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Connection Between Huawei eNSP & Cisco IOS Unetlab

I install Windows 7 on ESX as VM then install Huawei eNSP there, then add Huawei router.

I install Unetlab on ESX, then add Cisco IOS router to connect with Huawei router on eNSP. 94 more words


Open vSwitch (OVS) dan vSwitch di ESX

Hem … kadang ya kayak gini kalau lagi puyeng, malah tertarik oprek-oprek sesuatu.

Dan hari ini ngoprek Open vSwitch yang diinstall di Ubuntu Server dan diimplementasikan di VirtualBox di bagian interface bridging-nya untuk komunikasi dengan jaringan eksternal. 98 more words


Kerberize your NFSv4.1 Datastores in ESXi 6.5 using NetApp ONTAP

How do I set up Kerberos with NFSv4.1 datastores in ESXi 6.5?

I have gotten this question enough now (and from important folks like Cormac Hogan… 3,101 more words


virtualbox to vmware conversion

The below video shows how to convert virtualbox format to vmware.

Command to convert Virtualbox vdi to generic vhd format:

vboxmanage clonehd "source vdi file path" "Destination vhd file path" --format VHD
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Full column width in PowerCLI

In order to view the full column output in PowerCLI we need to format table appropriately e.x.

PS C:\> Get-VM  | Format-Table -AutoSize -Wrap

Format-Table… 62 more words

Change a VMs Hardware Version

Sometimes you can come across issues when moving VMs between different versions of ESX due to the differing Hardware versions. This could be the inability import the VM into an ESX host or edit the specific VMs settings within the Vsphere HW client. 257 more words


Using iSCSI as ESX Datastore

Due to close scare in my lab I decided to switch from single onboard hdd to using iSCSI. I chose to use a WD MyCloud EX2 Ultra but there are a lot of more advanced NASs out there with a whole host of features. 419 more words