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Final April

RGDS has not had a good week. The Portfolio of RGDS is down a little over one and a half percent, and since starting this in March is now into negative territory. 51 more words


Irresistible Force

by Jason Norris, CFA
Executive Vice President of Research

When we met with clients in January of this year we highlighted our thesis that while 2015’s equity returns were anemic and there were concerns at the outset of 2016, we maintained that the equity bull market was not over. 339 more words

Weekly Market Makers

The Best Trade of the Year

We’ve had a number of good trades in 2016. In fact, only 1 of 7 trades was closed in the red.

It’s tempting to label our S&P 500 trade (bought at 1,828, sold at 2,040) the best trade of 2016 (thus far). 408 more words

S&P 500

ETF SMinfra18 (XISI) Menambah Unit Penyertaan sebanyak 5.000.000 unit

Berdasarkan surat dari PT Indo Premiere Investment Management selaku manajer investasi Reksa Dana Premier ETF SMinfra18 kepada Bursa Efek tanggal 25 April 2016, menyatakan bahwa telah terjadi perubahan Unit Penyertaan Reksa Dana Premiere ETF SMinfra18 berupa penambahan sebanyak 5.000.000 unit, sehingga jumlah unit beredar setelah perubahan menjadi sebanyak 379.500.000 unit. (IFEDS)

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Little bit of this in my life...

The words just hit me as I was thinking hmm what to title this when am doing a little of this and that and poof just smacked me forehead ~ xcept am changing the lyrics but you will get the tune… 520 more words

Go To the Source- Three Reasons Why Some ETF’s In Agriculture May Not Do the Trick

April 25, 2016

The DBA, an agricultural ETF product had been under performing grain markets. As of April 15, this ETF was marginally lower in 2016 while the agricultural commodities it purports to replicate were up around 2.5% as a composite. 83 more words


Buy Low, Sell High: The Worst Financial Advice of All Time

As someone who’s given a number of talks on personal finance, and managing your investments, there’s one piece of advice that I keep hearing from people over and over again. 903 more words