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Ethan Frome, Dir: John Madden, 95min, 1993

Clearly this is an adaptation of a famed novel.  I wouldn’t know anything about that, except that there’s a bunch of user-created footage on youtube, and no official trailer, although you can watch this film there. 729 more words


So what exactly constitutes to a bad plot?

Remember back in the day when being published meant you most likely wrote something that would qualify as a “literary masterpiece”? Of course you don’t, you weren’t even born yet. 541 more words

10 Books That Should Be Made (or Remade) Into Movies STAT

So, I’m not one of those people who obsesses over books and consequently hates their movie counterparts (I do obsess over books, but I also obsess over their movies). 1,275 more words

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Ethan Frome

de Edith Wharton


Début du 20e siècle, dans un petit village du Connecticut, un homme s’installe pour quelques mois le temps d’effectuer un travail dans la région pour le compte de sa compagnie. 647 more words

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Ethan Frome - Edith Wharton

I first came across Edith Wharton at university; indeed reading and studying The Age of Innocence immediately cemented it as one of my favourite books. And while usually when I find an author I like, I read as many of their books as I can get my hands on in as short a time as possible, I find myself five years later only just getting around to a second of her books. 135 more words

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But hitherto the emotion had remained in him as a silent ache, veiling with sadness the beauty that evoked it. He did not even know whether any one else in the world felt as he did, or whether he was the sole victim of this mournful privilege. 256 more words


Booking Through Thursday: 2014

What was your favorite book (or books) for 2014? What reading really caught your attention? Sparked your interest? Changed your world? Made you laugh?

It has been a very long time since I have posted anything. 177 more words

Booking Through Thursday