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Why ethanol is bad for your power equipment

Dave Broadt at TPC Power Center in Bloomsburg explains why ethanol in your gasoline can be bad for your power equipment’s engines. 17 more words

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Oregon may get rid of ethanol in gasoline

The national political debate is still raging in the federal government about the future of the Renewable Fuel Standard that, in part, mandates the amount of ethanol in the nation’s gasoline. 227 more words


Drug to Digest - Alcohol

In its broadest terms, a drug is defined as “any substance which has a known physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body” 828 more words


Poetry 365 - Day 55 (Ethanol)

Eyes glazed, speech slurred. The evenings going well
Tanked, hammered, trollied. It makes you feel so swell
Hangovers from hell, feeling quite unwell
Alcohol hurts people and wrecks many, many lives. 53 more words


No FoodBabe, anti-freeze is NOT in beer.

No Food Babe, anti-freeze is NOT in beer.

Propylene Glycol Alginate, found in some beers, is not the same thing as propylene glycol. If you had even the slightest iota of chemical knowledge you could have easily figured this out. 168 more words

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Buying RINs Cheaper than Ethanol

Congress mandated the amount of biofuels that must be included in gasoline and diesel fuel.

“Refiners, blenders, and importers can meet their obligations by either selling required biofuel volumes or purchasing RINs from parties that exceed their requirements.” 717 more words


Biofuel from trash could create green jobs bonanza, says report

Creating biofuels from waste produced by industry, farms, and households could generate 36,000 jobs in the UK and save around 37m tonnes of oil use annually by 2030, according to a new report. 583 more words