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Renewable Fuel Standard, or Not?

The Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) provisions of The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA), mandates an increasing blend of renewable products into our domestic fuel supply. 456 more words

Visual illustration of energy foolishness

I just learned that Robert Wilson (@CountCarbon) does a huge amount of graphing. (Yeah, yeah, I’m slow to catch up with what’s happening. On the other hand, keeping up with change is the purpose of this blog.) 407 more words


Liberals and Labor make us entirely dependent on imported fuel: locally produced ethanol is coming

Katter and Lazarus seek Federal renewable fuels mandate

8 February 2016:   KAP Leader and Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter today introduced the Renewable Fuel Bill 2016… 580 more words


Corn And Capital: Even The Electoral System In America Defies Democracy

The Presidential primaries offer a friendly reminder every four years that American democracy is a joke.  As corporate media offers free propaganda for the corporate candidate… 1,470 more words

"Election, Education, Ethanol, Environmentalism and Economic Freedom," today at 3 p.m. ET (12 p.m. PT)

It’s the return of the alliterative show title, this time dedicated to the letter “E” :)

See Program Notes, below, for all the stories, etc., I plan to discuss! 244 more words

Don't Let It Go...Unheard

Chemists conspiracy: all drinks are the same alcohol

For many, alcohol is just what you drink instead of water—you should reconsider your habits. But have you ever wondered what an alcohol molecule looks like? 330 more words


Here's All the Signs that Ethanol's Days Are Numbered

Ted Cruz’s victory in the Iowa caucus is widely — and correctly — seen as a major defeat for ethanol, the biofuel made mostly from corn. 772 more words