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Wander across the Sky

When the eyes wander across the sky

Stars eager to narrate their story

O’ night dweller, care to listen?

Brightness of many Suns sparkle

Peek into their heart, glowing with eternal flame… 57 more words


Feb 6 - Dinner With God

Exodus 22-24

It must have been exciting to be one of the seventy elders of Israel who had dinner with God on the mountain. (Exodus 24:11) It wasn’t just Moses who saw God. 193 more words

Daily Devotions

Something's Up

Maybe it is because of the Word: you see things in a different perspective and you seem to become more keen on the things you do not see… the things not of this world. 212 more words


Universal Experience

There is an entire universe I embrace

Transcendence gives credence to new meaning

When worldly distractions fade away

Falling down the cosmic whirl is exhilarating… 59 more words



Do you know the Author of Life? The Creator of Life? The Way to Life everlasting?

The Person Who is all of those and more is Jesus the Messiah. 413 more words


Reflections At Middle Age

Neal Pollard

The first few decades we rush ahead
Wanting time to fly, but it creeps instead
Impatient to be older, sure that it’s our way… 246 more words

The Time of Your Life

What does 2016 hold for each of us beloved? Our Father knows (best). We do not. G Campbell Morgan wisely said therefore “Let the year be given to God in its every moment! 4,189 more words

Bible Teachings