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Venture Capital on the Upswing

Remember how hot being a venture capitalist was in the dot-com era?  It seemed that although nobody knew what exactly a venture capitalist was, everyone wanted to be one because they were the coolest billionaires around.  297 more words

Acorns: The Perfect App for Student Investors

Many people think that in order to start investing they need to be able to regularly put away hundreds or even thousands of dollars into their investment accounts. 948 more words


How much would volatility have to rise for UVXY to get back to its inception price?

Given the popularity of volatility ETFs, we thought it would be an interesting thought experiment to calculate how much VIX futures would have to rise to put… 272 more words

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Sensible Stocks for Retirees

As a retiree, I cannot afford to take big risks with my money. However, having all my funds invested in certificates of deposit does not seem to be a smart investment, particularly in this time of low interest rates. 287 more words

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Update: Will the S&P 500 Roll Over Again?

I was wrong! I expected the S&P 500 to rally from 1,990 to 2,080 and roll over to new lows. The rally happened, the subsequent reversal did not (at least not yet). 566 more words

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Bank Sentral Global Tingkatkan Jumlah Cadangan Emas

London, (Analisa). Bank-bank sentral global menghimpun cukup banyak emas dalam 2014 untuk membeli 75 unit pesawat Boeing Co. Dreamliner. 555 more words


American Assets Discounting European Politics

Last summer, I shared some thoughts on the stock markets’ abilities as a discounting mechanism for future events. The gist was that stocks may provide a murky read some times when it comes to prophesying. 1,682 more words