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Ports, ports and more ports. A tale of bandwidth.

This week we will be looking at bandwidth and the growing requirements upon it, as per normal there are multiple drivers for moving to a higher bandwidth network. 611 more words


VMware ESXi unresponsive

Did you ever run into an unresponsive ESXi hosts?

well I did this month and it gave me a lot of headache this past weeks… 628 more words


Automatic Reboot when PSOD. Do it at home, kids.

Normally both VMware default settings and common sense used to go together. There are just a few scenarios when you need to deal with some particular changes meaning that Advanced Settings, those you’ve never been aware of before, are going to be your best friend for a while. 313 more words


VMware ESX SNMP settings

Setting SNMP settings on a standalone ESXi host using VMware vCLI.

Connecting to the host

The following command is used to connect to the host and will proceed each of the commands below. 109 more words


Difference between VMware ESX and ESXi

It’s been a long debate that everyone has been asked by what is the difference between ESX and ESXi. Most of the admins would have asked this question during interviews and also asked by new learners of VMware virtualization. 393 more words


How to resize VMDK disks in ESX/ESXi

How can you expand or shrink an existing Virtual Disk (vmdk) in ESXi/ESX? Since I see that a lot of people wonder how to do this, I thought I’d share with you. 344 more words


Welcome To Virtualisation.

This piece is going to look at how hypervisors generally work, it will not go into the inner workings of specific hypervisors. Hopefully this piece will also help explain why not every application is suitable for virtualisation. 874 more words