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Autostart Virtual Machine on VMWare ESX

As we know earlier , if the host ( ESX ) has been turned off whether it’s properly turned off or restarted without normal procedure , when the host has been started again all the VM inside the host will not started automatically , this is the default setting by the ESX i think… 98 more words


VMware Cloud Products Survey (Slides)

Regarding VMware vCloud SuiteĀ components, VMware terminology can be confusing

This presentation tries to clarify some VMware component names and analyse VMware vRealize Operations in-depth… 54 more words


SSH/SCP connection error: Lost connection - Double Take Availability for VMWare Infrastructure

Jadi kan skenario nya di tempat ane kerja sekarang ada 2 buah ESX yang saling replikasi menggunakan DTAVI , sebut aja ESX01 to ESX02

Nah karena kemarin ada insiden mati listrik tiba – tiba dan UPS juga keburuĀ  381 more words


Set NTP on all host in vCenter

Here is a Powershell script that will set NTP on all the ESX host connected to your vCenter.

First connect to the vCenter using Connect-VIserver then run the following code. 72 more words

Is the server a VM

Issue: Have you ever worked at a large company and get someone telling you their server is a VM but you can’t locate it?

What might have happened: 133 more words


TSM error ANS2310E


TSM for VE will sometimes give error ANS2310E The create snapshot task is disabled on the virtual machine ‘*’. As a result, the virtual machine cannot be backed up. 34 more words


May 2016 VMware FW and Software Recipe

VMware 2016 Recipe + HP

A Customer Notice will be released to notify customers of a newly published Recipe document. To sign up to receive Customer Notice notifications… 289 more words