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The Scariest Thing of All: Damnation and Hell

About three years ago I was standing in a long line with my son waiting to board “The Nighthawk,” a roller-coaster at Carowinds. The wait ended up being a little more than an hour – it was a busy day. 2,532 more words

Hedging Your Bets

Right before things got crazy related to our recent move, I read a blog post that intrigued me. It was called How to Prove Christianity False in Five Minutes… 470 more words


Thomas Boston - The Torments of Hell

Thomas Boston – The Torments of Hell

Note: Knowing what we are saved from is a means that God grants us for valuing the Lord Jesus Christ, and His salvation, all the more. 586 more words


Mormonism and Universalism

I was looking into the connections between Mormonism and Universalism, again, and happened across this blog which speaks of “a universali[s]m that existed in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries” in the LDS Church, which this member seems to believe has gotten, at least somewhat, lost in current years. 1,731 more words


It’s never too late to escape eternal damnation,
by accepting Christ Jesus,
as your Lord and Personal Saviour,

with Christ Jesus,
you have it all; 104 more words


Life After Death and the Demonic Gauntlet

If Protestants love to debate the relationship between justification and sanctification and Catholics the extent and limits of papal infallibility, the Orthodox love to debate … aerial toll-booths!   1,134 more words


Good News and Better News... May 15th, 2017

 Jonathots Daily Blog


People are afraid of dying–even God-loving folks.

There are those individuals who insist they have no fear of journeying to the Great Beyond, but that is only because the Angel of Death is not presently circulating in their neighborhood, soliciting souls. 491 more words

Good News And Better News