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Monitor ESX 4.x to ESXi 5.0 migration process

During the migration of an ESX 4.x to ESXi 5.0 the whole process can be monitored directly from the console of the server.

Once the process has started press… 177 more words


Remove an inactive NFS datastore using the vMA

This post is mostly for self-reference but may be someone would find it useful. Last night I decided to change the IP address of one of the Openfiler instances in my homelab and instead of previously removing the NFS shares from the ESX servers I simply made the changes. 162 more words


Configure NFS shares in Openfiler for your vSphere homelab

Even if you have access to the enterprise-class storage appliances, like the HP P4000 VSA or the EMC Celerra VSA, an Openfiler storage appliance can be a great asset to your homelab. 753 more words


Enabling the vSphere Web Access

If you are in the virtualization business you’ll probably know that since the release of vSphere back in 2009 the web access the ESX servers has been disabled by default. 319 more words


Shorts: What is it about cpuid.corespersocket on vSphere?

Time for another short! The google searches leading to this blog show searches coming in based on the cpuid.corespersocket setting. In this short I’ll try to explain what this setting is for and how it behaves. 725 more words


Strange NUMA errors on my virtualized ESX 4 hosts

The first time I installed an ESX 4 Update 1 on VMware Workstation an awful red message reporting some NUMA errors appeared on the main console screen. 221 more words