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Just Penned!! - The frenzy songsmith

I’m a frenzy songsmith
That has one piece of ore
I hit it hard and hard and hard
To bend it to my score

For it’s a bit of ore… 117 more words


slowing down dialogues

I am hereby introducing a rational argument for acting morally. I am also deriving some conclusions about death which are no longer knowledge items, but rather  2,042 more words


Your Story ... and Finding Home

Home is where your story begins.

There are times I embrace that statement … and times I want to turn my back on those six words and ignore them in an “I can’t hear you” kind of way. 473 more words


Just Penned!! - Such a rat

The rat broke into the castle
Nibbling the rook of rocks
So swift and quick it went atop
Chases the castle in flocks!

In me the rat left a puzzle… 102 more words


Just Penned!! - Skinned of my pride

I’m on a low in the love for Thee
For when I expressed my love
Thy lovers came to me

My words for you celebrated… 148 more words


Wrongly Accused

There have been quite a few moments over these past two years where the phrase “If I were a principal, I would have…” has popped in my mind. 1,145 more words

Ministerial Pride - Richard Baxter

Ministerial Pride – Richard Baxter

One of our most heinous and palpable sins is PRIDE. This is a sin which has too much sway in most ministers, but which is more hateful and inexcusable in us than in other men.