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The older we get (EXIT)

James calls me and says he’s been doing better. Says he got a job up in Birmingham at a coffee shop that’s not quite as pretentious as the one he worked at in college but that still makes great coffee and even has its own roastery on the other side of town. 3,523 more words


Motivation from mrgentlemansguide

I see a lot of people complain about their lives all the time but they never want to work on themselves to be better. They’re always negative, they always look at the bad, etc, but they expect things to get better. 19 more words


We are Thankful for Jim Clark

This Thanksgiving Holiday Metro Parks has a lot to be thankful for. In particular, we are really thankful for the impact volunteers have had in our Parks, Community Centers, and Historic Homes. 498 more words


As I sit in my apartment all alone on a Tuesday night, just waiting for the holidays to finally come around, I stare at my gorgeous lit up tiny Christmas tree. 578 more words


depressed but not despairing

Going to be straight up honest here today: I’m struggling with clinical depression. Also warning: this is about prayer.

If you know me in my off-line life, this probably is no surprise — in the last week I have received a message with a self-care worksheet from my mom, a text from a wonderful friend that she is having cloistered Dominicans pray for me, and a bunch of unsolicited hugs and encouragement. 862 more words


11.24.15 (we are trees)

I am in this with you
And we cannot turn back now
Our roots have made their way to each other
And we walk when no one is looking… 64 more words

The Journey Begins

Gas tank is full, bags are packed, coffee is scalding hot, and my Spotify playlist (Bieber’s new album) is ready. The journey home for Thanksgiving has started and I couldn’t be more geeked up. 78 more words