you fly into Edinburgh airport as its usually seen from a plane window. 29 more words

Raccoons' Amazing Use of Water

Flora and Fauna Fridays

A weekly entry about the life of our estuary and watershed.

by Erik Baard

HarborLAB volunteers (including a little one, Lily) recently spotted snow tracks at the GreenLaunch. 352 more words

The Beautiful Temporary Estuaries of Winter

Ice freezes in flat sheets down on the old fjord lake. A few days later, it is broken up by the wind, in angular chunks, as the repeated rising and falling, linear energy of the waves is translated into long, linear pressure fractures. 40 more words

Nature Photography

Beautiful Solitude

For the full post on Knysna – Knysna. Nice, nah! – from where this picture and the featured image are taken, click here (it isn’t solitude at all; in fact, quite the opposite). 9 more words


Sky, Sea and Sand

The receding tide leaves a different pattern of water-filled ripples on the beach every day.

And in case you’d got the impression from my photos that Spittal and Berwick are both totally deserted, this is Spittal beach on a mild, winter afternoon, just after school turning out time.


Sources and sinks of plastic debris in estuaries: A conceptual model integrating biological, physical and chemical distribution mechanisms

Micro- and macroplastic accumulation threatens estuaries worldwide because of the often dense human populations, diverse plastic inputs and high potential for plastic degradation and storage in these ecosystems. 143 more words


H2O2: Bubbles Without Troubles

Water Wonk Wednesdays! 

A weekly column on water news, tips, and innovations.

Even the simple act of cleaning can be chemically problematic! This is especially the case for HarborLAB because we plan to reuse “ 294 more words