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Media Alert:
If You Don’t Want More Corn In Your Gas Tank,
BoatUS Says Boaters Need to Speak Up Now

Always on the alert for issues that affect the boating community, BoatUS has had its collective ear to the ground on this particular news for quite some time now. 418 more words

BoatUS Report

Ethanol Back in the Spotlight for 2016

The apparently hog-less 2015 Iowa Ag Summit, held in early March, marked the first of many high-profile meetings between presidential politics and agriculture policy. Agriculture – and many would argue presidential politics – are Iowa’s main industries, which made this Des Moines-based venue a harbinger for many of the 2016 presidential hopefuls. 830 more words

Sweet sorghum produces more ethanol per acre at lower cost

Originally published at University of Nebraska–Lincoln Department of Agronomy & Agriculture
by Dr. Ismail Dweikat

Sweet sorghum is a drought-tolerant feedstock with the potential to produce more ethanol/acre than corn… 1,068 more words


"Cowering Before A Few Rotting Corn Stalks": Scott Walker, The Gutless Wonder Of The 2016 Presidential Race

Sometimes the most inside-baseball political stories tell you something essential about a presidential candidate. That’s what happened this week to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who apparently wants to win the Iowa caucuses so badly that he’s willing to torch his staff and his reputation to do it. 648 more words


Certainty Will Come by Eliminating Handouts for Ethanol and Wind

From the Daily Signal, by Nicolas Loris, Mar 2015

Energy policy was a hot topic for prospective Republican nominees for President at last week’s Iowa Agriculture Summit (Ag Summit). 515 more words


The Real Enemy of Autonomous Cars: The Tax Man Near You

Autonomous cars are all the rage with the media these days, especially the non-auto enthusiast media who know little if anything about automobiles and even less about transportation issues as a whole. 1,323 more words


Obama Vows Retaliation Over Bibi’s Campaign Rhetoric + More - Daily Digest

The Patriot Post ~


“All sober inquirers after truth … have declared that the happiness of man, as well as his dignity, consists in virtue.” –John Adams, Thoughts on Government, 1776… 2,970 more words