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Hypervisor myopia limits the promise of a software-defined datacenter


I hear again and again from customers that they’d like to move to the cloud. Although the economics might not justify migration today, they want to eventually be free of the challenges in acquiring, provisioning and managing infrastructure. 935 more words

Clone a VMware’s VM without vCenter in ESXi 5.x by commands (The official way)

I will show the procedure by cloning a snapshot of a vm since this is a little more tricky than cloning just a single vm. 408 more words


Cloning virtual machines in vCenter Server


This article provides basic instructions for cloning virtual machines in your VMware vSphere or VMware Infrastructure environment.


To clone a virtual machine currently stored in the infrastructure: 296 more words


Turning a ‘No you cannot attend’ to a ‘Yes’ for VMworld

I’ve been lucky enough to make it to very VMworld since 2008 and 2014 will be my 7 time in a row. In this blog post I wanted to share with you a breakdown of some of the tips and tricks I’ve used to get to these events. 1,517 more words


VMware:How to enable ssh with ESXi 3.5

ESX is a well-known bare metal hypervisor from VMware that runs directly on a host machine without underlying operating system support. ESXi is a free version of ESX, and while ESXi has a less number of features than ESX, the free hypervisor is good enough for various experimental purposes. 8 more words

PowerShell: ESX/vCenter Inventory for Virtual Appliance (vApp)


PowerShell script to return a machine inventory from vCenter and export it in CSV format.


I was asked to perform an inventory of all virtual machines running on a customer managed virtual appliance for accounting purposes, they required a specific set of data in a CSV format. 792 more words


Talking Functional Ops & Bare Metal DevOps with vBrownBag [video]

Last Wednesday (3/11/15), I had the privilege of talking with the vBrownBag crowd about Functional Ops and bare metal deployment.  In this hour, I talk about how functional operations (FuncOps) works as an extension of… 74 more words