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Anhydrous Ethanol

26 May 2016

Following on from the Sugarcane Biomass blog post, Anhydrous Ethanol stood out due to the size of the agricultural feedstock waste available and potential within Mexico. 912 more words


Sugarcane - Biomass

24 May 2016

Sugarcane is a raw material that can be transformed in several end products: sugar, alcohol for alcoholic beverages, ethanol fuel, alcohol for industrial or antiseptic uses, paper from the pulp, pellets for domestic stoves from the solid residues, organic fertilizer (compost) for agriculture, thermal and electric energy for processing use and for exportation. 978 more words


Energy Sense

Agonizing over a choice between affordable energy and drought accompanied by inundating oceans and dying polar bears is ended. Joule Unlimited of Bedford, MA has killed, smashed, obliterated that Hobson’s choice once and forever. 393 more words

Scam ethanol petrol LibNats NSW

Now the ethanol mix which most drivers have avoided over the past 10 years must be called 94, it must be prominently displayed and everyone must sell it..petrol grades.. 188 more words

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Are biofuels the way to go?

Biofuels are a type fuel that comes from organic material and can take a solid, liquid or gas form. A traditional example of this is firewood or charcoal used for cooking or heating. 383 more words


Fat, sickly and broke

May, 2016 Update on Ethanol:

Not only is ethanol–otherwise known as corn liquor–corrosive for engines, corn liquor is less fuel efficient than gasoline, raises the price of food, and unfairly squeezes small and independent farmers.  85 more words

DOT-117 tank car rule debuts 

A very nice chart of the modifications needed to make tank cars more explosion proof.  The picture is from the article below.  There’s a new DOT-117 (TC-117 in Canada) design, and a long list of modifications that must be made to older cars.   258 more words

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