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Life Continues

Life never stops, even when I am motionless

These profound moments allow the mind to mature

In silence, I have engaged in meaningful dialogue with myself… 95 more words



This body, a shrine of Divine blessings

Where love, kindness, and consciousness resides

Now they are desecrated by malefic incantations

Evoking unnatural desires to unsettle the mind… 57 more words



Cut off my legs
I’ll walk on my hands
take away my hearing
I’ll listen to the silence
banish my sight
I will see when my soul… 18 more words



Are we easily hindered? Do we pursue the things of eternity or those things which are trivial and hinder us?

Are we someone the Lord is seeking? 72 more words


Since Gehenna is a physical place of punishment, doesn't that mean hell is not eternal torment?

Gehenna is a place of judgment mentioned in the Old Testament. When Jesus’ speaks of hell He several times refers to it as Gehenna. Since Jesus refers to Gehenna in identical terms as those used in Isaiah 66 doesn’t this mean that hell cannot possibly be a place of eternal torment? 725 more words



I have spent the better part of the morning crying and not just crying but grieving deeply. It matters not for the “what” but it does matter that I grieve with Paul over the loss of loved ones that refuse the gospel message. 250 more words


i’m tired of being stationary
like the verb
like the noun; a pencil
sharpened and worn down
and worn down
and down
to a stub… 96 more words