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Follow the money, it's all about the green

We recently posted an article on how Ethanol was a win-win for political parties and their corporatist friends and how  Governments supported its use despite being less environmentally friendly than undiluted gasoline and more harmful to human health. 539 more words

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[NEWS] South Dakota Ethanol Refinery Shut Down Due to Expense

– by Associated Press, May 4, 2016, Washington Times

An ethanol plant in northern South Dakota, which was one of the first in the country, recently was shut down because the facility is outdated. 203 more words


Politburo gives sweeping powers to new agency

The sweeping powers given by the Green Energy Act to the MOECC and IESO have worked out so well for Ontario, so this new totalitarian mandate should be a treat…  more pay-to-play and funnelling money to  719 more words

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Protect Your Equipment with Ethanol Blocking Mixes and Ethanol Free Fuels

When it comes to your gas-powered equipment Friedman’s Home Improvement wants to help you take care of them. Using the proper gas with the right amount of ethanol can help keep your powered equipment lasting longer and run better.

[NEWS] North Dakota Beets to Biofuel Plan On Hold

– April 30, 2016, Bismarck Tribune

Industrial grade sugar beets, which can be used to produce ethanol and plastic, may become a farm crop for central North Dakota in the future, although the time is not right now, according to Maynard Helgaas, president of Green Vision Group. 181 more words