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The Stone in the Lake

Oh I
Who felt the contractions
Of a world in birth
I carry the experience of aeons
The history of Earth

A solid from liquid… 152 more words



Busy, administering life according to the gestures of hands

Following, gesticulating, and admonishing the lack of opportunities

The acrobatic thoughts rush and worry the mind every moment… 89 more words


Something From Nothing, Or An Eternal Process?

These are just questions, I am not stating anything.

Does existence begin at nothing and become more and more aware as time goes on while each challenge of the self and knowledge allows us to become more and more aware while we never truly finish because perfection cannot be reached and is only a motivation to continue to grow? 326 more words

Reality And Consciousness

Time Zones

On another planet

orbiting a different star

in a distant galaxy

on the edges of the universe

I wonder

what time it is.

(c) 2011, 2016  Betty Hayes Albright


Who made God?

It seems to be a very silly question, yet many people seem to be asking this very thing.

Who made God? The point is when you try to answer it, there is no answer except God. 663 more words


Decision time

We have a decision to make. I am not talking about the election, but about Who you will choose to follow. It seems that many people are getting fed up with the church today. 449 more words


Wednesday Devotional: God's Love

What is your view of God? Is He a God of wrath? Or is He a God of love?

Ephesians 2:4-7 gives us a picture of who God is. 340 more words