Paradise Lost


Call my name n I shall come to thee….

She and I stand between two realms

I sit upon my throne

N she is only at the helm… 118 more words

GENRE BLAST: Love and Laughter - The Romantic Comedy

Romantic comedies, aka date movies, screwball comedies, or – if the gender balance makes straight guys feel threatened – chick flicks, all belong to the genre that receives the least amount of respect. 1,404 more words



New person

Same mistakes for DC

Here am I,

Far from worry

Just stuck in thought

Letting love scurry around,

Trying to drop lines into holes… 341 more words

Summer Dayz Redux

Eternal sunshine of the spotted mind

Everyday goes by and i

Sit among the shattered

Not battered

Just there

Afraid to venture out the room… 281 more words


Bugün, dünkü yazımda da belirttiğim üzere, ders çalışırken yazarak çalışmaktan bıkmış bulunmaktayım. Elimin acıması, okuyarak çalışmanın en az üç katı zaman alıyor olması beni bıkkınlığa iten nedenler. 329 more words


Soundtrack Thursday #41

Today’s soundtrack selection goes to:

‘Peer Pressure’ – Jon Brion

Film: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is underrated. 206 more words

Soundtrack Thursday