Eterno resplandor de una mente sin recuerdos

Clementine, me he sentado esta madrugada a no hacer otra cosa más que aquella que se concibe no caminando, como las ideas de Nietzsche, sino dejando de dormir, de soñar. 498 more words


film faves

so i’m a film student. a very mediocre film student, but one nonetheless. obviously i do have favourite films, so i thought maybe i would attempt a brief ‘listicle’ of those that are top-notch. 692 more words

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Still The Most Romantic Movie

Recent research tells us that our memories are flawed. They are reworked again and again in our brains, synapses are rerouted, clipped, ad infinitude until our memories are only shells of the truth encased within. 182 more words



Since Being John Malkovich debuted back in 1999, Charlie Kaufman has established himself as one of contemporary cinema’s most formidable figures. The screenwriter has cultivated a brand defined by slapstick and tragedy, bonded together through a surrealistic tone that emphasizes moodiness. 427 more words


The Catharsis Chronicles: The Quandary Of A Spotless Mind

DISCLAIMER: First of all, I can assure you that I am okay.  I’m not suicidal, I’m not close to being hospitalized, today anyway. I’m not in the market to change my relationship status. 1,403 more words

The Catharsis Chronicles

My Love of Film Has Become an Obsession

I really like movies.  I could watch them all day and not get tired of it.  I like dissecting them.  There’re some movies I could watch 50 times in a row and get something new out of it each time.   249 more words