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Fascinating AAPL Formation Telegraphed Bullish Breakout

The April 22 Profit Radar Report highlighting this fascination AAPL (Nasdaq: AAPL) formation with the following commentary:

AAPL, the most important stock in the world, hasn’t been able to nudge the S&P, Dow Jones or Nasdaq in either direction. 216 more words


ET Factoid 11

Throughout the Cosmos, there is no great battle between good and evil. This is a human idea. There is only varying degrees of awareness and ignorance. 155 more words

ET And I

ET Factoid 10

Many ETs develop unique relationships with humans, that last an entire life time or beyond. Those ETs who develop these kinds of relationships, also develop relationships with many other planet bound ETs elsewhere in the Cosmos. 313 more words


ET Factoid 9

People who have had ET contact and who have developed intimate relationships with a particular individual over the course of a life time (in Rachel’s case it’s Dude and in my case it’s Anamika), appear to develop intimate relationships with ET races and individual ETs, that most closely match their own personality. 189 more words

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ET Factoid 8

There is great variation between space faring ETs. There are some, such as the Muajra who indulge in all their desires and live lives of great opulence, going where they want, doing what they want and collecting what they want. 118 more words

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Portfolio 1: SHY6

The first portfolio reminds me of a puppy. Puppies occasionally bite hard enough to hurt, but are usually easy to manage. That’s a good description of our first portfolio, SHY6. 237 more words


What's inside the wrapper's - what matters! Guest blog from Ralph Frank

I often find myself bemused, and/or confused, when I see investment portfolios specified in terms of product wrappers (e.g. unit trusts, exchange traded funds, structured notes etc.) instead of the underlying investments (e.g. 371 more words