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Ethereum Classic - Going Up?

Has anyone been keeping track of the ETC lately? Turns out they have been doing a pretty good job at keeping the timeline going, but everyone is waiting for what’s next? 8 more words

Coin Trading

Live Look At Detroit

Are you kidding me with these roads? It’s bad enough that I actually have to work for a living. Throwing a flood in the mix is dog shit. 135 more words


Sharia and tsunami in Aceh

Aceh is the only province in Indonesia that enforces Islamic law, also known as sharia. The province capitol Banda Aceh was completely ruined by the well-known 2004 tsunami. 627 more words


New Ideas.

Hello Everyone!
This new post is going to be about my writing and etc especially about the new ideas I’ve been getting even for my original poetry.
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Goodbye Western Medicine; Hello Eastern!

In early winter 2014, my right wrist and hand started aching at the end of every day. After typing on a computer for 7.5 hours, I’d go home to Facebook, probably some sort of dating app where you either swipe left or right 100 times in 5 minutes, and Instagram. 1,017 more words


Dancing through Life.


Hello everyone! It’s Mansi here. Throughout the course of writing this blog, I’ve realized that you’re really only hearing my own thoughts and opinions, and no one else’s. 286 more words