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Mission: Impossible 5 Stops Shooting To Write New Ending

Mission: Impossible 5 has halted production for a week while writer/director Christopher McQuarrie tries to figure out a new ending.

Paramount aren’t happy with the ending despite moving the film’s release forward from Christmas to July. 62 more words

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Tom Cruise From Ghost Protocol Mission Impossible 4 Jacket

From “Mission Impossible 4″ Tom Cruise Leather Jacket for sale at Reasonable price.  Ghost Protocol Jacket is made from 100% Butter Soft Real Genuine leather. A hood attached to the collar.  15 more words


Ethan Hunt Disavowed On 900th Consecutive Mission

IMF agent Ehtan Hunt began a recent mission to recover intelligence for the secret US government agency with having himself and his entire team disavowed.  This will be the nine hundredth consecutive mission that Ethan and his team have been disavowed on. 314 more words

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Kingsman: The Secret Service: Review

The expectations and preferences of cinema-goers is constantly changing, meaning film is continuously going through ‘life cycles’ in an attempt to keep up with the demands of its audience. 692 more words

Ideal 52 #10: Grayson


Believed dead by much of the world, Richard Grayson is working undercover for Batman in Spyral, a secret organization that is trying to learn the identities of all the major heroes… but for what reason we do not quite know yet. 410 more words


Mission Impossible 5 To Be Released 5 Months Early

It’s been a few years since Ghost Protocol back in 2011, and Tom Cruise has been in one sci-fi movie after another. Just recently, Tom Cruise starred in Edge of Tomorrow: Live, Die, Repeat which it seems not a lot of people have seen (botched marketing campaign?). 230 more words

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Mission Impossible 5 RUNS AWAY from Episode VII

In what is probably an extremely wise fiscal move, Paramount today announced that the fifth film in Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible series would be moving FIVE months forward.   104 more words