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Finally bikin blog baru juga :)

Jadi ceritanya, untuk fase baru di hidup saya, saya pengen banget itu well documented in writings. Sekalian latihan menulis lagi setelah sekian lama berkutat hanya dengan report dan analisa analisa ngehe. 112 more words

First Post


I’d like to think of myself as a creative Individual. I’m no art major or anything this is just something i do for fun, not profit for because I think it’s mind-blowing incredible. 319 more words


Sorry for the lack of posts

I’ve been doing some major planning, had a breakdown, and revision, what a day!
Anyhoo, posts should be regular again soon, but from the second of july to the twenty second, they may vary a bit as that’s when my AS and A2s are. 22 more words


fighting for sport (death by choice)

a backstory, involving the family:

One dies while One waits for rain.

wind is not comforting that day, but the pure sound of anxiety itself- or more, what One imagines anxiety might sound like, if that demon could speak. 137 more words

My Writing

fighting for sport

(thoughts on my own)

after multiple instances of this, yet another instance…:

the presence of five other attentive souls is disregarded. shouldn’t this not be the case? 81 more words

My Writing

the heart beat interrupts the daybreak


Faint light of the sun clings to branches; skeletal and dark, they’ve been painted pale and golden for a few moments.

patches of sky reflect in a murky creek, a light blue mirror to disguise the freezing water’s surface. 94 more words

My Writing

a bored teenager


a boring, dark life at eleven o’ clock. thumping on a wall, somewhere; the black that swallows the light of your laptop is all that your senses care to crave. 171 more words

My Writing