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Todo es fabuloso . . . o no ?

Los switches distribuidos han sido uno de los más importantes cambios introducidos en vSphere desde la versión 4. Facilitan no solo el despliegue de nuevos hypervisores , tambiéns aportan un único punto de administración que facilita su gestión. 1,413 more words


Identify upgrade requirements for ESXi hosts

You won’t always be starting with brand new hosts that you can setup with ESXi 5.5. Sometimes you’ll be running older versions of ESXi and you’ll want to upgrade. 346 more words


List Disk Latency for all VMs

Today I’ve been asked by an old colleague about a quick way of listing the disk latency for all virtual machines in a vCenter. Normally this is also held by the statistics level set on vCenter Settings so, I’d check at least you chose a Level 2. 127 more words


What's your Hypervisor UpTime?

Try it. If your’re still dealing with vSphere older versions you will be impressed after checking the ESX Uptime. I’ve seen ESX running for more than 5 years, meaning that no reboot was made since then, so no firmware updates nor hardware replacement. 25 more words


Default Isolation Address

If a host thinks it is isolated by default it will ping its gateway.  It is best practice to have more than one isolation address, and you can have up to 10 of these.   57 more words

Lab 1: Deploying VMware ESXi 5.5

Estimated Time: 30 Minutes

Our first lab is going to go over the deployment process of ESXi 5.5. For this particular lab, we are going to use VMware Fusion to deploy out ESXi 5.5. 376 more words


Analyzing vSphere with Free Tools "Syslog"

Virtualization is a great technology, but sometimes it can be hard getting a closer look into your environment.  Over the next few post I am going talk about a few free tools that I use in my environment.   136 more words