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Albert Einstein is proved right yet again!

One hundred years ago Albert Einstein hypothesized gravitational waves, ripples in space and time.  Scientists said they first detected the gravitational waves last Sept. 14. They said the waves were the product of a collision between two black holes 30 times as massive as the Sun, located 1.3 billion light years from Earth.  87 more words


: Bali -- island of gods

Melati and Isabel Wijsen: started a campaign to ban plastic bags in Bali. Their story is about hope, The power of children, and wanting to make a difference, and most important of all learning. 54 more words

3 Ways To Make 100k + A Year

I start by saying if you aren’t willing to work hard then stop reading this post right now. Everyone is looking for a get rich quick scheme, you won’t find that here. 213 more words


Ohio Home Cross-Stitch

A new item has been added to the Etsy shop! Take a little bit of home with you wherever you move with this wall decor! It can be customized to any state you wish and in any color. 11 more words


Foxy Lady

I really enjoy trying out new ideas, and sometimes it’s just as fun to re-work a popular design.  These ankle boot cuffs are a new take on our foxes boot toppers from last year. 206 more words


These are my confessions

I wander. It’s just something I do. It’s never forced. It’s just natural. I never really realized it until it was pointed out to me by some of the people I hold closest to my heart. 189 more words


The New Resource Page

I have heard it from every money guru and finance book again. There are two key ways to save money. Spend less or make more. Keeping with this theme, you may have noticed I have add few new pages on my blog. 255 more words