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ESX 6.5 on HP DL380g7 - Fix PSOD

A word of precaution – the HP DL380g7 is not on the VMware HCL (Hardware Compatibility List) for ESX 6.5. It is ill advised to use ESX on unsupported hardware unless it is not for production use. 215 more words


Remote Desktop not connecting but able to ping

Sometimes, even if the remote machine is working with ping command but we won’t be able to connect it when we try to connect with mstsc (Remote Desktop Connection). 88 more words

How to create ISCSI shared disk in windows server for ESX VSphere environment.

This my first blog for ESX/VSphere where the requirement was to create ISCSI data store for HA & DRS (High Availability & Distributed Resource Scheduler).  We created storage from windows server instead of having a dedicated storage appliance/VM. 311 more words

Disaster Recovery

Managing your ESX virtual machines from Python

If you write your tests in python, your test machines are virtual ones under Vmware ESX hypervisor, then you probably want to manipulate those virtual test machines from your tests (e.g. 248 more words


Connecting to a ESX or ESXi host with Putty on MacOS

Many necessary administrative functions on ESXi requires SSH access. For example, offline bundles, third party management utilities, backup utilities, and many other tasks require you to log in to the ESXi console, via SSH or physically. 154 more words

Mac Osx

WRX Gets Fancy

As much as I love my little WRX hatchback, I haven’t had the money to really invest in the car as I like so it’s mostly just been driven around in its stock form. 440 more words

System F keys

Note: These function keys can change with any new software/firmware release and also different hardware types. These function keys are more for server hardware and not desktop hardware. 96 more words