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Perhaps a smile

The wanderings of souls
how each moment of their existences
is but a fleeting glimpse
of Love
is but a glimmer
of Time
is but a fractured unicorn’s heartbeat… 125 more words



Awesome, absolutely awesome;

Our blessed hope is sure,

Christ, the harvest’s first-fruit;

Promises eternal life,

Trust him as your savior,

Obey his every command,

Thus in death; 26 more words


Universal beauty

hurt like yesterday
When the train left
Seperated for some time
Even if you are not mine
The stars shine at there brightest
When the shadows were sacrified to see
Your universal beauty

Guest Blogger - Walter E. Williams - The 2nd Ammendment!

A few years ago I got into a shouting match with a very close friend about the 2nd Amendment.  I asked him if he knew why it was written?   1,370 more words

L. A. Marzulli

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It Isn't Hatred

People are angry, sad and afraid of where our countries are headed. God’s laws continue to be violated all in the name of acceptance, love and political correctness. 898 more words


Citizenship Which Lasts

Life can be hard at some points and there will be ups and downs along the way. This is a simple fact which affects all humans indiscriminately. 502 more words


Why I'm Anti "Christiotism"

Fireworks are great.  I really enjoy blowing things up.  I like the loud screeching whistles and the smell of spent firecrackers.  I love seeing the reflection of colorful sparks in my kids’ eyes as they watch things explode in the sky. 550 more words